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Cochrane review: Chloral hydrate as a sedating agent for neurodiagnostic procedures in children


Paediatric neurodiagnostic investigations, including brain neuroimaging and electroencephalography (EEG), play an important role in the assessment of neurodevelopmental disorders. The use of an appropriate sedative agent is important to ensure the successful completion of the neurodiagnostic procedures, particularly in children, who are usually unable to remain still throughout the procedure. 191 palabras más

Current Volume (2017)

Yesterday, as I was driving down a backroad, making the most of the winter sunshine, I saw a group of ravens by the side of the road making a fuss over something. 120 palabras más

Canon 7D

Talented Alberta high school athlete uses football and family to battle addiction

A natural born athlete, Matthias Mailer found his calling on the football field.

“I just fell in love with the sport once I started playing games and I just had a huge passion for that sport because I was really good at it,” Matthias said. 515 palabras más


1980s Final set of Calderside Photos

Jim Cochrane has kindly shared further photos of Calderside Farm in the 1980’s. In this last set, Jim told me, “The long byre or Big byre held 29 cattle if I remember right and were milked by a pipeline system as you see above them. 141 palabras más

Blantyre Buildings

1980s Calderside Farm outbuildings

Jim Cochrane shared a few more photos of Calderside Farm in the 1980s. He added, “We built these pole barn sheds ourselves. The poles were ex GPO or SSEB and all the wood was supplied by Robert Reid in Hamilton . 158 palabras más

Blantyre Buildings

Wildfire west of Cochrane under control

A wildfire that popped up at around 9 a.m. Wednesday is considered to be under control, according to officials.

Global News has learned the fire began near the intersection of Highway 40 (Forestry Trunk Road), Richards Road and Township Road 270 B, which is west of Waiparous Village and the town of Cochrane. 147 palabras más


1980s Calderside Farm Equipment

With thanks to Jim Cochrane for sharing these. Jim told us, “Here’s some photos of Calderside Farm Steading in the 1980s. Silage and turnips for feeding the dairy Cattle in the 3 Byres. 314 palabras más

Blantyre Buildings