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CB CNC Part 24 - Hard Y Stops / Squaring CNC Machine / Fast Cutting Aluminium

So I wasted a couple days cutting out some aluminium plates really really slowly, and in the end I noticed they were quite skewed and what I had cut out was completely useless to me. 1.757 palabras más


Variable Speed Screw Air Compressors

Why Choose the Variable Speed Driven Screw Air Compressor (VSD)

Your standard Screw Air Compressor is approximately 40% of your total factory electricity cost. When the Compressor is unloading, it still continues to consume electric power but gives you nothing in return. 231 palabras más

Energy Saving

Review: LinkSprite Mini CNC

It’s a great time to be a hobbyist. No matter how you feel about the Arduino/Raspberry Pi effect, the influx of general enthusiasm and demand it has created translates to better availability of components, a broader community, and loads of freely available knowledge. 1.944 palabras más


Jual Linear Guide for CNC Root 3

Jual Linear Guide for CNC Root 3 Murah

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  • Paket sudah termasuk sepasang printed part linear guide seperti gambar beserta bearingnya
  • Berat: 700 gr…
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Jual Linear Guide For CNC Root 3