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Secretary Kerry Earns 4 Pinocchios From Fact Checker

Several days ago, David Middleton’s takedown of Secretary of State John Kerry’s speech to the Atlantic Council was posted on this site. There are so many things out of kilter in Kerry’s speech that this posting will highlight some additional issues. 1.346 palabras más


Week 4/5 Play and Reflect - How to unfuck the planet.

Hi Everyone,

Here is how this is going to work. I’ll introduce and explain the app I had a play with and then I’m going to embed my reflect video down the bottom. 515 palabras más


Die Zeit läuft, jetzt schnell noch CDP Response Check wahrnehmen!

Das CDP, die führende Instanz für Nachhaltigkeitsbewertung, hat Ihre Fragebögen zur Teilnahme am CDP Climate Change Investor-Programm im Februar an die Unternehmen verschickt. Auch in diesem Jahr werden wieder Tausende von Unternehmen zum Status und der Zukunft Ihrer Bemühungen um ein nachhaltiges Wirtschaften befragt. 141 palabras más


A Climate Change Fix Both the Left and Right Can Embrace

By Sarah “Steve” Mosko

San Diego Free Press, 27 Mar, 2015
Fullerton Observer, Early Apr, 2015 (p. 10)

Studies abound linking the increase in extreme weather-related catastrophes in recent decades, like droughts, floods, hurricanes and blizzards, to global… 963 palabras más

Sustainable Living

China be a big place with lots of people using cement and coal

Craig Rucker, the fine lead dog at CFACT, provides me with this report on Chinese grwoth and energy/resources usage. 418 palabras más

Climate Change

John Stossel on the global climate crisis

Journalist and television talk show host John Stossel weighed in on the crisis resulting from global climate change during the first season of his Fox News program.

Report shows growing impacts of ocean acidification

CU-Boulder scientists study document decline of calcification rates in marine organisms around Antarctica

Staff Report

*More Summit Voice stories on ocean acidification

FRISCO — The steady increase of atmospheric carbon dioxide is already causing large-scale shifts in the… 546 palabras más