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We’re a general machine shop with highly skilled employees.


Paris Fashion Week Street Style



A Machine Shop in A Toolbox: Just Add Time

You don’t need any fancy tools. A CNC machine is nice. A 3D printer can help. Laser cutters are just great. However, when it comes to actually making something, none of this is exactly necessary. 2.057 palabras más

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CB CNC Part 6 - Installing Stepper Motors and Programming VFD

In the previous videos I completed assembling the x, y and z axis of the lead screw CNC machine, and in this video I will attach and wire the stepper motors, fit a sub waste-board and correctly wire and programme a variable frequency drive to power the 1.5kw water-cooled spindle. 2.029 palabras más


CB CNC Part 5 - Assembling Z Axis & Spindle Mounting Plates

In the previous video I began assembling the X and Y axis of my new CNC machine, and in this video I will make the Z axis plates and mount a spindle. 1.103 palabras más


Week 10 - Oh the pain.

Everything went wrong


CNC machining


Reticle Guide for Ruler Quilting

I made the pencil guides to help Mary design ruler quilting patterns, but sometimes she must line up the ruler with a feature on an existing pattern. 104 palabras más

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