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Golazo 50 2018: Argentina's best young players (45-41)

If you missed it already, the countdown of the new Golazo 50 began yesterday so you can catch 50-46 924 palabras más

Practical Advice for Distracted Poets

compiled from post-it notes on James Lowden’s refrigerator

Drink more water. Question everything. Wear sunscreen. Keep your back to the wall. Keep your eye on the ball.  224 palabras más

Spoken Word

My Date With The Assman

What up! What up! What up my homies and homettes! OK, so yesterday I finally saw Dr. W aka “The Assman” to find out what exactly is going on with my ass and beyond. 533 palabras más


My Appointment With The ASSMAN!

Well my homies and homettes, the day is getting closer for my appointment with Dr. W, aka colon and rectal surgeon, aka proctologist, aka “THE ASSMAN” 396 palabras más


Colon Cleanse-Bowtrol

What’s colon cleanse and why is it important?

Colon cleanse is a term used to describe the procedure of removing toxins from the large intestine by eliminating any accumulated feces. 394 palabras más


Episode Two: Letting Your Sh*t Go

Let’s talk about our bowel movements! And other issues related to the Large Intestine meridian, like letting go and processing grief. The words ‘poop’ ‘stool’ and ‘sh*t’ get used a lot in this episode, and while we have a sense of humor about it, we avoid being gratuitous or excessively gross. 98 palabras más