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Paw Ziggy aka Ziggy Phunk

Influences in music range from disco, boogiefunk, jazz to peak time jams and deep soulful funky house

Paw Ziggy aka Ziggy Phunk
Born: July 1989…

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79 days until take off...

My brother and I have lunch together whenever we’re in the same place at the same time. It’s a tradition we started when I turned eighteen and a few years ago, he gave me some advice about how to order at a restaurant. 415 palabras más


Arrival in Copenhagen!

Hi everyone!

It has taken me a few days to have the time to write this, but I have made it safely to Copenhagen. It was a long journey- I left Indy at 11:15 am and arrived at CPH around 11:30 am (5:30 am Eastern time) the next day. 456 palabras más


A City Called Copenhagen

When my friends and I randomly decided we wanted to go to Copenhagen, I didn’t truly believe we would get organized and actually go. Clearly I underestimated our abilities. 1.321 palabras más


Half a year. Expatriates for half a year. It has been six months since we stepped away from my mom’s driveway, kissing our family and dog goodbye. 1.959 palabras más


The Scandinavian Digital Inclusion Experience

Last week I was at Inkluderaflera in Copenhagen sharing successes and experiences with digital inclusion policy makers and practitioners from across Scandinavia. Quite often I quote the high digital user stats from Norway as a shining beacon of what is possible – “if Norway can have 96% of their population as digital users then why can’t the UK?”. 603 palabras más


Out dining at the Greek Taverna Kreta in Copenhagen here the other day. I had to take a picture of Eddie the young man at the table beside.

Hello Eddie.