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Othermill Pro - Plastic

It’s a couple of months now the Othermill Pro is beautifully sitting on my desk and after having milled a few PCBs and showed off with my family and friends I feel dauntless enough to try something new. 627 palabras más


The Reasons Most Businesses Use CNC Machining

Why most companies have switched to CNC Machining. Less mistakes, better accuracy and quicker machining. Read more about it here. #CNC #Machining

Prusa i2 as a CNC?

I hadn’t planned on doing much with the unfinished Prusa i2 machine as it would require quite a bit of work to get an extruder mounted on it. 74 palabras más

Breathe Easy with a Laser Cutter Air Filter

A laser cutter is a great tool to have in the shop, but like other CNC machines it can make a lousy neighbor. Vaporizing your stock means you end up breathing stuff you might rather not. 207 palabras más

Cnc Hacks

Parallel port interface for FPGA board

Machinekit is a platform for machine control applications.  It is based on LinuxCNC and can drive mills, lathes, 3D printers, laser cutters and more.

Machinekit can run on an  87 palabras más

Shared Projects

Making The Moulds S2

I have now poured both Plaster parts and removed the Plasticine from one side ready to pour in the silicon. Below are the stages I recorded doing this- 105 palabras más