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Not All Parts Are Created Equal: Choosing the right CNC Machining Company for the Aerospace Industry

Precision machining techniques are needed to produce aerospace components that are instrumental throughout an aircraft.  These components are often ‘life-critical’, intricate parts that need to meet very precise specifications with high tolerance thresholds. 894 palabras más


Back on the nose

I saved all my pennies and finally ordered my nose gear retract from Jack at  It arrived on Friday and I have to say I was excited to work on something other than the canard. 744 palabras más


Y Axis Life Test

For the engraver Y axis, I have made a temporary limit switch bracket of wood, and wired a relay to change the travel direction at each limit. 328 palabras más


Rotation Tool Center Point for 5 axis machining (RTCP)


     Option RTCP ( Rotation Tool Center Point ) is applicable on machine tools equipped with head Bi-rotary printing-press or kinematics to plates. This function makes it possible to program in 5 axes while referring directly to the center of the tool instead of the centre of rotation of the axes (i.e. 1.029 palabras más

5 Axis Machining

Raspberry Pi Zero, Grbl All in One CNC Controller

So, yesterday the Raspberry Pi Foundation, released a new Pi!  The Pi Zero!

So what happens when I am bored, sitting in a guesthouse, armed with Eagle, a crazy idea, a community encouraging me, and a handful of parts in my parts bin just itching to be used?   482 palabras más


Hard Drive Platter Thicknesses

It should come as no surprise that hard drive platters have different thicknesses:

The thicker ones measure 1.25 mm, which is near enough to 50 mils to suggest they date back to the Good Old Days. 118 palabras más

Machine Shop

Upright CNC Stand - Panel Router

In the previous video I began rebuilding the X Carve with parts from a company who produce a machine which varies in its name by a single letter. 217 palabras más