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Hyper-convergence — Bringing Compute, Storage & Network Closer

        Hello and Welcome to TechSimplify. Today we are going to talk about IT Infrastructure, how it is changing and what the future holds for us. As of now we are using Converged Infrastructure, but in past couple of years there has been shift from traditional Converged Infrastructure to Hyper-converged Infrastructure. 2.196 palabras más

NMandelbrot : running arbitrary code on client

As part of my grand plan for map-reduce in JavaScript and zero-install distributed computing, I had to think about how to gain user trust in a security context where we… 330 palabras más


Is your online data safe and secure?

Online is the place where everything and anything gets a life. The cloud services are quite out shown but are the data in the cloud safe? 289 palabras más


The shapeshifter of cloud computing!

Just like basic needs computing is also getting added to our bucket list. Just like computing, cloud computing is gaining far more important at present trends. 240 palabras más


Azure retardation in action

How in Microsoft Dev´s right mind would you not support SUSE Linux enterprise 12 SP whatever for migration? They pat their backs on daily basis for supporting more and more SAP configurations but have not yet managed to code a functioning runtime for their Site Recovery Mobility Service Agent to work on the current Linux OS. 48 palabras más


Let us Discover what AWS is Speaking!!

Amazon Web Services(AWS) is now-a-days, a very well known cloud mitigating platform that have been giving away a lot of advantages and opportunities for developers to develop & deploy various types of applications into the air using the Cloud Technology. 133 palabras más


Don’t hurry up. Wait. Prepare first then make slow cloud move.

Most of the organizations are keen on moving their workload to cloud today for several reasons like their IT vision, reduce the spend on hardware refreshes, data center consolidations etc. 625 palabras más