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Baking with Beli

We had never considered baking on the stove before coming to Panama, but desperate times call for desperate measures.  Sarah got a recipe for a simple, no-knead sourdough bread and we’ve since enjoyed it several times!  87 palabras más

New year, new beginnings

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Here’s a few things of the MANY major things that have happened for me since the end of October. 875 palabras más

All Business

About a month ago, we began visiting each home in our village with our WASH survey and a GPS.  47 homes later, we’re done!  For the next month or so, we’ll be compiling and organizing the data we collected and writing a report of our analysis in both English and Spanish.  463 palabras más

Cooking in the Comarca

Cooking here is a whole new ball game for us.  With no electricity, there’s no refrigeration, and with no refrigeration, there’s no dairy and no leftovers.  433 palabras más

Three Days In The Life: What We're Eating

Day One
9:28am (Boiled green bananas, mashed up and made into a loaf; canned tuna)
1:54pm (Rice; pork)

7:09pm (Boiled green bananas)
Day Two
8:19am (Rice; canned tuna) 31 palabras más

Beli Nenguedübidi

Last Friday I visited my new home for the first time. It’s beautiful- green, mountainous, scenic- and filled with kind and motivated people. By Peace Corps standards it’s not too crazy far out, just a six hour bus ride followed by a half hour chiva ride and finally an hour and a half hike. 900 palabras más


En la tarde de hoy, caminaba con mi buen amigo Rob hacía la Avenida Central en Casco Antiguo, nos encontramos con una protesta pacifica de los indios de la comarca Ngöbe-Buglé, de la provincia de Chiriqui en Panamá.  125 palabras más

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