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It’s the one about two days in Copenhagen.

I flew to Copenhagen following a stream of positive recommendations from various friends that had visited before. It was described as beautiful, friendly, and although on the expensive side, well worth the effort. 1.112 palabras más


Kollegium Life: Commuting

My kollegium is located on Amager (pronounced ‘Ah-mah’), an island southeast of the DIS area. It will generally take about 15-30 minutes to get to class depending on when you leave as well as which mode of transportation you decide to take. 220 palabras más

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Best Of Copenhagen

Copenhagen:  Capital of the happiest country on Earth.

That’s a fact! At least according to countless studies conducted on the subject. Take a stroll through the beautiful Danish capital on a summer’s day, and you understand why. 

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Scandinavian Explorer

Easter Break is here! And it has been for a while now. After 9 busy, stressful and fun weeks at the University of Leicester, I’m finally getting a much deserved break. 568 palabras más



So I had the strangest feeling of déjà vu today. I was sitting on the grass in Kingens Have, my previously mentioned new favorite park, the particular lawn I was on was dotted with small groups and individuals of a distinctively student like persuasion. 282 palabras más


SQL Saturday 413 news from the front

It is a lot of work to plan a SQL Saturday, and also a lot of  fun. The third edition of SQL Saturday in Denmark will be no exception. 343 palabras más


You, the Northern Wilds. Me, the Southern Symmetry.

Dear Tashita,

I am secretly angry that you’re in Copenhagen without me, so I’ve put off your letter to be honest. Today I discovered that there’s another Baluard in the center of town one block from La Pedrera. 381 palabras más