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Week 8:Last Stretch

This week, my goal was to have all assignments completed by Thursday night.  Since we just got back from fall break, it took me a while to get back into the routine of school.   398 palabras más


The Beginning of a New Future

For my last mini goal, I wanted to only drink water this week. I am always so tempted with drinking sugary teas, that I forget that I really need to be drinking more water. 327 palabras más


Week 8: Look Ma' I Can Cook / Conclusion

After my 8 weeks of incremental progress in gaining a grasp on my diet and eating habits, I’d say I’m successful. I have completed my week 8 goal of preparing an entire weeks meals. 482 palabras más


Week 8: A Healthier Lifestyle

My final mini-goal was to eat a healthy breakfast everyday. When I first made my wellness plan contract, I stated that eating breakfast everyday was going to be one of the biggest challenges for me and I wanted to be able to achieve this by the end of the eight weeks. 371 palabras más


Final Conclusion

The transtheoretical model accurate depicts the steps I have gone through in my efforts to become more physically active. Before my Wellness Plan, I have been stuck at the “action” step and could not “get to the next level”. 367 palabras más


Week 8: Final week

In my final week my goal was to drink water M-F, no coffee and wine. I was expecting this to be difficult but because I had been cutting back each week, it was not as hard as I thought. 386 palabras más


Human Enhancement

The burning concern using human enhancement, will it be used to heal or make us superhuman and remove who we are innately born to be?  The literature that is being researched is focusing on the positive and negative effects on human enhancement and if it is ethical. 2.074 palabras más