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Cutting with Water

Using water as a cutting tool is not a new concept, the first high pressure water jet cutter was developed in the 1930’s for cutting paper in a mill. 143 palabras más


Precision CNC With Epoxy Granite

Epoxy granite is an overlooked material when it comes to making home CNC builds. As far as time and money goes, when you add in all the equipment it comes out cheaper than an aluminum casting set-up. 254 palabras más

Cnc Hacks

CNC Upgrade

When I got into electronics, the obvious (to me) thing to do was be able to make my own circuit boards in my apartment. Now, since I live in an apartment and will for the foreseeable future, chemicals are out. 1.363 palabras más


Hybrid Machine, Standard CNC

Hybrid Machine, Normal CNC
n the fusion of additive and subtractive technologies into a new generation of hybrid machines. In related fashion, seemingly incompatible technologies such as laser metal deposition and chip cutting machines have emerged. 72 palabras más

MakeCNC Lifetime

I’m quite the fan of MakeCNC‘s plans, as you will probably have gathered! They are useable for more than just CNC machines – the plans can be used with scrollsaws, plasma machines, laser machines, even an exacto knife and cardboard. 215 palabras más

Manufactures And Suppliers

New, quiet place for tasty beer, and machining


Welcome to the new CNC spot, where I will share my thoughts and ideas, with some cool photos, and some tasty beer.

The idea was to have a quiet place, where it will be shared a build of a new heavy duty machine. 14 palabras más