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Corporate consolidation by brand

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This picture is but a drop in the ocean of corporate consolidation. When you read about an increase of M&A (mergers and acquisitions) it is usually an indication that rich people (using the corporations they own) have just stolen a great deal of money from you, legally (because the rich write the laws) and/or illegally. 120 palabras más


A Libertarian Case for Reparations/Compensation

What with the news of the South African government’s plan to redistribute farmland without compensation, Brink Lindsay’s recent article for (which discussed welfare as a kind of compensation for past wrongs), and the discussion around reparations for slavery/Jim Crow in the United States – I thought this would warrant a discussion. 1.825 palabras más


i wants to help you shop better for groceries

Online grocery shopping is steadily increasing in popularity among consumers looking to save time. Walmart initiated their mission for online order and pick up when they purchased over two years ago for $3 billion. 405 palabras más


Groundhog Was Right

Yep, on 02/02/18 he said six more weeks of winter.  Now it’s St. Patrick’s Day.  Six weeks later.

Maybe he said sixteen?  Virginia City webcam image from… 35 palabras más


Team Addition: Sheila C Puregamer

Happy Scarturday,

Hope everyone is good, but let’s get right into business. I wanna give a warm welcome to our newest Team Member, Sheila C Puregamer… 162 palabras más


What It Must It be Like to Fear Your Own Government

One of the big National Rifle Association arguments in favor of free access to weapons of all kinds is the alleged Second Amendment right to bear arms as a deterrent and/or defense against the government of the United States.  694 palabras más