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Benefits of Cloud Computing. (2015, May 20). 239 palabras más


Future Uses of Cloud Computing

1) Testing and Development

This feature allows organizations to test the application without having to wait for hardware or software to start running. It also enhances collaboration between developers of the application. 248 palabras más


SWOT Analysis of Cloud Computing


  • Collaboration efficiency: Cloud computing allows employees to work together more easily than with traditional methods. Geographic barriers are no longer a problem when working on the same project as every collaborator will have access to the same files.
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Who Uses Cloud Computing?


Chromebook is a type of computer that is specially designed to run Google Apps through its Chrome browser, it is very popular among business users. 379 palabras más


What is Cloud Computing?

As the business world becomes more globally connected, more companies have chosen to adopt cloud computing, which allows people to use hardware, software, and application through a web browser on any internet-enabled devices, instead of using enterprise hardware. 70 palabras más


Cloud Analytics: What’s Driving Growth?

Cloud-based business intelligence, data visualization and analytics options are gaining momentum as the center of data gravity shifts along with apps and services. But be prepared for a hybrid world. 590 palabras más


Online storage and sharing: Dropbox, Onenote and Evernote, Google Drive

I used be a Market Analyst before I started teaching at the Indian School of Business and Finance. That’s when I was exposed to file transfer and online storage in a significant way. 446 palabras más