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Movies and the mountains 

It was another rough day dealing with the cold. I thought I was getting better, but my sore throat decided to come back. Fortunately there wasn’t a lot that had to get done today and I was able to spend it quietly watching movies. 143 palabras más


Updating My Online Presence

As a young person seeking to build a reputable online presence I’ve created fresh new profiles on all the popular social media sites, Pinterest170 palabras más


Taking flight 

Today my little birthday project took a huge step towards being a reality. I have backing and support, I have ideas and tools to use to move ahead. 53 palabras más


At The Hub

I woke up feeling pretty under the weather. The cold virus hit our family over the weekend and the boy and I have been taking turns with fever chills – no fun to say the least. 186 palabras más


Sunrise with Derek and survival mode

We have been enjoying some pretty amazing skies lately, and this morning I was fortunate enough to get outside and see the day break with my good buddy Derek. 697 palabras más


First win

Today the boy’s basketball team saw their first win which was a huge morale boost for them. It was a fun game because it was against another Cochrane school, and because the teams were pretty well matched. 94 palabras más


Quiet party 

To celebrate her 12th birthday the girl is having a friend sleep over. It’s toned down a lot from what she had planned because of the concussion, but in many ways this is a nicer way to celebrate a new year. 94 palabras más