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Cramer Team Color Athletic Tape, 1.5 Inch, Bulk Case of 32 Rolls, White

Cramer’s line of taping and wrapping products is specially designed for athletic trainers and is the preferred choice in sports medicine. Experts of the trade continue to rely on the brand because they know it stands for excellence and efficacy. 133 palabras más

An excerpt from my mind... 

… And he became known as the person who did not wait to know.

The individual who, just when you thought you knew them, they suddenly vanished into thin air. 455 palabras más

The "Normal" Rainbow

Hi peoples!

After my hiatuses, I’ve managed to merengue back into my writing community groove. I’ve resocialized, I’ve respiritualaized, I’ve reorganized the ethereal cabinets in my brain, so I can actually participate in the things I love again. 746 palabras más


Observation Without Judg(e)ment

I’ve been exploring a system of geometric patterns in both my professional and personal work for a little while now. This is the background, composed in Illustrator at one-quarter scale, for a new piece. 124 palabras más

Thinking Through Fingers