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23-11: Predictions for all 32 World Cup Teams' starting 11 (11-20)

Most of the World Cup squads have been released, whether they are official or just provisional, and fans are now wondering who starts and who sits. 1.167 palabras más

World Cup

Medellín - first impressions

I can certainly understand why so many people end up staying here indefinitely, it’s an intriguing place. I wonder if I will end up joining them. 1.724 palabras más


Culinary Cartagena

I took my 16 year old daughter to Colombia in early April to explore the walled city of Cartagena (see Colombia with an “O”). Of everyone in the family, she is the most adventurous eater, so we were excited to dig into the culinary side of this stunning colonial port city.    688 palabras más


Uber in Bogotá

As of May 2018, while widely used by the locals and travelers that I’ve met, Uber is illegal here in Bogotá. This according to the last driver I had who told me of some of the tricks he uses, including hiding his navigation app and creating a backstory with his passengers, because he is afraid of the fine he will receive from police (approx. 226 palabras más


Salento and Bogotá

We only spent a total of 1.5 days in Salento, but I absolutely loved them – given that most of our time in Colombia was spent in cities, it was really nice to get a bit of nature in. 1.767 palabras más


Guatapé - Colombia’s Most Colourful Town

Guatapeis a little lake-side town about two hours away from Medellin. Most people just visit as a day trip, as it is quite small with not a heap to do. 366 palabras más


Café Casa Galería

Wifi Password: $casagaleria$

On a rainy Monday morning at 10am in Bogotá, this looked to be the closest wifi spot to my AirBnB in La Candelaria. 207 palabras más