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Image Processing with Lambda/AWS API Gateway

We are clicking pics every day and the Image datastore industry is spreading its way to our lifestyle. Massive amounts of images are kept on adding every day. 876 palabras más


AWS : All Compute services

  • Amazon Elastic Cloud Computing (EC2):
    Delivers a virtual machine instance provisioning and management environment for building highly scalable, custom applications running on a variety of operating systems…
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AWS Cloud

Azure - Creating a Virtual Machine via the Azure Portal

As I work through my lab rebuild I thought I would provide some overview of some of the more straight forward tasks. In a previous article I discussed how to configure a VNET. 2.167 palabras más

Microsoft Azure

EFS and EC2 instance creation using Terraform templating

Automating implementation and reducing time to deploy complex environments is key. In this story, I am planning to get one of the environments that fairly used in the industry to map NFS FS over multiple subnets. 529 palabras más


Convert object-oriented data to Nosql Dynamodb — 101

The IoT Ecosystem is buzz words and needed lots of data management. We receive data but how to make use of data is the most important. 923 palabras más


Deploying .NET Applications to AKS using GitHub Actions

In this post, we will look at the steps needed to deploy your .NET application to an Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) instance in Microsoft Azure using GitHub actions. 948 palabras más


AWS EC2 instance management — Starting and Storage instances using tagging

Perform shutting and starting of instances during non-business hours to reduce operating cost.

Architecture Diagram

AWS Lambda function will be called using CloudWatch rule at regular intervals every hour. 649 palabras más