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"Communism Was Just a Red Herring."

Sharpen up your tiny pencil and get ready to search for secret passages, because Clue is the Greatest Movie EVER!

Click on the movie poster or the title above to download our review of the film, featuring Katherin the Great. 42 palabras más

Greatest Movie EVER

Movie Review: COLD MOON - cheaply made and mostly forgettable adaptation of a classic 80s horror novel

This is a movie I would have reviewed anyway, even if I hadn’t received a screener copy to review by the company promoting the movie, or the invitation to attend the LA premier at the Ahrya Fine Arts Center on Wilshire Blvd, and that’s because I remembered reading and enjoying the novel upon which its based – … 1.117 palabras más

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Cold Moon (2016) izle

Cold Moon (2016) izle
Sessiz bir güney kasabasında Larkin ailesinin başına korkunç bir trajedi gelir. Sonucunda ise Larkinler…
Yönetmen: Griff Furst
Oyuncular/Aktörler: Tommy Wiseau,Christopher Lloyd,Josh Stewart
Cold Moon (2016) izle


Film Review: 'Cold Moon'

An eccentric mix of veteran actors, Southern Gothicism and neo-noir lends “Cold Moon” a certain charm as a ghostly revenge thriller. This handsome-looking potboiler is well-crafted on various planes, even if telepic and direct-to-video helmer Griff Furst’s mostly game-upping latest feature is also occasionally at tonal odds with the screenplay’s campier “Creepshow”-type horror aspects. 383 palabras más


Catching Up With Going "Back to the Future"

Anyone who knows me can tell you how much I love Back to the Future (they will also acknowledge that a large portion of my admiration lies with the original film, and that I think the second and third installations are just okay.) 509 palabras más


The Movie Scientist Blogathon: Dr. Emmett Brown

Christina Wehner and Ruth, over at Silver Screenings are hosting this blogathon all about movie scientists, be those scientists good, bad, or just plain crazy.  Be sure to visit their sites to read all of the entries. 1.003 palabras más