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Wing root Construction

Cut out some templates using lite-ply of the wing root spars (WSP1,2,3 on plan) and test fit the first wing formers to them. There’s some work to do on them as i start adding the the next 3-4 wing spars, but first fit they are pretty close. 234 palabras más


Milling - Lets gett accurate Datum...

Right, this post is technical. If you don’t know what a datum is it’s time for some education.

My understanding of a datum is a point which is referred to, now when that comes to milling it could be the corner of stock, it could be a hole within your model. 264 palabras más


My G-Code GUI Sender

I made a GUI for sending Gcode to my Arduino based CNC machines as a challenge for me.
With the GUI you can connect to your Arduino via serial and send Gcode file line by line, send commands and set the step size or speed.  27 palabras más


Artwork with ArtCAM

Santai sejenak, ah…. Ternyata sudah cukup lama saya tidak bermain-main dengan CAD/ CAM…
Obyek-obyek 3D relief di bawah ini saya buat dengan perangkat lunak ArtCAM 11. 77 palabras más


Lazy Sharpening Jig / Granite Lapping on CNC

I bought this granite slab. It’s what is described as a work surface saver, and if you have melamine kitchen top you can buy something like this and use it to put hot stuff on, even though the melamine would still suffice.  737 palabras más


CB CNC Part 8 / Stacking PSU's & Drivers for Control Box

Ok it’s been a little since I make a video in relation to the leadscrew CNC machine. I’ve just been distracted with real life, the recent Christmas holiday and other project on the main channel, one of which is actually running at the moment. 933 palabras más


Making It Rain Pt. 1

It’s been a while since my last post.

An update on the not-so-current-anymote events:
1 – I quit my masters degree
2 – I started working at the wind tunnel again… 1.152 palabras más