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Lady Nesta Birdwhistle-new Mystery-2018/Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Day 3

This rug is such fun!!!!!   

I haven’t even decided on Lady Nesta’s colour yet…and she is the star of the show!!!!!!!    (of course, you are used to me doing things backwards or oddly so it won’t surprise you!!!!)  152 palabras más

Sunnie Andress

Pantone Colors (Colorspaces X)

Let’s have a look at another physical colorspace: Pantone.

The Pantone color system isn’t particularly useful for us as it is mainly concerned with “real world” colors, as in print. 209 palabras más


Day Nineteen: Find Your Flow

Today I stayed with the water theme. I decided to use a blue liquid watercolor and add a little white. I wanted to achieve some depth and movement in the painting by using darker and lighter shades of the blue and with the addition of the white. 201 palabras más


3D flow

Din dorinta de a experimenta cu lumina colorată a luat nastere acest proiect in care cele două lumini săturate rosu si cam conturează principiul dezvoltat pentru ochelarii 3D. 78 palabras más


The colour of Color

Nope, I’m not gonna ask you to imagine the world without color, in other words, black and white! For some reason the universe was created by the creator with zillions of colours and we love it the way it is. 1.226 palabras más