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boostering your introduction and conclusion

Academic writing is known for its use of qualifiers – usually words which tone down the claims that are made. We academics know it is impossible/incredibly difficult to establish a generalisable result though research, and our writing signals this difficulty through the use of words like – … 992 palabras más

Pat Thomson

El gato muerto

Esa manía que tienen algunas personas de mordisquear los vasos de hielo seco al terminar su bebida. Eso es lo que me ha quitado el sueño los últimos meses. 216 palabras más


Mafia, último libro de la serie Bajo el Cielo Púrpura de Roma.

Ya salió a la venta por medio de Amazon el último de la serie de Alessandra Neymar. Este libro trae por fin conclusión a una historia que nos ha tenido al borde de nuestros asientes desde el primero el libro. 149 palabras más

Sound file: Morning birds, Grasse

One of the arguments I’ll be making in the diss is that ‘situating’ smell is an ‘intersensory’ experience that involves our whole bodies – as well as the total ecology around us. 36 palabras más

Background / Introduction

This or That? #52 (Conclusion)

This week we talked about writing book reviews! 52% said yes we do! Of that group 70% post their reviews on WordPress and the rest on Goodreads.   84 palabras más


Attributes of God: Conclusion- Book 2

Book Second


The doctrine concerning God harmonizes with the affections of the pious heart, and tends to cherish them. The moral nature of those who do not love God, demonstrates his existence and their obligation to love him and consequently, their nature is at war with itself. 1.234 palabras más

Theology Proper

Conclusion: How Should We Live in This World God Created

We have been studying principle 4 of the 7 Biblical Principles of Living Under God’s Design. The overarching principle comes from Leviticus 17:11:  “the life of the flesh is in the blood.” We have been focusing on how to get healthy blood so it can provide life to our flesh. 311 palabras más

Biblical Health Study