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Color Your World Yellow-Orange

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My entire house is yellow orange! As is my living room and bedroom and studio… all different hues. I have been so busy that I hadn’t noticed that everything is blooming.   23 palabras más

I Am Not Perfect?

With Mother’s Day coming up I hope this gives each mother a little inspiration You don’t have to be a perfect mother just your own unique loving self!


Wake up and dye

Happy Friday everyone!

Just wanted to share my new favorite part of the day– when the chaos subsides and I can just meditate on my dye bowl 🍵✨


Paint Night 🎨

You can find a lot of art supplies at your local dollar store. Mine always has art canvases in a variety of sizes. I gave the girls their own plate with paint and a canvas and let them paint whatever they wanted. 130 palabras más


It's Green Tree Day | Happy Arbor Day

“In the woods we return to reason and faith.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Trees are the souls of the Earth. – Me :)


Bamboo Forest color palette

Watercolor on Cold press

By C. Rohrig


Poetry Prompt: Write the worst poem ever.

Alex Harry Stone – thank you for the creative writing prompt.


Jump in to one thing and leave another one waiting.

Get to the end only to start over- 8 palabras más