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Google turns Pwnium into an all-year, unlimited-rewards bug-hunting contest

Forget about that one-day CanSecWest Pwnium exploit extravaganza.

Security researchers, you can ditch the tactic of hoarding your Chrome exploits for the big day at the big security show. 525 palabras más


Global And China Chromium Trichloride Market 2015 Industry Research, Analysis, Overview and Development

Research Report on Global and China Chromium Trichloride Industry 2015 Market Research Report. The Report includes market price, demand, trends, size, Share, Growth, Forecast, Analysis & Overview. 58 palabras más



If you are a Windows OS user and you would like to install your favorite software without downloading and launching the installer, you will like Chocolatey. 141 palabras más


Google today announced that it’s launching a beta channel or Android WebView, the API many apps use to display webpages. Google noted that with Android 5.0 Lollipop, it now “has the ability to update WebView independently.” It will begin to allow developers to use the new beta channel for testing the latest updates to WebView starting today: 83 palabras más


Superfood Series Part 4- Chocolate

Who doesn’t like chocolate? I’m sure most of you have even heard that there are lots of great benefits to chocolate and that it can even make you “fall in love”. 514 palabras más


Experiments in WebVR - Part 2

Back in January, I wrote about my first attempt at using the new WebVR “standards” (I’ll get more into this later) to make a mini JavaScript application that uses… 1.975 palabras más

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A Quickie: Chromium on top of WPF.

Want Chromium in your WPF app? Chromium is great, and, lets admit that the standard web browser control that comes with WPF is crippled (can’t run plugins unless you add some code in your HTML files). 122 palabras más