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Netflix's Powerhouse: Sense8

I’m currently midway through episode 10 of the Netflix series Sense8 and literally felt the need to stop and write about it. For me, this is rare. 197 palabras más

call manager phoenix - call manager cluster - YouTube

call manager – call manager cluster phoenix | Ph: 844 278 3711 Are you searching for a Call Manager, or a Call Manager…

Leo Cluster & Abel 2744 In Coma

320million light years away in a place you can find me As a Leo heavy in dark matter I bend light here and sometimes

When my gravity is dense enough… 36 palabras más

Home From the Games

What an awesome time at the CrossFit Games! I’d definitely make the trip again.

Haven’t done anything since last Wednesday morning before flying out. Slept in this morning, so made it for the 4:30 class. 72 palabras más


Greek Art Filippos

Continuing on the path of our parents from 1973 until today, we serve the Greek art and clothing with faith and love.

Our fabrics are made from high quality 100% cotton.  25 palabras más