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The weekend is almost here! What’s everyone doing this weekend that’s fun and exciting?

Around the Tubes

Publishers Weekly – ComicsPRO Elects Dolan as New President… 38 palabras más

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I just found out that my link to join was not working. I’m so sorry! The links below are specific to each class. If you child accidently joins the wrong class it is not a big deal. 86 palabras más


esProc Parallel Computing: Cluster Computing

Cluster computing can be used in esProc for performing complicated analytic and processing tasks. A cluster system consists of multiple parallel servers running on independent computers in a network. 1.190 palabras más


Cluster 2 (March 2015)

There’s some nice development with Cluster this issue, but Brisson doesn’t have a good close for the issue. He seems to know it’s a problem because he goes into a flashback and shows another scene of the protagonist back when she was a partying socialite and not a prisoner. 124 palabras más


#NCBD 3-4-15

Here are all of our favorites for this week! All of these issues are out in local comic shops today. Click the titles below for how to buy digital versions of each issue. 306 palabras más


Preview: Cluster #2

Cluster #2

Author: Ed Brisson
Artist: Damian Couceiro

Samara and the other prisoners who managed to survive the Pagurani attack on the T-Towers are stranded on the battlefield, but they’ll need to find a way to trust one another before they can hope to find a transport to safety. 44 palabras más


Review: Cluster #2

The prison planet is often an overlooked setting for science fiction adventures.  Although well established within the genre as a place to launch some heroics, it is one which arguably has never had a standout or famous story told within its confines.   335 palabras más