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Success of sorts

After a couple of weeks without the opportunity to look at all at Fusion 60, plus many attempts where it would crash as soon a I looked at tool settings, I have finally had a little success. 127 palabras más


Laser Pointer CNC Machining Guide

I recently needed to cut out a square hole, notch corners, and carefully place some tapped holes in a plate for the SLA printer that I am building at home. 705 palabras más


Copycats! - upcycling ikea tables for enclosure

Having two kids really means that you get almost Zero time to tinker, I can ponder many ideas, but often can’t carry them out in a reasonable time… 44 palabras más


Addressing the Skills Gap: Roush Industries' Oppinion

According to Roush Industries Operations Manager Mel Koslowski, one way to address the skills gap is to expose kids to programs in high school that will pique their interest in manufacturing careers. 410 palabras más


Abstract | Abstract Steel #3

LG G4 Rated as the Best Camera Phone for Pictures @ Searchy.One Search

Description From Photographer if Any:


By xldesign



CNC Easy Table / Clamping Knobs / Milling Aluminium / Stepper Motor Voltage

00:05 Easy Table – If you don’t have a big table but want to put something large on it, screw a batten along a wall and allow that to take some of the weight.   127 palabras más


Update: What You See Is What You Laser Cut

If there’s one thing about laser cutters that makes them a little difficult to use, it’s the fact that it’s hard for a person to interact with them one-on-one without a clunky computer in the middle of everything. 275 palabras más

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