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For 2016, Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations are Rising at the Fastest Rate Ever Seen

“The MMCO was ushered in by CO2 levels jumping abruptly from around 400ppm to 500 ppm, with global temperatures warming by about 4°C  and sea levels… 777 palabras más

Climate Change

From whale oil to shale oil to microwaved oil shale. A Limerick.

Once Whale oil was packed in Nantucket.

Now Shale oil is fracked, you can suck it.

Let the Oil Shale be zapped;

it’s too rich to be capped. 316 palabras más


Webley MkVI Service Revolver

The first batch of Webley revolvers, also known as “Self-Extracting” or “Top-Break” revolvers, arrived in Thailand at the end of last year. Proving to be quite popular, I unfortunately missed out and so had to wait until completion of both the Chinese New Year and Songkran festivities to take possession of my very own Webley MkVI. 2.799 palabras más

The Trump EPA landing team: A Limerick.

The new EPA: Let’s reneg.

The Trump team: A chill up my leg.

These are folks of reknown

and their cause is well known.

All honest, not one is a yegg. 79 palabras más


Are plants slowing the rise of CO2 in Earth’s atmosphere?

After steadily rising for decades, the rate at which carbon dioxide is increasing in the atmosphere remained at a steady 1.9 parts per million each year between 2002 and 2014. 120 palabras más

The Christian Science Monitor

Russia: Leader in Nuclear Power

Russia is emerging as the worldwide leader in nuclear power.

According to the international Atomic Energy Agency, 60 new nuclear power plants are being built around the world. 636 palabras más


Things must change

Another Croydon Assembly was held on Saturday, 20 November at Ruskin House, Croydon. After brief introductions by Ted Knight and ex NUT President Philipa Harvey and an entertaining warm up by Attila the Stockbroker, the Assembly broke up into discussion groups addressing housing, health, education, welfare and the economy – all from the perspective of democracy and how we can make our voices heard. 385 palabras más

Croydon Assembly