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Cerveza Carlsberg (Pilsener)

Agosto es conocido como el mes de la cerveza, y no es para menos, ya que es el mes más caluroso del año para los países ubicados en el hemisferio norte. 247 palabras más


Work and Play in Kobenhavn

When I get an opportunity to catch up with my colleagues in Copenhagen, I jump at the chance. It’s great getting to work side by side and also to enjoy a change of scenery, especially in June, when the weather in Copenhagen is at its finest. 494 palabras más

DIS-covering the city

This week has been jam-packed with orientation activities, but my favorite one so far has definitely been “DIScover Copenhagen.” On Tuesday, we met in the courtyard below my LLC and we formed groups of six. 895 palabras más


First Stop Copenhagen!

My trip has finally begun! After a fantastic weekend up north at my sisters wedding, it was time to say goodbye to everyone, and get on the road.  904 palabras más


Copenhagen (the City where Sam became an Ironman)

If cities have souls, Copenhagen has one of the most beautiful.

Our stop in Copenhagen wasn’t really a sightseeing one – it was prep for Ironman. 190 palabras más


The view from the bike lane.

While being 5’2 may have a slew of downsides, there is none as disadvantageous as learning to ride a bike in the busy traffic of Copenhagen, Denmark while wobbling like a baby deer learning to walk, toes barely skimming the ground. 518 palabras más


Copenhagen, Denmark

You arrive and are immediately plunged into the insipid grey of the night. It has been quite awhile since the sun has set and luminous yellows stand by the roads, here and there, awaiting for the complete darkness to settle in. 618 palabras más