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  Q: Are you going to subscribe to a cloud computing service?

A: If I were a head of a company, I would probably invest for a cloud computing services- not just for free services but for full and unlimited service cloud computing program. 76 palabras más

Machine Learning: I do it, you do it everyday without a computer

Machine learning is ‘predictive analysis’ in very simple terms, agree? Arrive into a conclusion by analyzing the data. Can this possible only with computers?  We, human beings do it on a daily to basis, to catch a bus, to drive a car, to shop and what not. 687 palabras más


Launch your Instance with your favorite Operating System.

Now Launch your Instance with your favorite Operating System, 

F(x) Data Cloud Provide Instance on Centos, Debian, OpenSUSE, Fedora,  Ubuntu, and Windows, etc.


Deep Dive with EC2@AWS (part 1)

        Hello All, It’s been great talking and sharing with you guys. Thank you all for taking out time and reading it, I can only hope that my posts doing what they are supposed to do, simplifying complex technology in simple terms so that every one of you can understand and learn from it. 1.032 palabras más

7 Hot Cloud Computing Trends

With all business moving to Cloud, there is tough competition between the Cloud service providers as well. As the market is fairly new & the potential is huge, the service providers are moving at a quick pace to Cloud Model. 633 palabras más

Cloud Computing

More on Elastic GPUs for AWS Instances

AWS has release Elastic GPUs for their EC2 instances….you can read more about it using the links found at the end of this post but I’m very excited to test this feature for both professional and personal reasons. 482 palabras más


Getting Started with AWS

Hello all, I hope you all are doing great. Today I wanted to share about AWS again. Few days back I had posted “Why so much hype about AWS? 2.182 palabras más