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CNC Thing - X-Carve Reflections

It’s a CNC thing:

I wanted to begin this video with an anecdote suggesting how I bought this CNC machine, in an empty car park, from the back of some blokes van, that happen to be stuffed with the cryogenically preserved brains of deceased carpenters, on their way to be harvest of knowledge for an already bloated catalogue of online woodworking plans. 378 palabras más


Design and Manufacture of a Gamma Spectroscopy System

Two years ago I joined a small group of students endeavoring to build a Farnsworth Fusor.  Six years after the project was initially started, myself and my two compatriots were the first to observe a steady flux of neutrons emanating from the fusor. 214 palabras más


First real designs

After a chat with my youngest brother, I have set myself the challenge of producing something using the Birmingham Small Arms Motorcycle logo for him, to celebrate the fact that he has successfully refurbished such a motorcycle. 312 palabras más


DIY csCNC Controller - 4 (Grbl Config)

I have some experience in Mach3 CNC software in past. I love this software and the simple setup of Mach3 liked CNC controller software. Actually, it combines half of CNC and stepper controller functions in PC software. 1.356 palabras más


Delaware Metals Increases it&#39s CNC Machining Capacity with an Additional HAAS ...

Delaware Metals Increases it&#39s CNC Machining Capacity with an Extra HAAS …
In continuous operation given that 1953, we specialize in precision CNC machining as well as the prototyping, fabrication and assembly of metal and composite supplies for aerospace, automotive, medical device, metrology, nuclear, and pharmaceutical&nbsp… 66 palabras más

Blender CAM

Blender CAM is one of those pieces of software that I need to look at. I’ve only played with blender a little when I was making a mod for Arma 3 – more as a means of seeing if I could rather than with a fixed end state in mind.