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A Look Back at Super C

From its run-and-gun power fantasy action, to being the most important use of the Konami Code ever, Contra on the NES is one of the most iconic games of its time. 589 palabras más

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Blazing Chrome review - Steamdrunk

We have another quote-unquote, spiritual sequel in blazing chrome, available for PC, ps4 switch and Xbox, one which very clearly and obviously takes influence from the 16-bit era. 967 palabras más


En Sevdiğim Türkçe Rap Şarkılar

Merhaba arkadaşlar, bu yazımda en sevdiğim rap şarkılardan bazılarını paylaşmak istiyorum. Uzun bir süredir rap dinliyorum hem yerli hem de yabancı çok sevdiğim sanatçılar var. Umarım sizde beğenirsiniz :)



A conversation with Adam Kiss about the upcoming Contra record “Collective Unconscious”, political propaganda, modern people who use scales to rank themselves, and hardcore related stuff. 24 palabras más


Blazing Chrome Review

It seems everyone loves classic Konami games. Yes, there was a time when the company was lauded for putting out some great stuff. Rather than be reviled for putting out mediocre stuff and then nickel and diming you within that mediocre stuff. 1.600 palabras más


ReLocked & ReLoaded: Contra ReBirth Retrospective

While Konami isn’t the same company these days they’re still responsible for me being a fan of run and gun style games. Their series “Contra” ,while popular suffers from a fluctuation in quality, which in my opinion is a result from the transition from 2D to 3D. 397 palabras más


CF Reviews 21 - Neo Contra (PS2)

Can Contra do 3D? Time to take a look. First PlayStation 2 review for the channel.

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