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Everyone loves that “new car smell” right?

A lot of people say that one of the joys of buying a new car is inhaling the “new car smell.” But “new car smell” is actually a fog of 275 toxic chemicals evaporating from the plastic and glue in your automobile’s interior…… Including chromium, lead and brominated flame-retardants……Chemicals that have been linked to birth defects, impaired learning, liver problems and cancer. 33 palabras más

Connie Sellecca

Further To The Reasons Behind The Race To Privatise UK Healthcare

10 hours ago
“Hey Brits, obama and his corporate buddies are poisoning you and your loved ones.

Watch these videos –… 338 palabras más

Hyper-V Chromium bug status

Kostya Kortchinsky pointed out some Hyper-V bugs recently fixed in Chromium, all 3 are listed as being fixed 4 days ago.

Hyper-V bugs details released — …

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The Skinny on SlimRoast

SlimROAST is hands-down, unbelievably fantastic for overall health.

Non GMO   No Pesticides   No Chemicals   No Preservatives  No Artificial Sweeteners  
No Sugar    Gluten Free    Dairy Free    Soy Free…
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Balancing Your Blood Sugar

If you have read my weekly health journal, you may have noticed that I am trying to undo a few years of neglect. Some of that is related to weight, age, eating better, etc.. 19 palabras más

Using JCEF in Eclipse

After some serious issues with Selenium and with a need to stay up on the latest and greatest to ensure that I do not fall behind in running test-like scripts, I came across Chromium Embedded Extensions. 50 palabras más


Gone 2 Soon- The Fly

Yesterday’s post about Thor the Mighty Avenger got me thinking about another great short-lived series. Part of the DC Comics / Archie joint venture that was !mpact Comics. 595 palabras más