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The Inspired Room

I love going into homes where there is color, whimsy, and thoughtful decorating. A room with personality reflects a well-loved home.

Don’t be afraid to try something different and approach color with an open mind. 16 palabras más


Beachy Cedar Chest

I have had my cedar chest since I was 16 years old, and in a little under two months, it will be 37 years old! It’s the only piece of furniture that I have hung onto for so long; and I have moved it with me 10 times across three states. 266 palabras más



I walked my dog this morning. We take a short walk around the neighborhood. She enjoys the walk and we both get exercise.

The last few days have been very hot. 42 palabras más


Orange lipstick, yay or nay?

I grabbed this lipstick from pound land last summer, I loved the colour of it, and thought even if I never tried it, it’s only a pound. 71 palabras más


Inspiration hunting

I’ve been pondering today on inspiration and where it comes from. Like a lot of crafters, I’m always on the lookout for new inspiration for projects. 499 palabras más


Art, day 26 of 31

Finger painting. We’ve all done it. Remember? Wasn’t it fun?

What more can I say about something that’s so simple to do, so relaxing, and brings so much fun to the table (or wherever you do art)? 67 palabras más