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Compelling Questions for Those Who Believe Salvation Can Be Lost

I want to say from the start, I am not making the case here for the doctrine of the perseverance of the believer, even though I firmly believe it to be taught throughout Scripture. 1.050 palabras más


Future reference

This space will be for if i decide to blog in the future.

I will put resources, lessons, and the manipulative I found helpful and let you know the tips and tricks I used.

Have a great summer!


A Sample 2 Minute Speech

Here are three simple things to remember while giving a speech.

  • Tell the audience what you are going to tell them.
  • Tell them.
  • Tell them what you told them.
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How To Give A 2 Minute Speech?

Nepal 105: Ignorance Tax

When we say “Jeep” in the developing world, to be clear, we mean ”Jeep-like vehicle.” This can vary from high-end luxury passenger Jeep, to stripped-down ex-military vehicle, to active-duty military vehicle, to what was probably once a consumer vehicle, modified beyond all recognition until it looks like something from “Mad Max.” 259 palabras más


This or That? #99 (Conclusion)

Hey friends,

This week we talked about whether or not we ever listen to music while we read. 54% said yes, whether it’s all the time or just when we need to shut out other noise. 53 palabras más


This or That? #98 (Conclusion)

Hey friends,

This week we talked about what we thought was worse: broken spines or water damage. 74% said that they hated water damage. Mostly because of the wrinkly pages that it causes and how sometimes the pages stick together. 59 palabras más


The Three Legged Cow....

-Santosh Kumar

“Oh a trophy? Did you win this in some competition?” a visibly happy mother asked her equally jubilant son.

“Yup, mom. We were asked the question- how many legs does a cow have? 842 palabras más