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Climate Change: Part 2 - Greenhouse Gas Emissions

This miniseries is about Climate Change, a layman’s explanation of the causes of climate change and its effects upon Global Warming and life on earth.

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Wall Street Journal Lurches Left

Until now, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) could be read without concern over the veracity of its articles.

That is changing.

Today, it’s necessary to verify the facts and content of WSJ articles. 939 palabras más


Capnography in Emergency Medicine

Capnographs measure the concentration of carbon dioxide at the end of each exhaled breath – defined as end-tidal CO2. Read about capnography in emergency medicine… 21 palabras más


September 21 - The Heat Is On

Today’s factismal: This summer was the warmest since we started keeping records in 1880. The previous record-holder was last summer.

If you think that it was just too darn hot outside this summer, you aren’t alone. 449 palabras más

Earth Science

How long can the oceans soak up CO2?

Researchers examine ocean acidification rates

Staff Report

For now, the world’s oceans are sucking up so much carbon dioxide that it’s helping to slow the rate of global warming. 527 palabras más