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I have tulips dancing before my eyes.

I must have planted a thousand in the last few weeks. Not in my own garden, unfortunately: though I have bought in some more species tulips (my particular passion) and some ‘Abu Hassan’, ‘White Triumphator’ and ‘Ballerina’ to bulk out the main borders, my garden is at the bottom of the pecking order so these will have to wait till I can tear myself away from all the other tulip planting I have to do. 465 palabras más

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Back to the Future II vs Back to the Future III

This week’s showdown is the two sequels of the famous time traveling film, Back to the Future. Both films deal with the effects that time travel would have of the Universe. 83 palabras más


Road to Avonlea Review: Another Point of View

Episode Summary: After the town, particularly Alec, confronts Hetty over her strict, traditional teaching methods, Hetty retaliates by quitting. After a disastrous search for a new Avonlea teacher, struggling, starving actor Alistair Dimple (Christopher Lloyd) impresses the search committee under the guise of being a qualified teacher. 719 palabras más


The Screenplay Vault: Back to the Future

By Ryan W. Krol (founder)

In this week’s post of ‘The Screenplay Vault’, we take a journey through time with the screenplay to ‘Back to the Future’ 282 palabras más

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FRIDAY THE 13th: THE ORPHAN (1977) – H.H. Munro must have turned over in his grave at this adaptation of one of his short stories. This quasi-horror film was re-released in 1979 as just… 862 palabras más

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Just a Red Herring - Clue (1985)

Writer’s note: I had to take a break from my movie intake for a couple of weeks.  My wife and I just purchased a home, and there has been a constant stream of tasks that have needed to get accomplished, as you can imagine.  487 palabras más


Back In Time Review

We bring you another post celebrating the 30 year anniversary of Back to the Future. Die hard fans of the movie may have heard about a kick starter project a guy called Jason Aron started back in 2013 to make a movie commemorating the 30th anniversary of the film. 633 palabras más