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Thing 23: The Last Post

So, here we are at the end of Rudaí23. This is the last blog post I will write for now so it feels appropriate to look back, reflect and then look forward. 781 palabras más


Our blog ends here... but the journey continues!

We would like to inform you that we must conclude our blog posting today. However, it does not mean that our part in the movement is ending here. 93 palabras más


Hang Five Review

This series has officially been the longest series that I have ever binged completely in one day. It took me two days to finally complete all my reviews for it, but this series drew me in completely and wouldn’t let me go as I was reading it. 421 palabras más



I hope that in the publishing of this blog, I have opened up the opportunity to converse about a topic that has so many differing perspectives. 468 palabras más


When All is Said and Done

When the choir sings no more
And the tired sun retires to return…
When all is said and done,

When all is said and done, 63 palabras más

Lines, And Stanzas

The Conclusion...

“The conclusion, when all has been heard: fear God and keep His commandments, because this applies to every person.”

This is true for any generation and culture. 75 palabras más

Project Conclusions

After such a long journey into the recycling sector, we are ready to bring “Dirty Roses” a valid solution, capable to answer properly to the question raised at the initial problem formulation. 284 palabras más