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CyanogenMod reveals Chromium based Browser 'Gello'

CyanogenMod Team Unveils Customised Chromium-Based Browser Gello

The CyanogenMod team, makers of custom Android ROMs for a multitude of devices, has teased an upcoming Chromium-based browser called Gello. 289 palabras más


CyanogenMod Teases it's own upcoming browser 'Gello' based on Chromium

CyanogenMod has been working on a new browser, called Gello. The browser is based on Google’s open source web browser project and looks somewhat similar to Chrome, but is teased to be more feature rich. 65 palabras más

The Android version of Google’s Chrome browser has a neat new feature in it, if you’re willing to use a beta build of the mobile browser. 148 palabras más


Matthew Berdyck is a scam artist

There is a man out there pretending to be a professional environmental activist. He is accepting donations and stealing money from people who don’t know better than to do research on the Internet. 149 palabras más

NOT OK, Google! Privacy advocates take on the Chromium team and win...

An intriguing, interesting and ultimately influential privacy campaign has just this day reached a successful conclusion.

Privacy advocates aimed their open-source attitudes straight at Google’s Chromium team, stuck to their guns without any ranting ( 723 palabras más


Chrome 'OK Google' hotwording extension sparks new privacy concerns, confusion (Update: Chromium team backpeddals)

Update: What’s that? Oh, just the smell of change. After initially standing firm on its implementation of the hotwording module and proprietary Google extension being automatically downloaded in new installations of the Chromium open source browser, a wave of criticism has led to the team… 1.517 palabras más

Google Corporate

Chromium and Copper


These mineral blogs are going to stay fairly short, aside from the fact that there are still things being discovered about them, but from the source I use there really isn’t too much information that I want to use in these posts.   228 palabras más