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Tonight there was a full moon over Copenhagen. It was a nice view but kind of cold when the temperature is 11,5 Celsius. I guess warm clothes are a must-have these days in Scandinavia. 24 palabras más


There Can Be No Masochism in the Face of Terror

This essay was originally written in response to the terrorist attacks of February 2015 in Copenhagen. The subject is depressingly evergreen.

Reality as we know it is becoming repetitious. 881 palabras más


To and Fro

Prague Loves Segways

When I walked into my room in Prague my heart sank. The bunk beds were stacked three high and they didn’t assign me one which means it’s first come first serve and I was definitely not first. 3.983 palabras más

Copenhagen 7 - Finding the Potatoes

In the blocks between Øster Søgade and Øster Farimagsgade, next to Sortedams Sø (Black Dam Lake) in the Østerbro district, lies one of the most desirable neighbourhoods in Copenhagen.   645 palabras más

Urban Planning

Making Room On Istedgade

Every port city has them, raw and racy red light districts adding their own challenges and spice to a city’s identity. Copenhagen’s own hub has historically centered on and around Istedgade, a vibrant nerve in the central district of Vesterbro. 189 palabras más


Beijing to London by Land and Sea – Part 7 Stockholm and Copenhagen to London


I got off the ferry at breakfast time and followed some of my fellow passengers to the Stockholm underground where I took a train to Gamla Stan, the old town. 1.941 palabras más

Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen: The Happiest Place on Earth

In the 2013 World Happiness Report, Denmark, the gateway of Scandinavia  emerged as the happiest country in the world. This title is computed based on a host of several factors including per capita GDP, social support, healthy life expectancy and freedom to make choices among others. 578 palabras más