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Instaliranje Pepper Flash Player u Chromium - Ubuntu 12.04 LTS i 14.04 LTS

Chromium ne podrzava NPAPI (Netscape Plugin API). Tako da Adobe Flash Player, nece raditi.
Pepper Flash je Flash Player plugin, koji koristi Pepper plugin API. Razvija ga Adobe, distribuira se uz Google Chrome iz koga ce da radi, bez dodatnih podesavanja. 80 palabras más


Favao – Metabolic

Favao – Metabolic :

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FAVAO Metabolic combines mangosteen with other natural ingredients to promote appetite control, fat burning and a healthy metabolism. 463 palabras más


Ultimate Garcinia

Garcinia has been a hot topic in the weight loss news, and has even been talked about on popular talk shows. It is a small green plant that looks sort of like a pumpkin, it is also known as the Garcinia gummi-gutta. 488 palabras más

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Using Chromium To Stabilize Blood Sugar Levels

Many recent studies have started to raise awareness of the trace mineral chromium and it’s effects on controling blood sugar levels and even decreasing appetite. Could this mineral be the new trend of natural and basic methods for improving diabetic health and lowering insulin resistance? 212 palabras más

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Chrome Beta 42 adds website push notifications, banners for saving web apps to Android home screens

Google released Chrome 42 this week through its beta channel for Android, Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS. The latest Chrome beta previews a couple of interesting features that make web apps more like native apps including push notifications and saving web apps to your Android home screen faster… 226 palabras más


How to stonewall Open Source

I seem to be posting a lot about Google these days but then they ARE turning into the digital equivalent of Nestlé.

I’ve been pondering this post for a while and how to approach it without making it sound like I believe in area 52. 682 palabras más