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I Am Not A Serial Killer - New Release Review

There’s blood, guts and plenty of heart in this oddball black comedy based on Dan Wells’ successful YA novel

Young John Wayne Cleaver is not a serial killer – yet. 1.043 palabras más


I Am Not A Serial Killer review: "Bizarre, captivating and full of surprises"

“Fear is a funny thing, people fear things but never their own actions…” – John Cleaver

Based on the book by Dan Wells and directed by…

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Cinema Review - I am not a Serial Killer

John Cleaver (Max Records) has always been a troubled kid. Working at the family funeral home does not help matters, but being able to talk honestly with his therapist Dr Neblin (Karl Geary) about his homicidal thoughts and fascination with killing. 442 palabras más


Review - The Big Bang Theory: The Property Division Collision

This episode was inevitable, wasn’t it? Sheldon and Amy would finally be living together, which would mean it leaves Leonard and Penny alone. And with this comes the argument of what to do with all the collectables Sheldon and Leonard share. 447 palabras más

Regreso al futuro (1985), de Robert Zemeckis

Hay que establecer las cosas como son: hay películas estadounidenses muy comerciales y muy famosas, que están no solamente muy bien hechas en cada uno de sus aspectos, sino que además están preñadas de un ingenio superior en la construcción de su historia y la redacción de su guión, luego fijadas con talento, energía y precisión en las imágenes que componen la película. 1.002 palabras más


Haiku film review #046 - Back to the Future Part III

A trilogy ends
With a plummeting train crash.
ZZ Top co-star.


Who Framed Roger Rabbit - Review


The “childhood favourite” area can be seen as a danger zone in some circles when we look at how some of the films that we liked back before our tastes have developed into what we are now are so vastly different. 992 palabras más

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