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U-Boot ported to Intel64

Simon Glass of Chromium posted a *82-part* patch to the U-Boot list, with a port of U-Boot from 32-bit x86 to 64-bit x64 support. Quoting Simon’s initial message: 251 palabras más

What Can You Do About Chromium-6?

The Environmental Working Group released an explosive report on Tuesday that conveys a shocking truth for over 200 million Americans. The carcinogenic chemical chromium-6 (also referred to as… 1.943 palabras más

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App: VOEZ Review

With misleading icon and a name that doesn’t reflect what the app is – I somehow ended up downloading anyways. And I’m glad, for good reasons. 447 palabras más


PowerISO, Chromium, ByteFence: Scumbags

I had purchased a license to PowerISO a while back. I’m a software engineer and I like to pay for software I use.

On a new laptop, I went to download PowerISO and install it. 220 palabras más

Cub Linux - Kolaborasi Chromium dengan Ubuntu

Cub Linux (gabungan dari Chromium dan Ubuntu) merupakan hasil kombinasi kelengkapan Chromiun Browser dengan kepopuleran Ubuntu. Distro yang web-focus dengan fitur – fitur dari Chromium dan aplikasi yang terintegrasi dengan Google ditambah Kompatibilitas Hardware dan varian aplikasi di Ubuntu membuat distro ini menjadi distro yang GAHAR . 143 palabras más


Diabetes Update: Everyday Nutrients Reduce Chances of Developing Type 2 Diabetes

According to the latest figures from the Centers for Disease Control, 29.1 million people or 9.3% of the U.S. population have diabetes.  Since 27.8% of people with diabetes go undiagnosed, that means some 8.1 million people with diabetes do not actually know they have it.   775 palabras más

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cTefer Reviews Atom

Gone are the days of the Notepad and vi style editing. Any high end programmer would laugh at such a statement, especially the hardcore Linux warriors who thrive on… 1.183 palabras más