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Arctic Oil Potential

A recent report prepared for the Department of Energy, established that large reserves of oil were in the Arctic, and that the United States should begin to develop those reserves as it could easily require 20 years before oil could be produced from the region. 901 palabras más


Chinese Bank Challenges The World Bank-Providing Funds To Build Electrical Power Plants

China has established a bank that competes with the World Bank.   One of the things that this Chinese bank will offer will be loans to third world countries that want to improve the lives of their people by providing… 502 palabras más


478 ppm

What are the implications of observations above 400pm? Water supply, sea level rising, increase of precipitation intensity, food production, heat waves, health threat, biodiversity collapse, etc. 248 palabras más


We Need a Carbon Tax Now!

We are rushing toward a climate change disaster. Although coastal areas, such as Eastern Virginia where I live, are already feeling the effects of climate change through a rising sea level, we are not alone. 388 palabras más

O is for Ocean Acidification

We all know that CO2 emissions are warming the planet.  Or at least, most of us do.  What often goes unreported is the effect of carbon dioxide on the worlds’ oceans.   786 palabras más

Science Writing

Water table variability highly influential on CO2 export in boreal streams and catchments

Northern latitude catchment basins are known to be important net sinks of carbon that vary greatly in space and time with respect to their carbon uptake. 190 palabras más


Battery Powered Vehicles Lagging

First quarter sales of EVs and PHEVs were a mixed bag, and nothing to brag about.

US Sales of Electric Vehicles, Including HEVs 2015

Month… 436 palabras más