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Time flies when you're having fun...

Apologies for going MIA for a while, exam season came out of nowhere. Turns out you still have to study during your study abroad- just a heads up for those about to go on exchange! 339 palabras más

REPEAT | Frederiksberg, Copenhagen

REPEAT is essentially a Pure Gym that looks like Equinox. As you would expect from the Danes, everything from the branding, to the design and decor of the studio has been cleverly thought through without the price tag that comes with luxury gyms. 118 palabras más


Life in Denmark. Bicycles, Recycling and Free Food in Copenhagen.


In the Northern European countries, I find all that I was fighting for when I was in Southern Europe. 1.491 palabras más

Local Culture

Top picks in Copenhagen!

1. Street Food

Street food is absolutely huge in Copenhagen, and they do it so well! From small markets to the enormous ‘Copenhagen Street Food’ hall on the paper island, there really is something for everyone. 1.497 palabras más


Spring is 'Springing'

I imagine pretty much every living soul in the Northern Hemisphere is starting to crawl out of hibernation and breathe deeply into spring-filled air. It is happening later than usual this year for us in Copenhagen, also in my beloved Colorado, where I lived for several years – several feet of snow fell again last night, causing newly blooming flowers to shrink back inside themselves. 274 palabras más


Going Home: What No One Really Talks about

A few months ago, I sat down with two Polish friends in an Irish Pub in Copenhagen. We talked about many different things and I felt inspired by their input, as I always do when I find myself among people who come from different places. 622 palabras más


A photo ..

A photo I somehow seem to love. It’s nothing special – it just has something I really like.

It’s taken at Christiania in Copenhagen.