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A Series of Luke Warm Takes

We live in a world of hot takes. That alone is a hot take. Or more specifically, that is more of a luke warm take. Luke warm takes are kind of my specialty. 1.493 palabras más

Current Events

Current Work and Con-Volution Schedule 2016

Today’s current work is the cover I did for Con-Volution‘s program book.

I’m Artist Guest of Honor this year! My convention schedule is below. 467 palabras más

Art And Illustration

A Slave to the Rumbling

C is for cookie.

C is also for cannibalism.

But unlike cannibalism, cookies are Cookie Monster approved.

Cannibalism is…well…nobody approved.

It’s just a bad idea, plain and simple. 387 palabras más


Me like cookies...

🎶 sunny day, sweeping the clouds away, on my way to where the air is sweet

Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street? 198 palabras más


Bordeaux In October?

Hey guys! What’s up? I’m planning a mini-vacation on two weeks to Bordeaux ~ France with my friend! I really feel like I need a vacation and I have actually been planning to go there to visit my beloved friend that means a lot to me ~ Bruno, My cookie monster ~ I’ve known for nine years so why not? 107 palabras más