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Bookshelf Battlelog #3 - I Must Murder 1,000 Chupacabras

3.5 readers, it isn’t easy being BQB.  I have to murder vampires, zombies, werewolves, all of that.

But I must all destroy the lesser known freaks, like chupacabras.  250 palabras más

Review: Keep Out!

Keep Out!  Nick Redfern, 2012.

If you’re not yet paranoid about government conspiracies and cover ups, you will be, just a little bit, after taking Redfern’s lively tour of ominous secret bases and clandestine projects. 450 palabras más

Book Review

I Have Fought Many Chupacabras

Hey 3.5 readers.

You know, I’ve fought plenty of monsters in my day.  Zombies.  Werewolves.  Yetis and so on.  I feel like I have been remiss in bragging about the chupacabras that I have fought. 201 palabras más


Unidentified Creature Found in Paraguay

Firefighters in Paraguay have found the decomposing remains of a strange creature that could not be identified. This being South America, the immediate reaction was “Chupacabra!” but others thought it might be a space alien or a new and different kind of Paraguayan cryptid. 83 palabras más

Monsters & Ghosts

January 1-7, 2017


Facts Of Life (2002) by Carol Coffee Reposa is a book of poems about history; her history, of recent ancestors and her own life very beautifully explained. 1.032 palabras más