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Accurate Spare

Accurate spare parts, or even tools are possible using this plasma arc machine and the proof is very evident in this picture.

The Multicam 3000 Plasma is a CNC, fully programmable, very advanced robot cutter that uses electric arc plasma to accurately duplicate things resting on a special machine table holding down the raw material in this case about a 3/8 inch steel plate. 96 palabras más


Laser Cutting Explained

A laser cutting machine is a computer numerical controlled manufacturing and prototyping machine which is commonly used by artists, designers, and engineers to cut a flat material. 394 palabras más


CNC Lathe Homing

I wish to start to publish some cnc stuff videos on YouTube, so here’s the first one.

In the next one I will show this babe in action.


Other Machine Co. introduces a Pro version of its desktop CNC electronics mill

Other Machine Co. CEO Danielle Applestone is audibly excited. She has something she really wants to show me during our video chat before she gets down to the proper business of firing up her demo. 534 palabras más


Episode 120 Making the TT Rex

Material: 3mm Acrylic
Router Bit: Amana Tool 514411/16″ Spiral-o-Flute upcut from
CNC Router: Torque CNC 9060
Spindle Speed: 12000RPM
Horizontal Cutting Speed: … 13 palabras más



Compressed air is very, very useful on the milling machine.  The tool changer uses air for fast tightening and release.  And I often use air to clear the field of swarf, and shavings (yes, I use my mill for wood  too). 339 palabras más


Hackaday Prize Entry: Industrial Servo Control On The Cheap

wonders why hobby projects ignore all the powerful brushless motors available for far less than the equivalent stepper motors, especially with advanced techniques available to overcome… 217 palabras más

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