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Corporate Cowards Hang Separately

Exxon recently began to aggressively support a carbon tax.

Admittedly, Exxon has been the target of radical environmentalists, and even of state AGs who have subpoenaed Exxon while accusing it of fraud. 804 palabras más


Blooms at Lower pH Levels Could Upset Ocean’s Acidification Cycle

by Max Breitbarth

Ocean acidification—the absorption of atmospheric CO2 by the ocean—has increased due to anthropogenic emissions of CO2, resulting in growing concentrations of CO2 in our oceans. 740 palabras más

Climate Change

Water Water Everywhere

Wow. This one started a kerfuffle over at Apparently, a large portion of my audience (now getting smaller) are climate change deniers. The specificity of denial is impressive. 136 palabras más

Comic Commentary

Basf and Linde complete pilot project at National Carbon Capture Center in Alabama

German chemical colossus Basf and The Linde Group, one of the leading gases and engineering companies in the world, successfully completed a joint pilot project to improve capture of carbon dioxide (CO2) from flue gas at a coal fired power plant at the National Carbon Capture Center (NCCC). 445 palabras más


Forests may not benefit from rising CO2 levels

Study says disastrous tipping points could be reached by 2050

Staff Report

Forests of the future may not be able to remove heat-trapping CO2 from the atmosphere as effectively as previously thought, scientists said in a new study that’s based on an extensive analysis of tree ring data from the past. 799 palabras más


Amazon's carbon sink threatened by drought

The term carbon sink refers to the ability of a natural zone to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere.

A recent drought shut down the Amazon Basin’s carbon sink by killing trees and slowing trees’ growth rates, a study has shown. 8 palabras más


Boiled Frog

Hmm. Nothing fuels a good rant a like a long, agitated run. I left work early yesterday—I was having trouble focusing. In fact, I was having trouble breathing. 1.153 palabras más