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Quality Control for Injection Molding

In plastics processing injection molding is the most common method of part manufacturing. The variety of molded parts produced by injection molding extends from smallest components like cell phone buttons up to entire body panels of cars. 663 palabras más

Pantone IRL - Pantone Matching

For those who love Pantone, like me and for those who don’t care.

For those who collect merch from Pantone or those who simply have boring houses (kidding). 276 palabras más


Trip to Monterey

Every year my roommate plans a trip for her birthday. The last few years have been a weekend excursion to Tahoe, California. This year she wanted to try something different so she picked a weekend excursion to Monterey. 240 palabras más

Photography (general)


Kermit the Frog sings about one of my favorite colors, green, but oh….PURPLE! I adore shades of purples, I love amethysts, I need these different tones of violet, and I will not ever again own a pair of hip hugger purple bell bottoms. 183 palabras más

As We Are Now – 2016

I continued to work on this project in 2016; this is a collection of some of my favorite images from the year. They were taken in upstate New York and Texas. 208 palabras más


Color Trends for the Year 2017


A large color trend within women’s fashion will be the color pink. Both feminine and innocent, this trend will fair well with the no-makeup-makeup trend as well. 231 palabras más