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Rackspace brings AppFormix’s cloud optimization platform to its private cloud — TechCrunch

Rackspace today announced that it is partnering with AppFormix to bring that company’s cloud monitoring and performance optimization tools to its private OpenStack cloud customers. Thanks to this partnership, Rackspace will now license AppFormix’s tools and bring it to all of its private cloud customers who use Rackspace to manage their clouds.

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Six ways to drive IT innovation

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SAP Bets On Cloud For Analytics, BPC Optimized for S/4 HANA

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Cloud computing

No, I am not going to talk about the weather.

Without doubt we all have already experienced lack of space either on our computer´s hard drive or on our smartphone memory card.

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Cara Membuat Web-CV di Microsoft Azure

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Sabtu sore nihh udah ada agenda weekend ini ? belum ada ? wkwkw :D , kita sama sobat whahaha :D . Woke, untuk mengisi waktu, ane mau share nih tentang… 364 palabras más


Apa itu Cloud Computing

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Cara Upload file dengan FTP di FileZilla

Pagi Broo..!! yok bagun yang belum bangun hehe :D . Mulai beraktivitas pagi hari itu baik gaes hehe. Woke Post kali ini akan membahas tentang… 374 palabras más