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Letter to Josephine Humphreys

Dear Josephine Humphreys,
Reading your novel excerpt brought me an image of a woman who is being used by her husband and doing nothing about it, except maybe taking it out on herself. 900 palabras más


Loving the swing

From one of many morning walks with pappa this warm summer.

10 Favourite Supernatural Characters

When I was in college I was all about Supernatural, there was nothing I loved more than that show. I’ve written about my love for it in other posts, about how I would binge watch the show for like 10 hours at a time and my heart ache when I finally caught up and had to wait for new episodes like everybody else. 2.031 palabras más

L'expo de Internationale

There’s a lot going on in this clip. The main focus is on Claire and Jay. Pritchett Closets (which Jay founded and Claire runs) has been selected to participate in the Expo Internationale du Closet! 80 palabras más


A Magic Shop for Phil

Claire surprises Phil by purchasing the magic shop of his dreams. The previous owner sold it for very cheap, but then Claire starts to wonder if the magician had information she was unaware of. 15 palabras más


Mister Ekshun's Illusionatorium

Claire and Phil go to a magic shop and talk business with the legendary Mister Ekshun. The magician laments that he can’t be at the shop everyday because he’s booking “road jobs” which we should infer have a higher payoff than the shop’s profits.  62 palabras más