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You Am Going to Hate 'Bizarro' #5

Normally our placeholder text for these previews is “Derp,” and this time we pondered leaving it in there, because Bizarro’s entire set of superpowers is best described as “Derpy Superman.” You have to admit, “Derp derpy derp derp” would make as much sense as Bizarro-speak. 291 palabras más


Chupacabras - I See Light [GFEP001]

All the tracks on I See Light are culled from the Forgotten tape released on Go! Finger last year with two Chupacabras cuts backed by remixes from Legowelt and Willie Burns. 43 palabras más


Hot Rod Lincoln---and Chupacabras

Here’s Asleep at the Wheel performing “Hot Rod Lincoln”:

I’ve always liked that song and, when I was composing some chupacabra-related doggerel, I decided the song would be a good inspiration. 285 palabras más


How many C's are there in "Innovation"?

Being part of a good innovative team is a dream. It is mutually rewarding, there are no stepped on toes or bruised egos, and everyone helps elevate each other’s ideas and projects to that “OMG wait until the world sees what were doing!” level. 1.000 palabras más

Being Awesome

Milwaukee Para Con Ts are BACK!

Due to  popular demand (these t-shirts sold out in a blink of an eye at our inaugural Milwaukee Para Con on June 6!) we will be reprinting one of our 2015 shirts…the black shirt with glow-in-the-dark ink. 192 palabras más

Milwaukee Para Con T-shirts: Eerie and Awesome

“So Awesome!!”
–Miranda Kay Levy, fashion designer and star of Project Runway

Tune up your air guitars–we’ve got Milwaukee Para Con t-shirts ready for the conference! 191 palabras más

Chupacabras - It Wasn't Like This (Demo)

Jeremy D.Rodriguez aka Chupacabras, producer from Brooklyn, just released his new demo track “It Wasn’t Like This”.

We liked how the material assumes a hypnotic nonchalant quality..