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Observation vs Reality

As a person, I am someone who prefers to observe the situation first before making any move. Ever since I was a kid, before I decided to be friends with anyone, I will keep an eye on that particular human being and see what sparks my interest. 384 palabras más

This or That? #91 (Conclusion)

Hello and happy Friday,

This week we talked about whether or not we would buy a surprise novel by written by our favorite authors. 47% of us said that we would buy it for sure! 67 palabras más


State of Progress and Outlook

What we found out:

We started from the point that the Urban Sanctuary is a concept that we consider needed in cities. In the context of… 592 palabras más

Urban Studies

Z is for Zebra

Daniel put the yo-yo back in his pocket as he reached the fenced pasture. The only horse he knew by name was Champion. The ten year old pulled up some grass from his side of the fence and coaxed the horse over. 1.011 palabras más

Short Story

Closes to an End

            I wished I had known a small portion if the indigenous group I had chosen to conduct research but I didn’t. In the beginning, I wanted to do research of my mother’s cultural group. 738 palabras más

Currently Reading: Manual of Theology - A Treatise on Christian Doctrine, by J. L. Dagg

This week we continue in J. L. Dagg’s ‘Manual of Theology’ by reading Book 5 (Doctrine Concerning Jesus Christ), Chapter 2 (States of Christ) through to the end of Book 5. 72 palabras más

Chapter 2