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Get the most from your EPC assessment

By Simon Wyatt

With the introduction of the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) in April 2018, there has been much scaremongering as to the implications of the new regulations. 683 palabras más

Sustainable Design

Tracking GHG Emissions in a Regional ISO: California Stands Alone in the West

When the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) released its original Proposed Principles of Governance for a regional independent system operator (ISO), it included a proposal for the development of a methodology to track and account for emissions that are attributable to California load and resources located in California and out-of state resources serving California load.  1.000 palabras más


EPA Milage Gap & Paris Climate Accord

EPA insists automobile manufacturers must exceed the 54 mpg mileage requirement in 2025, so that the U.S. can meet carbon targets agreed to at the Paris COP Climate meeting. 496 palabras más


Science for Your Senator

Hello! With the upcoming American election that is so much more than just a presidency (although it is immensely important for being one of those), I felt that it might be helpful to offer a template that others can use to send to their respective legislative representative(s) that warns of the dangers of what should be the most important and pressing bipartisan issue: global climate change. 1.591 palabras más

Zero Carbon Homes Live On

There was an announcement in early March that all (major) new build residential developments in London from the 1st October 2016 will need to meet the Greater London Authority’s ‘Zero Carbon’ target. 553 palabras más


The UnGodly Truth: Secularism is Causing Global Warming

There have been many End Times theories, but never a threat like what atheism poses. Atheism doesn’t just promise mass extinction, it promises several scenarios, all of which are validated and agreed upon by scientists. 363 palabras más


At Stake: America’s Energy Future

There is a profound difference between the Democrat and Republican platforms, with each platform advancing diametrically opposed visions for America’s energy future.

The Democrat platform is based on a blind adherence to the Paris Climate Accord, proclaiming that cutting CO2 emissions is of paramount importance, specifically by “ 582 palabras más