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Sesame Street: Cookie Relaxes on Pecan Sandy Beach (Smart Cookies)

Cookie and the Smart Cookie crew are relaxing on Pecan Sandy Beach, but can they enjoy themselves with The Crumb sneaking around?


DIY Cookie Jar

This is so simple. One terracotta pot with bottom and a fish bowl. Paint the pot and bottom blue, add Cookie Monster’s face, Glue on a little knob and voila! DIY cookie jar!


This is one of the easiest and delicious thing you can whip up! The only thing that is hard is the waiting time. Apart from that, this monster is the best thing that can happen. 138 palabras más


I've been Liebstered!

I’ve been Liebstered!!

Well big up to the lovely turningupindevon for my nomination in this delectable q and a sesh! (I’m already picturing Cookie Monster presenting Monsterpiece Theatre! 861 palabras más

Who doesn't love cookies?

Today is a rather blah day. It is overcast, rainy and all I have been wanting to do is put on some fuzzy socks and watch Netflix.  244 palabras más

Quote of the week.

“Sometimes me thinks what is friend? And me thinks, friend is someone to share the last cookie with.”~ Cookie Monster.

Battle of the Binge

My recent loss with the Battle of the Binge—and the TW Lesson on Gideon—showed me three things when it comes to losing and maintaining weight.  555 palabras más

Healthy Habits