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It is reported that the Government proposes to ban the sale of new diesel and petrol cars from 2040.

If you have got a diesel car, 214 palabras más


Discovery: Aliens from Outer Space Working for Decades to Destroy Human Civilization--Bad

GR: Heads of major corporations, public utilities, and governments have worked for decades to hide the dangers of CO2 emissions, global warming, and climate change. The people involved have been well aware of the danger to civilization that they were supporting, but they went ahead because they were well paid to betray their race. 422 palabras más

Climate Change

The Foibles of Climate Research

By Dr. Tim Ball – Re-Blogged From

Government Created Misuse of Climate Research; Even a Little More Government is Not the Solution.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt wants to set up… 1.302 palabras más

CAGW Alarmism

8 Ways to Sequester Carbon to Avoid Climate Catastrophe

GR: Developing and testing atmospheric CO2 capture technology is underway. That, at a cost of perhaps a trillion dollars per year, and other less mechanical techniques for preventing climate-change devastation. 605 palabras más

Climate Change

How do we know where the carbon is coming from?

In 1957, Charles Keeling of Scripps Institution of Oceanography began regular measurements of carbon dioxide concentration at Mauna Loa, Hawaii. By 1960, he was already in a position to report a steady increase, together with seasonal variations. 3.239 palabras más