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What I (Haven't Been) Reading

This is my “to read” pile. Seriously.

I love to read. I really do. Books, magazines, blogs, you name it. But sadly, since moving to NYC three weeks (where has this time gone?!) ago and taking on quite a few projects that I always feel slightly behind on, reading has been the thing that has dropped off my radar. 963 palabras más


A Baptism of Sorts

Word of the Day: regn

August means go-time for those impending Danish rain clouds, and I got my first real taste of the regn today.

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August 27th 2015

Today we travelled from Hamburg to Copenhagen, our fifth country, and sixth city in fourteen days.

Because it’s a long trip from Hamburg to Copenhagen (made longer by the fact that we couldn’t go direct, we had to change in Fredericia) my day was pretty much spent in a flux between (un)packing and being on a train. 335 palabras más


Chapter 2.5

Okay so I’ve officially lived in Denmark for two weeks. I DON’T BELIEVE IT! Well, just about two weeks. Okay maybe I’m jumpin’ the gun a little bit. 1.806 palabras más


listen to a new song from chinah

copenhagen trio chinah burned slow on their debut single, last month’s “away from me,” but they pack a bit more momentum on their latest effort “we go back.”  in fact, the track operates as a diptych of sorts; fold open “we go back” at the three-minute mark and gritty synthesizers soon overpower the mix, laying the groundwork for an extended coda that focuses on calm, cool lyrical repetition to juxtapose the cascading, monolithic soundscape bubbling underneath.   21 palabras más