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Clean Pantry Experiment - not enough ingredients?

I am convinced that I want to adopt clutter free living. I also know that the kitchen is the place I want to start with. Although I will admit it is the most difficult one. 519 palabras más


Mr. MPB's September Challenge

How is it already September 1? I’ve never before in my life wished for August to end, but this year has been different. I wonder, can a simple flip of the calendar really make a big difference to one’s state of mind? 484 palabras más


New Adventures

Where have I been?

Am I still alive?

Yes, Just barely.

The past month in half have been an emotional whirlwind. I was hit with unexpected life altering news. 210 palabras más

The Bad Mommy Cooks Again

As you all must know by know, I’m a crap cook. I once had to be taught how to make Ramen noddles by my eleven year old daughter (in my defense, I lived at home in college and never had to have a Ramen noddle/hotdog dinner). 1.367 palabras más


Cooking challenge: Tom Yum noodle soup with tofu and veges

On Monday night I got home so exhausted that I had to take an hour nap so that I had the energy to cook. Dunedin is bloody freezing too, and being in the kitchen means not being in my bed (which is basically my only refuge from the cold). 323 palabras más

Cooking challenge: mushrooms on toast

I’m a busy medical student and when I get home from the library, often the last thing I feel like is cooking dinner. I got even slacker than usual over the past month or so, when I was under a lot of stress and not feeling great. 320 palabras más

The Joy of Hosting

Recipe 5: Potluck Quinoa
Victories 5, 5.1, and 5.2: Getting fluffy and separated grains by spreading them out on a baking tray as soon as they’re done cooking; “planning ahead” so that you have something healthy and simple at the ready; hosting a friend at home and enjoying it with her… 625 palabras más