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Online G & M Code Lathe Flash Cards

Need help studying CNC Lathe Codes? Here’s the resource for you. 109 palabras más


Routering Projects at Acoustafoam

After having some letters left over our Acoustic Art team creatively made a sign with the letters raised off the canvas, we are also able to engrave letters into different materials using the Router we have here at Acoustafoam. 43 palabras más


Diseño y Fabricación Digital

Un poco de Historia….


Una herramienta es un objeto elaborado a fin de facilitar la realización de una actividad cualquiera sea esta, hasta con el fin de jugar o comer. 211 palabras más


2D Gcode Generator

I am on a new project to create customizable inflatable structure, and I need to turn any kind of 2d curves into gcode.

This is a simple Grasshopper definition to turn any 2d geometries to gcode. 66 palabras más

3D Printing

Project: Analogue Delay Peddle - Etching PCB

Another opportunity to test out my CNC!

Sadly, through no fault of the CNC, what should have taken about a 45 minutes ended up taking about 2.5 hours! 239 palabras más