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Part III: The (Re)Emergence of Elan Morrison

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Part II Conclusion

I thought to myself, where does a guy go from here?  What kind of space did that put you in?

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This or That? #78 (Conclusion)

Hey friends,

This week we talked about whether or not we have given books one star ratings. 81% of us said yes we have. Many of us have said that these were books were so boring that sometimes we didn’t even bother to finish them. 57 palabras más


correction: III

As alluded in the previous post, the author will provide the reader (if any) with documented fact pertaining to historical events. These facts are gleaned from information made available to the general public; however, as the majority of this element care less the origin of, well, anything, it would be most difficult in presenting truth with a mental capacity accepting only . 174 palabras más

Logical minds STILL need God's enlightenment

I saw this quote on a homemade sign carried by a protester in the 21 January 2017 Women’s March in Washington, DC.  A reporter from our local Western North Carolina weekly paper must have snapped it while covering the demonstration. 223 palabras más



I draw the conclusion before the introduction.

This or That? #77 (Conclusion)

Hi all,

This week we talked about whether we read a series all at once or over time as the books are released. 65% said that they read the books as soon as they are released. 113 palabras más



Teachers have such a big role not only in education but in a child’s life. The unfortunate thing is, though, there are many other things that impact a child’s education including financial status of the family and technology. 195 palabras más