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The hawks are back in town...

Last year, we had a pair of Swainson’s Hawks that hunted regularly in the hills off James Walker Trail.   I was happy to see that they are back in town!   74 palabras más

Nature In My Backyard

Mucho Burrito

We have pretty exciting news in our house today. The boy went to drop off a resume at his favourite Mexican place – Mucho Burrito – that opened in town just yesterday. 70 palabras más


Serious conversation...

The Tree Swallows are fast, agile and very vocal little birds!  I had the pleasure of watching a serious conversation go down the other day!  …I can only imagine what the conversation was about!!  Everyone species has their moments!!

Nature In My Backyard

Woman describes finding human remains during walk on trail west of Calgary

RCMP say remains found on a popular trail near the municipality of Redwood Meadows on Thursday are human.

The bones were reported to police at around 12:30 p.m. 298 palabras más


Grouse stalkers off Grand Valley!!

Last week, my friend and I decided to head out on an adventure.  I saw a grouse for the first time!! 

When I arrived to pick her up, we decided to take a tour on her property as there was lots of bird activity out back!   145 palabras más

Nature In My Backyard

First day of ball

The girl had her first softball game today. She has been waiting to play this for 2 years and it was fantastic to see her back on the field. 13 palabras más