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The story of Le Généreux – a tale of escapes, captures, and tenuous celebrity connections

As I’m sure will be the case for many people, the first time I really paid any attention to the name Le Généreux was last year when I saw an article in the local paper announcing that the ensign of this old French warship would be on display as part of… 949 palabras más


The Second Leg

Leaving the Icefields Parkway and the craziness of Banff during a summer weekend, we head south-west with stops in Cochrane, Nanton and Pincher Creek before our final Alberta destination of Waterton Lakes. 526 palabras más

Cycle Of Hope 2017

Virtual becomes happy reality with new home in Cochrane

Until recently, most of Tania Ventura’s internet shopping experience was based around books ordered over Amazon.

But she’s now well past browsing for her favourite authors. 860 palabras más

New Homes

For good number twos, lift your shoes, say some moos

What I’m about to tell you will change your life, forever.

In my job, I help people overcome some of life’s greatest challenges. When I was a medical student, fuelled by my strong sense of idealism and too many episodes of ER, I thought those challenges would be thumping on someone’s chest to save them from the clutches of death, or removing a gangrenous appendix with just a butter knife and some twine, or delivering a baby whilst upside down in some plane wreckage. 469 palabras más


Stampede breakfast 

We had our annual stampede breakfast at the hall this morning and because I’m on he board I helped put it on. Mostly this included scrambling 30 dozen eggs – which was hot work, but we had fun while doing it. 132 palabras más


Wild Cat Hills Delight...

On Tuesday, I decided I needed to get my camera out, so spent part of the evening on a drive NW of town.   Lots to see, but the highlight was the Great Grey Owl at Wild Cat…First spotted on a fence post in the shade…Then, up into the trees for a better hunting spot…and great light!!…checking me out…..a few misses in the tree, so down by the creek to see what it could find……check out those wings…massive tools and so quiet in flight……spotted something, another miss…the grass was so long that it disappeared when it hit the ground……back into the shade with a quick stop on the gate before heading off into the trees! 18 palabras más

Nature In My Backyard