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Our conclusion, after looking into our results and the discussion of results, is consistent with our hypothesis: Singapore’s transport system, although well-developed, can definitely be better improved in terms of consistency and reliability. 168 palabras más


Personal Challenge: August - Conclusion

Wow! It is the last day of August already! This month has been pretty rewarding: I have been able to have more posts than there are days in the month. 244 palabras más

Personal Challenge

Summer Fall 24: A New Life Begin [Conclusion]

Did I get this jobs???

It’s about 5:45pm I already wake-up and waiting the calling. Suddenly, my phone rang.

“kringg… kringg… kringg…”


There is was a man voice and in so hurry just saying. 87 palabras más

Give People The Benefit Of Doubt

Don’t rush to conclusions without properly hearing a matter. Even though you seem to have a lot of convincing evidence, please hear your partner out before putting up a show. 6 palabras más


A bit of a Rant !

I have decided that I am taking a break from the spiritual practice and develop myself with the tools.. I know..

Maybe I am too sensitive and over reacting … 314 palabras más

Life Lessons

The Way of the Sword is of Peace

With the Sword in mind — it kills.

It is a Weapon. It is a thing of death.

With the Gun in mind — it kills. 118 palabras más


Poem: A Popular Conclusion

By: Pijush Kanti Deb

Assuming the golden sunrise
and the colorful rainbow
standing in the sky
against the invasion of black clouds
with the flying colors… 81 palabras más