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Week 13: T Makes Food

The Plan: Make a different recipe for dinner each day for a week.  I am also recommending a song to go along with each recipe; I discovered that cooking and music go together like salt and flour (that is a good working combination, which I learned this week).   2.111 palabras más

#cook30 - Halfway There

One of my 2017 goals was to embark on some kind of cooking challenge. The first one I’ve set myself is a #cook30 initiative, where I’m cooking every dinner for the month of March. 662 palabras más


Bangladesh: Lamb Curry

Ah Bangladesh…when I first think of Bangladesh I think of cricket. The team has only ever won 10 test matches – 8 against Zimbabwe (not much of a feat really), and 2 against West Indies. 484 palabras más

Lithuania: Tinginys

In South Africa we have ‘Marie Biscuit Fridge Cake.’ I don’t know if it originated here, but I know that it is a staple at various fetes and school cake sales around the country. 449 palabras más

Russia: Chicken Kiev

I was watching a little preview of one of Trevor Noah’s shows in New York, and he mentioned that he loves accents. He especially loves when certain accents have so much power over us.  432 palabras más

Afghanistan: Lavand-e-Murgh

Like with Syria I don’t really know a lot about Afghanistan, and the stuff that I do know is usually, unfortunately, associated with negative news and stories. 293 palabras más

Croatia: Bajadera Nougats

I’m not gonna beat around the bush. These Bajadera Nougats were the most delicious thing I’ve ever made in my whole life, and possibly the best thing I’ve ever tasted. 275 palabras más