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The hurt never has to end at Hurts Donut Company

By: Jamie Weston, The Cougar Call adviser (Ada High School)

Picture two young boys meeting up one morning for what one can only imagine will be a fun-filled day of adventure and possibilities.   788 palabras más

Multimedia Projects

365 Challenge: Day 84 - Blue (Color)

Blue: (a) of a color intermediate between green and violet, as of the sky or sea on a sunny day, or (b) melancholy, sad, and depressed… 1.288 palabras más

365 Day Challenge

$15,000 Worth of Girl Scout Cookies Stolen by Troop Leader

A Kentucky Girl Scout troop leader is accused of picking up girl scout cookies to be sold but fled with the merch instead.

Usually, the Troop Leaders pick up the batch for sale and return the profit to be distributed accordingly. 105 palabras más


Cookie Monster Has A British Cousin Named Biscuit Monster And The Internet Is Freaking Out

By: Eric Donnelly

This shouldn’t be too surprising.

According to Buzzfeed, the famous character Cookie Monster from Sesame Street has a cousin across the pond in the UK. 255 palabras más


I'm Creepy

I collect parts of my family.

It’s so weird.

It’s like I’m a serial killer that hasn’t gotten around to killing them yet but has the whole “keeps souvenirs” part down. 310 palabras más

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