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Review: Keep Out!

Keep Out!  Nick Redfern, 2012.

If you’re not yet paranoid about government conspiracies and cover ups, you will be, just a little bit, after taking Redfern’s lively tour of ominous secret bases and clandestine projects. 450 palabras más

Book Review

I Have Fought Many Chupacabras

Hey 3.5 readers.

You know, I’ve fought plenty of monsters in my day.  Zombies.  Werewolves.  Yetis and so on.  I feel like I have been remiss in bragging about the chupacabras that I have fought. 201 palabras más


Unidentified Creature Found in Paraguay

Firefighters in Paraguay have found the decomposing remains of a strange creature that could not be identified. This being South America, the immediate reaction was “Chupacabra!” but others thought it might be a space alien or a new and different kind of Paraguayan cryptid. 83 palabras más

Monsters & Ghosts

January 1-7, 2017


Facts Of Life (2002) by Carol Coffee Reposa is a book of poems about history; her history, of recent ancestors and her own life very beautifully explained. 1.032 palabras más


Chupacabra: The truth about a strange, blood-sucking monster

Josh Gabbatiss (BBC, 10 November 2016) writes about Benjamin Radford (deputy editor of Skeptical Inquirer science magazine) who tackles the chupacabras as a popular myth created by fear, imagination, and, perhaps, anti-US sentiment. 619 palabras más


Chupacabra Vs The Alamo (2013) - Movie Review

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There’s No Basement At The Alamo

If SyFy Channel‘s Original Movies are good for anything, it’s being an outlet for stars that no longer shine as bright as they once did to find some work and possibly one last gasp at fame. 1.511 palabras más

Movie Review

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