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Final Post

The Planned Parenthood defunding conversation is one that can get legislators and regular people very heated. With the information provided in this blog we have shown that defunding of Planned Parenthood can cause real problems for those who truly need it. 305 palabras más


Farewell Internets

In this blog, we explored issues related to freedom of speech in the modern day United States. From speech rights on campus to memes, we tried to cover these topics from a variety of angles. 102 palabras más


A farewell

First of all, thank you for reading! We hope you’ve gained valuable insight into the process of hurricane recovery, over the past couple weeks.

Let’s recap what we’ve discussed. 163 palabras más


Methods and Endpoints

How do we understand our surroundings?

I have been thinking a lot about how people go about interacting and understanding their surroundings. Do they rely on social conventions that they have learned and practiced since a young age? 1.430 palabras más

Cognitive Dissonance

It's Not Goodbye, It's See You Later!

The Girls want to take the time to thank our audience for keeping up with us and following our posts. Social media and democracy are two topics that are not mutually exclusive – they go hand in hand and should be dissected as such. 248 palabras más




Throughout the process and progress of my Masters in Library and Information Science at SJSU I have learned about so many varieties of information professionals and information organizations. 1.244 palabras más


Wednesday, 11/15/17- A Day


Do all objects vibrate when they are making sounds?

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