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My (Many) Comments on the Pulwama Attack and the Indian Government's Reponse

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So let me get this straight: the Indian army perpetrating human rights abuses of Kashmiri civilians is A-OK, but an attack on 40 soldiers of the occupying army by someone from the occupied people (whether or not they were supported by some entity within Pakistan) is a grave moral wrong for which the entire country of Pakistan has to pay. 2.606 palabras más


Karl Marx's Grave Vandalized – Is this the Cyclical Turning Point from the 1848 Revolutions? | Armstrong Economics

Karl Marx’s grave was selectively vandalized. Someone used a hammer to deface the monument. No other graves were attacked so it is clear this was a politically motivated incident in line with the rising economic tensions between the left and the right. 416 palabras más


Is There Ever a Right or Wrong? | Armstrong Economics

What is true and what is false? Do those things even exist or are they simply subjective opinions? Naturally, if we look at politics there is a wholesale denial of the existence of any objective reality and moral values. 240 palabras más


Morning Report


Asian share markets firmed on Monday as investors dared to hope for both progress at Sino-U.S. trade talks in Washington this week and more policy stimulus from major central banks… 219 palabras más


Portland Police Lt. Jeff Niiya Under Investigation

When Police Engage in Inappropriate Relationships

By: Cristal M Clark

Usually people believe that police should be and are bound because of that oath to walk the line both while on duty and off, yet the reality is simple, they like the rest of us are after all, human beings. 407 palabras más


Reinventing Bread Packaging

Flour, yeast, crust, soft texture, rye, these words can easily be connected with bread.

Bread is food that relates to history. Like how it associated in biblical times over 2,000 years ago during Jesus’s last supper. 66 palabras más



Hi! Sorry to have left you once again. I will be back but until I’ve sorted my life out that might not be for a while, so sorry! 21 palabras más