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Mercedes – Hack-my-Van Competition – ThunderPods

Mercedes Vans run an annual competition where different teams compete in a dragon’s den style pitch to win a Mercedes Vito van.

While all other participants went with a business solution that fit within the van, 487 palabras más


Tour Easy Daytime Running Light: Pile of Prototypes

Although I wish I could come up with a finished design in one pass, usually I end up with a big pile of nope before producing the one I want: 84 palabras más

Machine Shop

ArtCAM - Simple Art

Dari gambar 2D (bitmap) hingga menjadi ukiran kayu jati 3D…. From bitmap to 3D teakwood relief…

For corporate training (only) on AutoCAD, ArtCAM, MasterCAM, CNC: 14 palabras más


CNC Merl goes Formula 1 & Moto GP

Wie ich bereits in einem vergangen Blogartikel erwähnt hatte, stehen Produktfotos wieder sehr hoch in meiner Liste der favorisierten Dinge. Im Vergleich zur Portraitfotografie, wo es viel einfach auf die perfekte Ausnutzung der gegeben Situation ankommt, ist Produktfotografie ein gewisses Gegenteil, denn das richtige ins Licht setzen eines Gegenstands erfordert einiges an Planung und auch kontrastäre Einstellungen. 243 palabras más


Turning and Burning with a CNC Pyrography Machine

With CNC machines, generally the more axes the better. Three-axis machines with a vertical quill over a rectangular workspace are de rigueur, and adding an axis or two can really step up the flexibility of a machine. 195 palabras más

Misc Hacks

Tour Easy Daytime Running Light: Improved Ball Mount

The original ball around the flashlight consisted of two identical parts joined with 2 mm screws and brass inserts:

Providing enough space for the inserts made the ball bigger than it really ought be, so I designed a one-piece ball with “expansion joints” between the fingers: 270 palabras más

Machine Shop

CNC Postage Goodies / Ball screw SFU1605 BK/BF12 FF/GK12

So I’ve been sent some CNC components from Banggood. I’m just unboxing them. They are a 750mm SFU1605 Ball Screw with BK12 BF12 Bearing End Supports, a 6.35mm or 1/4 inch to 10mm coupler. 355 palabras más