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One thing’s for sure: I can’t sit still anymore.

Ever since I got back, I’ve noticed what some would call restlessness – let’s go somewhere, let’s explore, let’s creative something and let’s share! 453 palabras más


#wanderlust #copenhagen #promiseland #julawrites

It caught my attention that the recent trend of all the expats/emigrants starting blogs has become rather HUGE. The problem though is that most of those blogs are so alike. 352 palabras más


Here's how I spent my first 100 miles in Copenhagen

12 miles biking on 3/21 – First ride on the rented bike. Headed west out of the city and got to a lake. Turned around and biked in snow flurries all the way back. 239 palabras más


Next stop....??

Copenhagen! Lausanne! Copenhagen! Lausanne!

Damn…. I just can’t decide. This has been whirling through my head for days now. I pick one option & feel good about it, then ten minutes later I settle on the other. 51 palabras más


#4 Denmark and #5 Sweden

#30countriesbefore30 challenge well underway, in December 2014 I went to Copenhagen, Denmark and then had a day trip over to the coldest place I have ever been in my life, Helsingborg, Sweden. 233 palabras más