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Copa Libertadores 2018

Hello. We’ve been away for a while, but now we’re back with Copa Libertadores 2018. The following teams named after people are in the group stage: 57 palabras más


Atlanta United finalizes transfer of Carlos Carmona to Colo-Colo

Atlanta United announced today it has finalized the transfer of Carlos Carmona to Colo-Colo of the Chilean Primera Division in exchange for an undisclosed transfer fee. 139 palabras más


LEONEL Guillermo Sánchez

From CHILE, born in 1936
Played for: Universidad de Chile, Colo Colo


ALEXIS Alejandro Sánchez

From CHILE, born in 1988
Played for: Udinese, Colo-Colo, Barcelona, Arsenal


CHILE WMNT: Romina Parraguirre: A football journey that never ends. From retirement to bouncing back & moving to Aus.

It all begins with a dream which in most circumstances end up not being a reality. It is that exact thought which haunts girls today in Chile and around the world to one day play football professionally. 1.250 palabras más


Cry me a River Plate & tales from South America

Mauricio Suchowlansky is an Argentine historian with a passion for football, and food that can be eaten with one hand. Here, in his first piece for Under The Cosh, he gives us the lowdown on what was an incredible week of football across South America. 625 palabras más


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