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Manipulated IPCC Science supported by Manipulated Appeals to Authority

Guest opinion: Dr. Tim Ball The story of how Maurice Strong and the Club of Rome set up the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to direct political and scientific focus on CO2 to ‘prove’ it was causing global […]

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Climate Matters

Climate Change: What Do Scientists Say?

By Richard Lindzen April 2017

I am an atmospheric physicist. I have published more than 200 scientific papers. For 30 years I taught at MIT, during which time the climate has changed remarkably little. 601 palabras más

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Every Little Bit Helps

As luck would have it, I spent most of Earth Day 2017 in an airplane.  It took me 16 hours in the air to cover the 8,278 miles from Dalian, China to Richmond, Virginia with stops in Incheon, South Korea and Dallas, Texas.   448 palabras más

The march against science 2017. It rained.

The march against science has passed

It rained, they did not have a blast.

Still they blamed CO2

for the Climate boo-hoo.

Real scientists still were harassed.


Lowering Your Carbon Emissions

The other day I took a Buzzfeed quiz to estimate the size of my carbon footprint and I was surprised to find out that it is fairly large. 258 palabras más

A Practical Earth Day

Three years ago John Stossel hosted a special for his Fox News Channel program entitled A Practical Earth Day. In it he covered how media hype purporting disasters such as over population, poisoning by pesticides and other environmental disasters haven’t happened. 31 palabras más

Climate Change

There goes their carbon footprint

Massive Power Outage In San Francisco Follows PG&E Substation Fire
“Insulation is still smoldering,” said a San Francisco Fire Department spokesman of the substation fire. “We are trying to cool it, but we need to bring in our CO2 unit to assist us.

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