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Finishing, in first place, with July's Book Selection

Wow! Despite the odds being against them in so many ways, the boys in the boat managed to leave Berlin victorious.

What did you think about the conclusion of this story? 145 palabras más

A Novel Group Of Huskies Book Selection

Salmon River - The Conclusion

All in all, Salmon River was a great experience.  It’s always fun being able to camp out in tents, wake up and go catch your own dinner.  37 palabras más

Salmon River

The Conclusion

You say people don’t understand you
Actually, they understand you
Well, the fact is there aren’t any spoken things coming from you
So they think they understand you… 177 palabras más
My Poems

The Adventures of Robin Hood Season 1: Conclusion

We have made it to the end of Season 1 of The Adventures of Robin Hood.

Hannah Weinstein (she’s rad) had approached Lew Grade with the big plans for a series based upon the legend of Robin Loxley aka Robin Hood. 210 palabras más

The Adventures Of Robin Hood

Love is Not a Thinking Thing; Love is a Feeling Thing - and This is What it Felt Like

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  • It’s Only / ODESZA (feat. Zyra)
  • Veins / Palace
  • Drifting / ON AN ON

“People have a hard time letting go of their suffering.

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The Launch Part 3 - Epilogue

Every project has to end, and this will likely be the final post on our blog. It’ll contain a bunch of leftover pictures and media, along with final thoughts and thanks to all involved. 688 palabras más

Celtics Summer League Wrap Up

It’s been a few days since my last thoughts on the Celtics, but thats probably because I needed some time to decompress after that buzzer beater by San Antonio that sent the Celtics packing from the intense battle that is the Summer League Playoffs. 1.171 palabras más