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Thoughts after reading Ruin and Rising

• Alright, settling in for the rest of the ride. I hope it’s worth it, for you and me.

• Does the Apparat genuinely believe she’s the saint, nah right? 500 palabras más

Book Thoughts

Crafting a Conclusion

To conclude, the overall aim of this blog was to recognise the transitions that are occurring in the modern media landscape, not necessarily as new, but as meaningful, looking at the effect they have had on Minecraft.   500 palabras más

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Los CMS se han convertido en una herramienta cada vez más utilizada en la elaboración de sitios web, las cuales van en crecimiento con nuevas y mejoradas aplicaciones de gestión que pueden ser adaptadas a cualquier contenido. 36 palabras más

PIMP series finale

Supporting characters add depth to a story. And great actors leave their imprint with society. – Nicholas Lea

The Bobbitts 

He probably did not remember the events that led up to a citywide search. 1.513 palabras más


What do you want to be when you grow up?

What do you dream?

Who are your role model?

Why did you choose this path?

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Week 8 + Reflection: I Did It!

I have finally reached the end of my Wellness Plan. I planned on doing 3 strength training sessions, and 2 cardio sessions, and I managed to do all of them! 811 palabras más


Beginner Level, Writing Mission 1: Introductions and Conclusions

As adults, most of us have read a variety of written works. Either by choice or by obligation, for pleasure or progress, we affix our attention to an assortment of texts, following along their black upon white trails to their sweet, and sometimes bitter ends. 868 palabras más