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Use SpringBoot to Deploy ActiveMQ Broker to Tomcat 3/3

ActiveMQ supports LeaseDatabaseLocker in its recent releases to increase its reliability when handling database failover. With the previous default database locker, the master broker holds the lock until it initiates a request to release the lock. 254 palabras más


Hackaday Links: September 25, 2016

So you like watching stupid stuff? Here you go, a scene from Bones that tops the infamous ‘IP backtrace with Visual Basic’ or ‘four-handed keyboard’ scenes from other TV shows.  469 palabras más

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Astronomy Picture Of The Weekend #7

This rich starfield spans almost 10 degrees across the sky toward the northern constellations Cassiopeia and Perseus. On the left, heart-shaped cosmic cloud IC 1805 and IC 1848 are popularly known as the Heart and Soul nebulae. 64 palabras más


Aggregation and Uniformity

I think it fair and reasonably accurate to say that there is, within the human family, a tendency for those with like minds to aggregate and cluster together. 314 palabras más

Self Discovery

Elastic search simple cluster creation

  1. Download the latest ES on 3 servers which will be used for clustering.
  2. untar the zip file and edit the conf file “elasticsearch.yml” and edit the below details…
  3. 150 palabras más