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Full moon over København...

Going through the pictures taken at the beginning of the month, to post the most interesting… And I came across this one, taken from the… 34 palabras más


Tasting Copenhagen

From the trip at Copenhagen.

The warmth of the people, the traditional danish delicacies, the stunning scenery of the architecture in connection with the nature, the life style in the city… are strong enough to enchant you. 14 palabras más


The Construction Site

Kongens Nytorv, Copenhagen, Denmark

This mural around Kongens Nytorv is only there temporarily, since it’s painted on the construction site’s walls. The pictures above are from July, 2016.

Street Art


Copenhagen was not at all what I expected it to be yet it left me yearning to experience more of the Danish way of life. My friend Kristy and I arrived on a freezing cold Thursday evening and quickly navigated ourselves to our Airbnb in trendy Vesterbro so that we could get some rest. 860 palabras más


Danes DGAF

For this post I want to comment on something of a more casual nature, the attitudes of Danish people in everyday life and more specifically in a social sense, framed within the idea of what people are wearing. 385 palabras más

By The Lakes 2.

Copenhagen Street Photography 02.2017 © by JCV.PHOTOGRAPHY

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