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Venison & Juniper Stew

So yesterday I spent my day grazing on ALOT of Venison Biltong and despite having a proper tasty salad for dinner, I still didn’t feel full. 239 palabras más


Venison Loin Fillet served with a Japanese Salad & Ginger Soy Dressing

I’ve not been eating enough greens (apparently) so this is my attempt at eating reasonably healthy.

The key components here are for the Japanese salad and dressing, you can add tuna steak or beef fillet if venison is not available. 85 palabras más


Easy Venison Biltong

It’s Monday and I have serious hunger pangs. As ludicrous as it sounds, I am having some homemade Venison Biltong for breakfast.

I generally don’t have a proper breakfast when I’m working as I tend to graze, which makes biltong the ideal snack. 101 palabras más


Venison & Wild Boar Burgers

It’s Friday and I am excited to be making some Venison & Wild Boar burgers. I’ve never had Wild Boar before but my local gamedealer had some so it would be rude not to try it out. 291 palabras más


Pigeon Breast Burgers with Halloumi and Onion Chutney.

Hey, if you’re like me and don’t always want to slave over a hot stove in order to make a lovely meal, then this recipe is for you and it should take no more than 5 minutes to make. 325 palabras más


Venison Shepherd's Pie

If you’re reading this then you have survived Monday. You have been counting down the hours during your working day, ready to come home and chill or do whatever you do outside of the workplace(unless you work from home). 472 palabras más


Homemade Venison Meatballs

It’s Sunday which means the day of rest……I think. It’s been a mentally draining week due to health issues concerning my daughter and whenever I get stressed I like to eat and oh boy did I EAT. 605 palabras más