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#25DaysofLP; Waterparks Interview

LP Claus is back and bringing you yet another unreleased interview here on day 5 of the countdown. Warped Tour this year was a whirlwind, not only preparing interviews with bands like… 798 palabras más

The LP Collective

Update Hyper-V CSV Cluster and Be Successful Doing it

Hello Peoples,

Today I write to one of my customers, and I thought this would make a good public confirmation for some Admin out there, who his having a bad Saturday, because his updates are not going so well. 501 palabras más


Junos: SRX Cluster Software Update

I have had the wonderful joy of performing a SRX software update and it was pretty painless so here is the procedure


We don't know everybody

responding to Discover Challenge: One, Two, Three!

We tend to remember better when we see in clusters of three to four words. It’s the classic… 117 palabras más


‘Intimate Geopolitics and Global Inequalities: The pleasure and pain of border crossings’ - Professor V. Spike Peterson

Co-organised by the Critical Global Politics Cluster and the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in the Arts and Languages (CIDRAL).

Professor V. Spike Peterson took part in an ‘in conversation’ event with Dr Aoileann Ní Mhurchú that eschewed the traditional lecture format, instead creating a more informal and relaxed atmosphere that encouraged a dialogue between Professor Peterson and the audience. 648 palabras más


Apache NiFi 1.1.0 - Secured cluster setup

Apache NiFi 1.1.0 is now out, and I want to discuss a specific subject in a couple of posts: how to scale up and down a NiFi cluster without loosing data? 1.202 palabras más

Apache NiFi

Installation of HADOOP Single Node Cluster

Step By Step Installation of Hadoop Single Node Cluster

Here we’ll see the step by step process of installing Hadoop, before that lets check what you need to have for the installation. 2.065 palabras más