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CNC Plastic Machining VS Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic machining and injection molding are two very different processes although they both serve pretty much the same purpose. They differ in the way they are both used and most importantly, they significantly differ in cost. 485 palabras más

CNC Machining

It's Alive -

The small USB-CNC adaptor thingy arrived today,

And, I can now leave feedback for the CNC Seller ebay Bloke as all seems well!

 – Ain’t pretty but it’s a start. 21 palabras más


Pocket NC - five Axis Desktop CNC Mill

Pocket NC – five Axis Desktop CNC Mill
Fusion 360 is the software program that&#39s been utilized to develop the five axis capability but the machine also accepts straight g codes. 143 palabras más

Project Front Panel

My electronics based projects most often end up in a box of some sort. with related knobs, LEDs or displays showing on a front panel. Over the years I have tried a number of different ways to make these panels look nice, and I think I have finally found a method that looks professional and I am happy with. 978 palabras más


Beest of an RC Toy

Sometimes hackers and makers hack and make stuff just because they can. Why spend hours in a CAD program designing a gazillion gears, brackets and struts? 166 palabras más

Toy Hacks

BGA rework station

LY-STORE LY.GROUP.CHINA official flagship store, it is the biggest Comprehensive shopping mall on BGA rework stations, CNC routers, laser engraving machines, OCA laminating machines, and all devices & some other products in market. 17 palabras más

BGA Rework Station


One big issue I ran into was compensating for backlash of the Etch A Sketch.  It’s inherent to the device and there is no apparent way to reduce it mechanically.   198 palabras más