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Coping in Copenhagen 

Not very difficult to do . Pretty places and prettttyyyy faces ! Some good lookin’ men here.

Nyhavn is a must when in Copenhagen. Look at all those beautiful buildings ! 33 palabras más


Words of Wisdom

Oh my goodness! I only have two weeks left of living in Copenhagen. It certainly hasn’t hit me yet. Probably because I’m still wearing my winter jacket. 443 palabras más


First Leg

Well I made it this far! I’m writing this from a pretty comfortable chair in the Copenhagen Airport. After it took me 30 minutes to get on the wifi (which was actually just me being dumb, not the wifi being complicated), I’m feeling pretty good! 347 palabras más


Music | News | Less Win Announce Debut Album 'Trust' & Share New Track 'Bury The Heart'

By Kieran Webber

Copenhagen trio Less Win have shared ‘Bury The Heart’, the first track from their debut UK album, ‘Trust’, due for release on June 17th 2016 via The Big Oil Recording Company. 22 palabras más


Copenhagen tips

Got two chances to visit Copenhagen (April 2016)

Copenhagen from Church of Our Saviour Tower

Inside the Black Diamond (Royal Library)

Breakfast in CPH

and hang around with Danes and Swedes who work in Copenhagen. 817 palabras más