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One Last Thought

Hi guys! Thank you for following us for the past few months! This is our last post and we would like to leave you all with some closing thoughts. 385 palabras más

Police Reform

Concluding Summary

Our blog for this assignment was solely focused on the rights of animals. Animals cannot speak up and protect themselves in the ways that humans can because of the way their brains are developed. 298 palabras más

Animal Cruelty

A Clean Future

In the end, I hope to see a world our children could be proud that we made. I want to see a world not ravaged by climate change. 160 palabras más


Conclusion: Women Reveal the Cultural Changes Throughout the Shahnameh

I have spent this whole semester analyzing scholar’s different points of view on the role of women in the Shahnameh. I started with addressing Gabbay’s argument that women and men are not equals in the Shahnameh and then contrasted her argument with Loveimi’s argument that women play important narrative aspects in the play and are seen as equal to male characters.(1) (2) Unsure how to proceed, I came upon an article by Dick Davis that revealed that the Shahnameh is divided up into a legendary and historic section and the roles in which women played within those parts of the poem revealed the role of women in that specific time period. 167 palabras más

Puttnam Reflective Journal : Conclusion

In conclusion, I found that this series of lectures was very well put together and easy to understand. The lectures were well structured and very informative. 126 palabras más


Our Final Thoughts

Drones are amazing pieces of technology that are capable of so much. They give people the ability to see places and things without actually having to be there. 191 palabras más


Pochettino: Tottenham´s top-four conclusion would mean over a Barca title

Mauricio Pochettino considers he has turned out to be a successful Tottenham manager by directing the team to the Champions League. Spurs ended third in the Premier League last season, while they re second this period only four points behind leaders Chelsea. 35 palabras más