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Saturday SkandiCrime: The Bridge 3 - episodes 3 & 4

To be honest, I am not having a good time of it at the moment, for reasons I don’t propose to go into, and I mention this only to explain why the two hours of Saturday night that are devoted to… 1.143 palabras más

The Goggle-Box

Lazy November days in Copenhagen



More coffee.


Paleo “meatza,” Grød’s risotto, and mud pie from Torvehollerne.



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Not long ago I found myself on a dreary 10 hour bus ride from Stockholm to Copenhagen. My butt ached and I couldn’t lean my seat back because the guy behind me had really long legs. 645 palabras más


Maria w restauracji NOMA w Kopenhadze

Maria swoje wakacje po sezonie 2015 spędza w Europie razem ze swoimi przyjaciółkami. Jedną z nich jest amerykańska osobowość telewizyjna Chelsea Handler.

Ostatnie dwa dni Panie spędziły w stolicy Danii, Kopenhadze. 146 palabras más


[fr][Live report] Sepultura

After one year abroad, a lot of writing for both university and this blog, and tremendous improvement (I hope), I felt like I missed writing in French. 1.040 palabras más



As promised, here are some photos from my Danish Thanksgiving! (Photos courtesy of Karin and Flemming)

It was a wonderful night full of food and friends. 33 palabras más


The Girl in the (Expat) Bubble: The Best Kept Secret of a Broad Abroad

You would think that after nearly four years in a country my day-to-day exposure to the language would render me fluent enough to understand, say… a television commercial. 904 palabras más

Wit And Whimsy