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Star Trek III: The Search for Spock

Year: 1984
Directed By: Leonard Nimoy
Written By: Harve Bennett, Gene Roddenberry (Star Trek)


I have always felt this third movie fell into the odd and even theory of Star Trek films but only because there are significant problems with the story. 697 palabras más

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Armchair Series - Great Dixter

Last summer when we visited Christopher Lloyd’s garden at Great Dixter, I bought a postcard showing the “solar.” It’s a huge room with all the inviting elements – ancient beams, leaded windows, bookcases, and enormous, deep fireplace. 24 palabras más

Katy Gilmore

I'm Not A Serial Killer Review: Christopher Lloyd is Back and Really Old

Looking for something unexpectedly solid on Netflix? One movie worth checking out is I’m Not A Serial Killer. It’s based on a book series so you know it’s good. 270 palabras más


I Am Not A Serial Killer

This relatively unknown, low budget indie thriller caught my eye due to it’s concept.  A teenage kid who believes he could become a serial killer due to an obsession with murderers and his own sociopathic behaviour, stumbles on an actual serial killer case in his home town.  282 palabras más


Christopher Lloyd To Star In Indie Drama 'ReRun'

EXCLUSIVE: Emmy-winning actor Christopher Lloyd been tapped to star in ReRun, an indie pic described as a modern spin on Christmas classic It’s A Wonderful Life… 143 palabras más

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Back to the Future III (1990)

Released 1990 Rating (UK) PG Source of story The second of the trilogy Writer/s Script Bob Gale Writer/s Story Bob Gale, Robert Zemeckis Director 206 palabras más

Going in Style (2017) - Review


Zach Braff’s presence, let alone involvement in anything is enough to turn me away from watching something. The thought of a Zach Braff-directed remake of the 1979 comedy of the same name was already set to put me off no matter who would have been cast, and add the fact that Theodore Melfi of St. 1.057 palabras más

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