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Soil - What have you planted?

It has been a while since I have kept my goal of writing every month. So much has happened.

We went to New Jersey to visit our daughter and son-in-law for her graduation from college. 331 palabras más

Getting Used To Change

I spent the last two days of my three day weekend home alone behind my computer. Eating nothing but pizza and snacks, singing and dancing like a fool and forgetting to clean up anything. 234 palabras más

My Life

Every Day in May - 24


Your top 3 worst traits

Only three?? Jokes. Some days I feel like a flaw, so yeah there is that. However! Those are called bad days and remain a matter of perspective. 43 palabras más

Film Student

Here again: weekend. Finally?

What was it 4 days ago? No, of course I didn’t forget but you know, life goes on so I didn’t stay either. 90 palabras más

David Hasselhoff

In Conclusion

In conclusion Digital has had a significant impact on removing the limits of what can be done in film and at this point it can be seen that hardware is quickly catching up to the heavy demands that are a direct result of the move to the digital format and the demands that the software side now brings as we continue to strive to push the limits of what is achievable. 273 palabras más


January 27/15

Ah shit… Becoming self aware might not always be the best thing….  And this comic is blowing the lid off my process (and my laziness..) for these pages.   88 palabras más


Logical Gal - when pre-suppositions lead to different conclusions

Listening to some commentary the other day, I learned that secular scientists now have data to prove that even babies draw back with hesitation when they see the face of a person of a different color.   425 palabras más