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Humankind's Last Days Below 400 PPM CO2?

Another ominous milestone fades away in the smog behind us…

By mid November of 2015, atmospheric carbon dioxide levels as measured at the Mauna Loa Observatory had again risen above 400 parts per million. 790 palabras más

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India's coal consumption: CO2 emissions in perspective

How does India’s CO2 emissions from coal stack up against other “big emitting” countries/segments?

  • EDGAR estimates India’s total CO2 emissions in 2013 at 2.07 gigatons. That’s about 5.7% of their global total estimate of 35.27 gigatons.
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Dr David Evans May Have Changed the Climate Debate

PerthNow MIRANDA DEVINE October 04, 2015 1:30AM

Dr David Evans has unpacked the architecture of the basic climate model which underpins all climate science. Picture: Thinkstock… 611 palabras más

Climate Change

Concentratia de CO2 din atmosfera a depasit pragul critic de 400 ppm

Iata ca am apucat sa traim momentul acela cand nu mai este cale de intoarcere si asta din vina noastra. Am facut praf planeta, cu buna stiinta, prin poluare, defirsari, exploatari masive sau prin faptul ca am ignorat acesti factori. 30 palabras más


Volkswagen: Crass Crony Corporate Capitalistic Capitulation

By Dr Tim Ball – Re-Blogged From

Winston Churchill famously defined an appeaser as someone who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last. 1.111 palabras más

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