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A Cluster of Twenty Great Icosahedra, Excavated from the Faces of a Central Icosahedron, Along with Its Dual

These twenty great icosahedra were excavated from the faces of a central icosahedron, which is concealed in the figure’s center. These excavations exceed the limits of the central icosahedron, resulting in each great icosahedron protruding in a direction opposite that of the face from which it is excavated. 47 palabras más


How to Perform Clustering in a Single Command Line

It’s been a while since we last wrote about the latest changes in our command line tool, BigMLer. In the meantime, two unsupervised learning approaches have been added to the BigML toolset: … 1.168 palabras más

Machine Learning


This guide covers installing Confluence Data Center, which is a clustered solution, for the first time (with no existing data).

If you have an existing Confluence instance, see  1.957 palabras más


How to Install JIRA in CLUSTER

Before you start:

Before you install JIRA Data Center, please review this pre-requisite information:


How to Cluster Atlassian Server Apps in your Data Center - JIRA, Confluence, Stash with MySQL Galera Cluster

Atlassian apps are widely used by development teams to facilitate software development and collaboration. For larger teams who require enterprise-grade tools, you might want to host the applications in your own data center and cluster them for high availability and performance. 1.788 palabras más




By Harry Lindsley: Music Columnist


Harry continues his journey through the Alphabet of Music, as we arrive at “C”.  Take note, as he discusses the music of German band, Cluster. 669 palabras más