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This or That? (Conclusion)

Hey, Happy Friday. Not that this matters but this is actually a scheduled post because I’m working at a conference but anyway….

This week we discussed whether or not we like and use audiobooks and 80% of us do not :( Although I said no this time, I’m going to try Audible and anything else that I can find but for now, I am not a fan. 60 palabras más


Big profits,big job losses

Today Rolls Royce has announced it’s profit figure for the last 12 months.


Apparently this amounts to a lowering on the previous year,and FURTHER JOB CUTS are inevitable!!! 122 palabras más


Vintage, Epilogue

Here we are.  What began as a directionless lark in September of 2014 finally wraps up, approximately 95K words later.  It’s been fun.  Thank you for taking the journey with me; I hope it’s been worth it. 2.119 palabras más


Controjection can be defined as the establishment (or institution of an establishment) of a principle in a basic and unargueable form.

The Premise derived from such principle is more of an advancement of the principle. 37 palabras más


This or That? #26 (Conclusion)

Happy Friday!!

This week we talked about whether we preferred 1st or 3rd person point of view in our reading and….

46% say third person, 42% said first person, and despite the fact that I tried to force answers (sorry guys) 12% said they really couldn’t decide. 37 palabras más


Folivory Gardens

As promised the time has come for me to tell you why you were wrong. Twenty-seven years ago we met at Folivory Gardens Holiday Estate, not by chance mind. 824 palabras más


The logic behind worry

I’m preparing to lead a group of students to Québec and God-willing when this blog posts, we will be in the middle of our weeklong French language ‘field trip’. 147 palabras más