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Breaking out of the narrowness, for a bit:

For Christmas festivities last night, I cleaned off the craft table and stowed some stuff away. When I was putting it back, I used a little miniature set of…well, organizers, which helped very much! 809 palabras más


Can PatentLeft Save Us?

Is it possible to hack the patent system to make patents unusable in the tech industry, like copyleft hacked patent law?

The word “copyleft” arises from a clever hack by Richard Stallman who used the laws relating to copyright — a statutory device to incent creativity by granting limited monopolies to creators — to create a world where creators are incented to share instead of monopolise their work.  705 palabras más


The Swish GPLv3 Dispute

Swish is a popular payment app in Sweden owned by the major banks. The app allows users to transfer money between each other as well as paying in stores. 1.122 palabras más


Top 5 Myths about Open Source

There are many myths about open source software. From the high-profile misrepresentations of the – energetic – Microsoft ex-CEO Steve Ballmer calling open source a cancer on intellectual property… 862 palabras más


Inserting Pictures, Copyright and Copyleft, and some Free Write Time!

This week on our blogs, we learned about inserting pictures, giving attribution, and we had a work period to catch up on posts and write an optional “free write post” for those that are all caught up. 481 palabras más


The Knowledge Economy and Living Through Creation

Open education is one way education has been revolutionized and may be provided to and accessed by students and teachers globally.

via Wikipedia          via Wikimedia… 1.106 palabras más


Compliance Is Not Just For Copyleft

The cost of compliance may not just be a copyleft issue now we understand how to work with the GPL.

Even before Christoph Hellwig (backed by the Software Freedom Conservancy) started his suit to enforce his copyright claims against VMWare, there was a great deal of fear of the GPL in particular and copyleft licensing in general among corporate lawyers, and hence among their executive clients.  780 palabras más