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Important note: The image used in this ad is a stock photo we are not allowed to use.  The purpose of including this image is SOLELY to depict what a medium-sized (300×250 ppi) digital ad would look like for the proposed Business Beyonders program.  


Social Media Component

Sample post   

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new program, Business Beyonders.  The #BusinessBeyonders are recently graduated individuals looking to enhance their knowledge, careers, and setting themselves apart from the competition through the #MeredithMBA program.   19 palabras más



In Hebrews 11 we are given a summary of the various races run by the father’s of faith. They finished the race and kept the faith and it was accounted unto them as righteousness. 532 palabras más


Final word.

I don’t have a colorful love life. In fact, it is complicated. I’d rather not to talk about the details. Just when you thought that you’re feeling mutual towards each other, … 26 palabras más



Looking back on the blogging process, blogging is very fun. I enjoy writing, so this was a fun process for me. It was difficult to figure out all the technical logistics of creating the blog at first, but I quickly grew familiar with it. 176 palabras más


Reflection 8 - Cognitive Surplus Conclusion

Cognitive Surplus is a pretty thought provoking book on technology’s impact on society as a whole. While it is engaging, with many anecdotes and examples to support the points within the text, there are some areas that feel dry, which can make getting through the text a little harder. 322 palabras más