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Later this night Portugal and Wales are going to play the first semifinals of the EURO 2016.This is not the first time for Portugal but for Wales it is. 420 palabras más


Chromium May Lower Diabetes Risk

Chromium May Lower Diabetes Risk:

According to new research people supplementing with chromium, a trace mineral, may be less likely to develop Type-2 Diabetes.

Data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey was analyzed.  157 palabras más


Chrome bug gives pirates a way to steal streaming movies

Security researchers have discovered a bug in Google Chrome that gives pirates a way to copy paid-for movies streamed from sites like Netflix and Amazon Video. 387 palabras más


Turn your old computer into a fast Chrome OS device in minutes!

Neverware’s CloudReady can turn an older computer into an extremely useful device by installing the Chromium OS. It basically turns that doorstop into a… 82 palabras más


Yellow Rose

My third colour poem makes the triad of painter’s primaries. It takes its starting point from a lively tune I remember from the radio when I was a small boy. 250 palabras más


Huge mistake in valence electrons

finally today I am going to explain the huge mistake in valence electrons of most metals. This is a mistake that I guess that most teachers learn and you will find it all around the internet, if it is not there then it is probably not explained accurately. 464 palabras más