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Leonardo DiCaprio spends a week on yacht in mediterranean after receiving green award

Hours before raising $40 million for environmental causes the Prince of Monaco awarded Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio an award for his work on the environment. The… 366 palabras más


Understanding The Basics About Carbon Dioxide(CO2) - Short Post!


It seems that there are very few people left in the world today who can think and reason for themselves aswell as use logic and critical thought. 1.051 palabras más

Projek Pemanasan Global Ciptaan Illuminati

Dunia sememangnya mengalami Pemanasan Global (Global Warming), dan cuaca sekarang tidak sama sperti dahulu. Kepanasannya luar biasa dan tidak mengikut bulan-bulan di dalam kalendar. 287 palabras más


31,487 scientists say NO to climate alarmism

The Global Warming Petition Project was started by Dr Art Robinson in response to the false alarm over carbon dioxide. Dr. Robinson’s petition was signed by 31,487 scientists (in the USA alone); they all say that there is no cause for any alarm over our CO2 emissions. 31 palabras más

Climate Change

Want to Fly? Bring Garbage

The number of airline passengers is projected to more than double by 2035.

Simultaneously, airlines could be prohibited from using jet fuel made from oil if the UNFCCC and EPA have their way. 1.060 palabras más


Why Using Venus to Demonstrate the Runaway GHG Effect is All Wrong!

I recently came across this article from 2010 by Harry Dale Huffman that I found to be very insightful.

I have often heard this ridiculous argument made by many in support of the man made global warming theory, that if we don’t get control of all this CO2 we’re emitting into the atmosphere by driving our cars and running power generation stations, Earth will fall victim to the “runaway greenhouse gas effect”, just like on Venus…. 160 palabras más

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