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Spring Blooming Flowers 5-31-2016

Happy day to everyone!! Hope my Stateside friends had a great Memorial Day weekend and everyone else just a great weekend! Pos on the Middle Fork River coming shortly… 72 palabras más


Character Sketch: Ophelia Williams

Ophelia Williams stepped out onto the balcony that jutted out from her small but efficient apartment. Looking up and down the street from the raised first floor of the building she had the vantage point she liked. 1.214 palabras más

Writing Exercises

The Spitting Image

I enjoy the two video sculptures known as Crown Fountain located in Millenium Park, Chicago. The idea of calling them sculptures is a bit of a stretch but I do like the concept of showing the faces of real people, moving faces of real people of many different origins being on display for all to see. 41 palabras más



How much is too much? When can you hold no more, when are you sated, satisfied, saturated?

In chemistry, it’s not such a hard question. Any substance that can dissolve in another substance will have a saturation point for any given temperature, above which no more can be dissolved, and that’s that. 1.039 palabras más

Word Tasting Notes