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InCoWriMo 2015 Conclusion

As InCoWriMo is now at a close, I’d like to talk about my experience.

I pre-wrote, pre-stamped, and pre-sorted all my postcards to 36 people. 416 palabras más


I have come to the conclusion that writing what you love is better then writing what you should. So I’m not going to write what I think I should I’m going to sleep on those ideas then try to write about them. 37 palabras más


Travel Update 6 - Bangkok and Pattaya

Good day to you all wherever you are in the world.

This is my last travel update, and I’m cheating somewhat, because I just got home this evening (11pm local time now). 793 palabras más


Looking Toward Heaven [Conclusion]

Tired of talking/reading about Heaven? Didn’t think so. Frankly, I could talk about Heaven all day every day. However, the month is sadly coming to a close, and thus we are nearly finished with the topic of Heaven (for now). 795 palabras más

Looking Toward Heaven

Correspondence (Red Letter Day conclusion 1)

Dear Jenny,

Thank you for answering. My apologies for not getting back to you sooner.
It’s been one helluva week.

Suddenly my life is a roller coaster of coincidence and dreams of what may or may not be. 472 palabras más


What is life??

What is life? Is life meant to be for being happy and sad? Or the rich one lives happy than the poor one always sad? For me life is creepy sometimes, you born then you die. 322 palabras más