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Edgar Degas: Drawings and Pastels by Christopher Lloyd (2014)

Degas’s forensic approach favours those moments when humanity reveals its frailties. (p.191)

238 illustrations, mostly in colour, of the pencil, black-chalk, pen-and-ink and charcoal drawings and the innumerable highly-coloured pastels of the master draughtsman among the Impressionists, Edgar Degas (1834–1917). 948 palabras más


Jacob Tremblay, Christopher Lloyd, Kenan Thompson & Mel Brooks Join Ani Film

Jacob Tremblay, Christopher Lloyd, Kenan Thompson and Mel Brooks have been cast as the voices in Lani Pixels’ untitled 3D animated feature that will mark the directorial debut of Kim Pagel, who also scripted the family story. 323 palabras más

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COLD MOON (2016)

Supernatural thriller finds pregnant sixteen year-old Margaret Larkin (Sara Catherine Bellamy) murdered, throwing her family and the small town of Babylon, Florida into turmoil. 258 palabras más

Bare Bones

Thoughts On The 20th Anniversary of Anastasia

*Warning: this post contains spoilers read at your own risk.

On November 21st, 1997, the animated film Anastasia hit theaters.

Loosely based on the myth that  247 palabras más


The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai: Across the 8th Dimension

Back in the 1980s, special effects were much simpler, more practically-bound things than they are today, imposing a kind of narrowness of scope on even the most ambitious of spectacles. 969 palabras más


Review of film Track 29 (1988)

Linda (Theresa Russell) who is wife of Henry (Christopher Lloyd) is tired of him doesn’t pay attention to her either comes late to home, lives a boring life with the help of her friend Arlanda (Colleen Camp), also she’s a little bit worried and sad because he had to give for adoption his son when she’s a teenage girl and Henry didn’t want to have own child, in addition to him is only obsessed with model trains. 316 palabras más