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Grateful Sunday #91: Space Diary & The Serious

Just because some of the ideas in this book make sense is no reason to take this book seriously.

And with that, I conclude my run of literature blurbs & blogging.

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Jesterly Challenge Month - November 29th

The end is near,
But never fear,
We’re not going anywhere.

Tomorrow is the wrap,
On this month long trap,
To keep you all from your desired nap. 77 palabras más


CNN: A Wrap Up

The Cable News Network is a household name within the news industry, and for good reason. Its scope is wide, its topics diverse, and its coverage thorough.  291 palabras más


Ancillary Mercy (Imperial Radch #3) by Ann Leckie

Wait, this is the last one?

As another episode of Spaceship-Turned-Person gallivanting across space, this one is pretty good. It doesn’t really blaze new ground, but it’s a satisfactory wrap-up of the Athoek Station plotline from… 592 palabras más


This or That? #16 (Conclusion)

Happy Friday! I hope that you are all full from your delicious Thanksgiving dinners :)

So this week, we talked about modern day vs utopian/dystopian novels and with 63% of votes, the winner is….. 90 palabras más


More Of A Game Than Ptsd

So I ve come to the conclusion that it s more of a game than PTSD, which everyone s been saying all along. Here s why: We aren t friends in FB anymore but I know he can still see my cover page, &profile pic. 75 palabras más

I thought I was an acrobat

I thought I was an acrobat
I thought I was a tree
I thought I was all kinds of things
that people want to be… 181 palabras más