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Den Blå Planet

Den Blå Planet, a national public aquarium in Denmark located in Kastrup, a suburb of Copenhagen. The building was designed by 3XN. The main purpose of the aquarium is to disseminate marine information, help science projects, and help improving educational institutions.



Je suis récemment allée à Copenhague sur un coup de tête. Une amie d’enfance y vit depuis un an maintenant (le temps passe à une allure !) et je n’avais pas encore eu le temps d’aller lui rendre visite. 2.359 palabras más


Three Day Guide to Copenhagen

Always one to take advantage of bank holidays to tag on to annual leave days, I of course had to head somewhere new over the Christmas/New Year break. 811 palabras más


Sweden, in an hour

While in Copenhagen we decided to capitalise on its closeness with Sweden.  Unfortunately, on this trip we didn’t have enough time to head further north into Sweden and Norway, so we decided with our… 283 palabras más

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Communions, made up of brothers Martin & Mads Rehof and Jacob van Deurs Formann & Frederik Lind Köppen, The band began in 2014, releasing their debut… 161 palabras más


Copenhagen cargo bikes

Every thing about Copenhagen cargo biking in this video. They even have a cargo bike race. And they have kids enjoying the ride.