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Argentina vs. Colombia Match Analysis

June 15th, 2019

Home Team: Argentina

Away Team: Colombia

Competition: 2019 Copa America


For every game that involves Barcelona or Argentina the
conversation starts and ends with Lionel Messi. 1.862 palabras más


Another day in Paradise

In class today I had a funny sort of déjà vu moment. We were studying the difference between the pretérito perfecto and the indefinido, the equivalent of which in English are the present perfect and the past simple. 488 palabras más


Botero Museum

The Botero Museum was by far my favorite part of Bogota. I had so much fun moving in and out of the courtyard viewing the fun art. 63 palabras más


binaural beats on colombian streets

“Meditate. For four days,” she said. “Facing the sun, collect the positive energy of it within you.”

That was two days ago, nestled in the mountains of northern Colombia. 497 palabras más


#Dengue Virus in #Bats from Córdoba and Sucre, #Colombia (Vector Borne Zoo Dis., abstract)

Dengue Virus in Bats from Córdoba and Sucre, Colombia

Alfonso Calderón, Camilo Guzmán, Salim Mattar, Virginia Rodriguez, Caty Martínez, Lina Violet, Jairo Martínez, and Luiz Tadeu Moraes Figueiredo… 154 palabras más


Maradona launched stinging attack on Argentina National Team.

Argentina legend Diego Maradona has launched a stinging attack on the current national side after their defeat to Colombia in their Copa America opener on Saturday. 349 palabras más


Estorbo y trabajo: sobre la muestra de Teresa Margolles con trabajadores migrantes venezolanos

Escribí esta reseña sobre Estorbo, la muestra de Teresa Margolles en el Museo de Arte Moderno de Bogotá con trabajadores migrantes venezolanos:

Jean Luc-Nancy recuerda que algo del intruso debe haber en el extranjero, pues siempre hay algo suyo que queda al margen de la espera y de la recepción.

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