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Athena - Bicycle Redesign

The “Bicycle Project” is a project done every year by Junior Industrial Design Students at Georgia Tech. This is a group project completed by Katelyn Adcock, Aubrey Wilson, and Veronica Young (me). 662 palabras más


CNC Machine II

This post records my favorite CNC machine I’ve ever built.It’s actually the third machine I built and it’s an improvement of the previous one.Since I’ve already had a machine before building this one so I have the ability to make more complicated parts which I wasn’t able to make before.My goal is to make a compact desktop CNC milling machine so that I can implement my electronics or mechanical projects easily.Before having a CNC machine,I had been soldering PCB using those prototyping board for almost two years.It usually took me several nights to solder a control board for my RC car and then took several more nights to debug the board.If the board has a severe problem,or I want to make some improvement,then I had to start over again and a week is gone.Such a bummer.After having a machine everything becomes so simple.I started to use EDA software to design a PCB and verify my idea.Some times I got a good idea then I can implement it and test it within a day.I also use Solidworks to work with Altium Designer because most of my projects are mechatronics ones.Importing the board into Solidworks and checking if it fits in the object makes design so easy and quick. 608 palabras más


The Motion Controller

I have purchased the motion controller and stepper driver for my engraver.

The two boards are KFLOP and KSTEP from They communicate together by a 26 line ribbon cable, and controller KFLOP talks to a PC console by USB. 143 palabras más


Engineering Hope

As a (lapsed) mathematician, I quite naturally look down on engineers (and everyone else not ‘fortunate’ enough to be a mathematician).  Nevertheless, I have spent quite a lot of time, over the years, hanging-out with engineers and I swear that, at times, you could believe they understand almost every word you say.  603 palabras más

2016 Data Breaches Off Last Year's Near-Record Pace

The latest count from the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) reports that there has been a total of 53 data breaches recorded through February 2, 2016, and that more than a million records have been exposed since the beginning of the year. 290 palabras más


Paris Images Trade Show Analyzes France’s New Tax Rebate Schemes

PARIS — In a joint session organized by Paris Images Pro and Paris Images Location Expo, leading French industry professionals discussed the new terms for France’s tax rebate schemes, which include 30% rates for domestic and international productions and a new 25% rate for TV fiction, effective as of Jan. 1.647 palabras más