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Konfigurasi Nginx sebagai Reverse Proxy

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  1. Apa itu Reverse Proxy?

Reverse Proxy adalah layanan proxy perantara yang mengambil permintaan klien, meneruskannya ke satu atau lebih server backend, dan selanjutnya memberikan respons server kepada klien. 347 palabras más



Packet Tracer adalah sebuah simulator jaringan Cisco yang umumnya digunakan untuk media pembelajaran dan pelatihan, Cisco Packet Tracer sendiri menjadi salah satu tools yang penting untuk dimiliki oleh seorang administrator jaringan, mengingat dengannya seorang dapat merencanankan Topologi, serta mengatur konfigurasi pada perlengkapan jaringan. 265 palabras más

Jaringan Komputer

Cisco 3850 image/software upgrade from IOS to Denali/Gibralter??

Cisco is moving away from a single IOS architecture to container based architecture. Most of the new developed technologies such as SDN including Cisco ACI and DNA to say the at least has already acheived this but on the legacy such as Cisco IOS-XE on Cisco 3850 they have introduced this and encouraging customers to uprage to the the agent/engine based model.



VTP Minimum requirements
– All switches in same VTP Domain
– Switches connected via VLAN Trunks
– Same VTP Password
– Same version of VTP must communicate across a link… 173 palabras más

IT Knowledges

These lawsuits are easily avoided

The state of California has filed a lawsuit against Cisco for job discrimination over the actions of Cisco’s Indian employees:

California regulators sued Cisco Systems Inc on Tuesday, accusing it of discriminating against an Indian-American employee and allowing him to be harassed by two managers because he was from a lower Indian caste than them.

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Stupid People

Hardware for the Edge

Does a brand new market need new hardware? We were recently asked what kind of new technology do we need for Edge Computing.

As we wrote back in December… 825 palabras más


Enterprise Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) Market Share, Trends and Leading Players By 2024: Cisco, Aruba-HPE, Ubiquiti, etc.

Synopsis of Global Enterprise Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) Market Report:

The Enterprise Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) Market complete overview of the market, covering various aspects product definition, segmentation based on various parameters, and the prevailing market landscape. 839 palabras más