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Recipe of the Week: Frankie & Cookie Monster's Homemade Pizza on Tastemade

Frankie shows Cookie Monster how to make pizza from scratch, despite Cookie Monster’s call for cookies.



Sesame Street -- Cookie Monster Wants It

The Cookie Monster is working on self-control, but he may not know about discounting. This clip would be really good to introduce discounting and time preferences even though Cookie Monster isn’t getting anything for waiting.

Behavioral & Game Theory

Oatmeal, Banana, Cranberry Cookies

So, you are trying to eat healthier but all you can think about is a cookie. Who hasn’t?They are everywhere! On TV, in magazines, on billboards, grocery stores, bakeries and even your children’s books. 567 palabras más

Cookie monster

Dear Cooking monster, you selfish bastard…

Not only do you consume each delicious crumbling morsel to yourself, you don’t event taste it, how can you, without a nose? 69 palabras más


The Little Intro

I was always a “dabbler” of sorts. But I was also an observer too. I’m a daughter, a doctor (fresh off the farm), a closeted poet, a dreamer, a dancer and just a little over the top. 536 palabras más

Back to school with ODILO - Sesame Street titles now available!

Denver, CO, August 30, 2017 ODILO, an innovative global leader in the eBook industry, is celebrating the back-to-school season with a collection from their newest publisher, Sesame Workshop. 548 palabras más