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Red Hair......

Special birthday Look

  • I always loved red hair. To me, it is the only color that fits me. Obviously my color has to be re-dyed. The picture with the yellow shirt on, is my full red color, and im trying to get back to  that red.
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Jennifer Emerling

I was not sure which direction I wanted to go to in picking a photographer for this week’s visual review. However, I came across a photograph used as a featured image in a February 2017… 569 palabras más


Dancing Barefoot

Dancing Barefoot, another addition to the Paths That Cross project. Continuing our journey into darker places, Tatum climbed atop the alter, a sacrifice, perhaps, or just a place to grab a nap.


Master List of Colors

Though it’s often not the most important part, the right color can invigorate any description. I made these lists for myself, to help me pick color names that were exactly what I was searching for. 541 palabras más



Come here love, she gestures, voice barely above whisper

Learning my face with her frail hands.

It’s been so long since my eyes clouded over… 155 palabras más