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nyhavn harbor

copenhagen’s pride is nyhavn harbor, a charismatic 17th century port and entertainment district lined with picturesque and brightly colored townhomes, bars, cafes and restaurants. it was home to hans christian andersen, the famous danish fairytale writer.  59 palabras más



I decided few weeks back to take another look on Sex and the City, it was almost decade from the last time I watched all the episodes. 551 palabras más


In The Hall At The Royal Danish Playhouse

Since 2008, The Royal Danish Playhouse has been attracting audiences to an array of classical and modern works on its 3 stages. The theatre’s success is not only what is happening on the stage, but its presence on Copenhagen’s skyline and its eye-catching location in the city’s historic districts and of course, the harbor.   197 palabras más


Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, and Lungs, and Hair

The mute swan is the national bird of Denmark. The marguerite daisy is the national flower. I am pretty sure the national inhalant of Denmark is Marlboro. 776 palabras más

Light the Candles, Feel the Love

It wasn’t my plan to take so much time off blogging.  Some time, yes.  This much time, no.  I have reasons – no excuses, but pretty good reasons – but they’re for another blog.  577 palabras más

Did you know they have bicycle traffic lights??

Good morning! Sorry for the delay between posts! It has been go, go, go, pass out for a couple hours, then go some more since I got here! 895 palabras más