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Key Lime Cheesecake

Key Lime Cheesecake. We then headed over to the Cheesecake Factory, he has never been there before. Being his first experience I had to make sure he tried a cheesecake. 26 palabras más


Saturday Surprise -- Cookie Monster!

After putting some fairly intense work into my 3-part series on voters who don’t vote, my mind is ready for a little lighter fare today, despite the fact that there are many serious topics beckoning and calling to me.  741 palabras más


Stephen Colbert And Cookie Monster Reveal Some Deep Dark Confessions On The 'Late Show'

Two of America’s most trusted entertainers have a series of deep dark confessions they need to set free. What better place to reveal those hidden struggles than on network television? 198 palabras más

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Odemon #446

Hello. Me Munchlax. Today me going to teach how to bake cake. First, ingredients. Two sticks of butter. Om nom nom. One and quarter cups of sugar. 86 palabras más


Drink Green Tea This Summer

You will see in this article no less than 7 Ideas to drink green tea during a hot season, so that you enjoy it in pleasant company and that you do not always have to drink it in the same way. 11 palabras más


#writephoto – Shelter Hill by Michael

It had started out such a great day. Sun shining, the freezing westerly winds had abated, and we looked forward to our hike out to Shelter Hill. 77 palabras más