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Collision of Mileage Regulations and Technology

Fleet mileage targets for 2022 – 2025 model years must be reviewed in 2018 before they can become final. They were initially augural, i.e., best estimates, when the joint EPA/NHTSA 2017 – 2025 national program was established. 815 palabras más


A letter to my father, who does not believe that humans are causing climate change, or that we can do a damn thing about it (Part I)

Dear Dad,

You were the man who inspired me to love science. You were the one who inspired me to love the Earth. You constantly took me camping, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, out into the world and out into nature. 2.187 palabras más


1959 Paper Shows Most Warming Before 1945 …Arctic Warmed 7.7°C, Sea Level Rose 8 mm/yr

From No Tricks Zone, by P Gosselin

The following clearly shows a complete lack of correlation between CO2 and temperature. Most of the 20th century warming occurred before 1945, and clearly was linked to natural factors at time the planet was emerging from the Little Ice Age. 1.268 palabras más


Amateur Climate Scientist Puzzled How Earth's CO2 Got To Mars

That’s right. I’m going to do a little amateur science today for once already if you don’t mind thank you.

I mean, I’m puzzled or something. 151 palabras más

Hurt Feelings

Absurd Cost of California Wind

The Pathfinder wind farm project, would cost $8 billion, including the construction of a 2,100 MW wind farm in Wyoming, a compressed energy storage (CAES) facility in Utah, and the transmission lines needed to bring electricity from the Wyoming wind farm to Los Angeles, California. 946 palabras más


DR Congo - Toxic Gas Threatens Communities

Lake Kivu sees rising levels of noxious gases as concerns for the welfare of local communities grows.

DR Congo’s Lake Kivu, particularly the Gulf of Kabuno, in the eastern part of the country, is seeing increased seepage from underground carbon dioxide; according to the Ministry of Energy and Water, in 2008 the gas was around 25 metres below the surface but now it is around 12 metres. 432 palabras más

While I'm Online...

I may as well update you all on what’s going on!

Well, there’s not a lot of updates since the last time I updated you. I wrapped up testing on the CO2 removal material, and now I’m just about done with the first draft of the test report. 104 palabras más

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