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No. 3-Copenhagen on my Map (GPS 55.633979, 12.582316) Picture by Artur Anis Aniserowicz. Check out the active Google navigation 👉 3-Cph


WARNING: This Blog Is Not A Safe Alternative To Procrastination

I recently had a conversation with my betrothed about my addiction to nicotine from smokeless tobacco. I have been dipping for probably 12 years, and smoking cigarettes on and off for 7-8. 1.509 palabras más


Hunting Giants in Greater Copenhagen

Around the beginning of May this year, a post on Bored Panda by Danish artist Thomas Dambo started popping up all over my Facebook feed. Friends in Denmark were sharing it, the Scandinavian club at my old university posted it, and the Expats in Copenhagen groups had a field day with it. 832 palabras más


Natural wine movement finds a lively hub in Copenhagen


Natural wines have taken off in Copenhagen, and seem tailor-made for a vibrant food scene that shuns pesticides and additives.

NEW YORK: In a wine shop called Rødder & Vin in the Norrebro neighbourhood, two men were talking about natural wine. 780 palabras más

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Stay Crunchy, Even in Milk - Granola in Copenhagen, Denmark

If there was only one thing we could do non-stop in Copenhagen, Denmark it would be eat. We have loads of favorite grub spots in København:  472 palabras más



One night in Copenhagen…

Well, not even a night. I arrived *late* to the city on a Saturday night. It wasn’t late in the evening, but I was late. 325 palabras más


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