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How Many Liars?

Winkin said, “We’re all liars.” Blinkin replied, “Only you are a liar.” Finkin said, “You’re both liars.” If each of them always tells the truth or always lies, how many of the three are liars? 205 palabras más

Problem Solving


To finish with my blog on this subject, “The United States and Globalization,” I will draw a general conclusion on the contents and the materials of the course, and I will explain my evaluation of the oral presentations that were held in class. 1.228 palabras más


'Her priority is the Earth's sky': Epilogue/final part

Concludingly star & moon gazing , astronomy, going to the local park on sunny days and looking out the window towards the sky  have not only become her favorite hobbies but are now her priorities… 35 palabras más

Random Astronomy Work

This or That? #73 (Conclusion)


This week we talked about authors that we don’t like. 79% of us said that we (unfortunately) have encountered at least one. Surprisingly, a few people agreed with me about John Green and I was surprised because I am usually heavily fought on that one….especially with The Fault in Our Stars…… 42 palabras más


All the feels

There are 18 days left in Remote Year. Umm, what?! How did that happen? How did the last year FLY by? How was last year simultaneously the shortest and longest year of my life? 619 palabras más

Remote Year

Just, Live, Anyhow

Hi world! Thankfully I’m not gonna spill out negativity this time HA HA!

I’ve came with another ‘conclusion’. People make ‘conclusions’ right? After they think for a long time enough. 178 palabras más