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Tungsten: a Japanese, Dual-Engine Browser That Can Run Desktop Apps Within Individual Tabs and So Forth

“Tungsten is a simple web browser with unique features.”

That is an understatement. Indeed, let’s explore one of my new favorite browsers.

Tungsten is a Japanese, dual-engine browser using Blink and Trident, the rendering engines of browsers such as Chrome and Internet Explorer respectively. 1.395 palabras más

App Capturing

Eat Your Minerals! Foods Rich in Iodine and Chromium

Your body synthesizes thyroid hormones with the support of iodine. Thyroid hormones contribute to normal growth and development. Great sources of iodine include lima beans, soybeans, garlic, sesame seeds, Swiss chard,  spinach, turnip greens, seafood, and summer squash. 76 palabras más

Food For Health

Vivaldi, the “new” Google Chrome alternative - a powerful browser rediscovered

I have been using Firefox as my main browser since Google decided that it would not be supporting Google Chrome for Linux  about a year or so ago. 897 palabras más


you know youre getting old when your kids start teaching YOU #goog #chromium #eastereggs

you know youre getting old when your kids start teaching YOU #goog chrome #eastereggs

  1. run chrome/chromium
  2. disconnect from network
  3. you should see a screen with a dinosaur…
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Dear Customer,

Talking about Chromium, surely every young people in Tasikmalaya know it as a new catch up spot for food and coffee lover. Chromium, was a born by the coffee lovers, so back to the history it was made to provide the coffee lover a brand new catch up spot in industrial concept. 102 palabras más


proposed driver model for U-Boot init

Simon Glass of Chromium posted an 16-part patch to the U-Boot list, adding a driver model to the U-Boot init sequence.

RFC: Board init using driver model… 323 palabras más

Building old Chromium

There are two main problems that can arise if someone wants to build an ancient version of Chromium. The first is the SVN -> GIT migration that happened in 2014 that moved all the source code and dependency mirrors to GIT and the second is the force pushes in the external sources that Chromium depends on. 288 palabras más