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"The Green Stripe" by Henry Matisse

My father kept a key behind a small picture painted by Matisse. It was a second key for the door from the cellar and out. We always got into our house that way. 216 palabras más

Family History

Copenhagen as my home, Europe as my _______

Lacrosse field!

I have a confession to make: I’m more than a little nervous/hesitant/anxious/whatever to travel outside of Denmark. Don’t get me wrong, Europe is secure and I have trips planned for later in the semester, but there’s just been something holding me back from jumping on a plane and going for it. 393 palabras más

Living & Culture

Know the time...

When it’s summer I often forget about the time…and when fall comes I can’t wait for the summertime to come back. I count the days and months and it all goes by much quicker if I have a lot of plans. 106 palabras más


Books That Made Me Want to Travel – Part 1

Books have the phenomenal power to make us instantly travel to a distant or close land, which is either real or imagined, every time we immerse ourselves on the pages. 507 palabras más


COPENHAGEN | The Admiral Hotel

I’m AMAZINGLY glad it’s fall for a lot of reasons! But since we like to talk about travel around here, let’s talk with travel. I’m glad summer’s done from a travel perspective. 650 palabras más


My Copenhagen Goals

I am so ridiculously excited to visit Copenhagen! There is so much I want to do and I’m only there for four days so have been planning the itinerary in order to fit everything in. 369 palabras más