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Tan, orange, yellow, brown and umber too

Fall colors all just waiting there for you

Their happy faces laughing all the while

So full of zest and sporting lots of style… 18 palabras más


Capturing Color #2

Scarlet Red, Purple and Indigo Blue.  Lively….. And Lovely.

“That old shack has been  “re-colored,”  you know.  Its had work done on it. Mutton dressed up like lamb.   459 palabras más


NTWDesigns: The Perfect Color Shade

The perfect color shade for your website. There are many color shades to select from, getting down and deeper to the subject, a color shade must compliment what its use will before. 108 palabras más

Web Design

Cómo evitar el anaranjado en el cabello rubio

Muchas han pasado por proceso de coloración y aclarados a rubio; sin embargo no siempre se obtiene el color deseado. El miedo de muchas es que el cabello obtenga una tonalidad anaranjada. 372 palabras más


Portraits & Enhancements

This was a fun project to be able to practice shooting people and posing them to take good pictures. My friend and her siblings were my models and I was able to get some great shots of them before my friend leaves on her mission. 384 palabras más

Digital Imaging

The Wonder.

The wonder of
red on green
dark on light
heart on mind,
the wonder of
that teaches
and color
that gives
us our