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Life was Easy

Singing about you is always a good way to die.
I’d fall right on the dance floor in front of you.
And you would let me do it, hell you really would. 148 palabras más


Seville Harbour (Puerto de Sevilla)

Quote of the Week / La cita de la semana

Seville harbour – only a few hundred yards of dock set on the banks of a slow river, fifty miles from the sea, yet once the greatest harbour in the world, and still, in the legends of man, the most important.

164 palabras más

Moonlight Beaches

Can we escape to the beach someday?
In the shine of the full moonlight.
Running away from our fears and tears,
knowing that we are the only ones… 176 palabras más


Shining Children

It’s ok to be a fool sometimes.
But you just want to be perfect
And avoid living a life full of dreams.
Walking with your feet on the ground… 90 palabras más


El Salvador

I wake up at 8 a.m.
Is cool to skip school.
So I turn on the radio,
to listen to my favourite man
saying he loves his wife. 257 palabras más


Saturday Nights of Love 

Love can makes us crazier.
Like in a Saturday night.
Eating cake and getting drunk alone.


Billy’s Grandfather

Is better know you are wasting your time.
Babe, you can keep your eyes on me
for the rest of your life, if you want. 71 palabras más