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GABBLER RECOMMENDS: A Genealogy of Authors’ Property Rights by Anna Nimus

…By the 1830s Wordsworth had effectively linked the notion of genius — defined as the introduction of a new element into the intellectual universe — to legal stakes in the copyright wars.

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I don’t collect or store any of your data because it’s none of my business. 202 palabras más


I love spreadsheets so much that I have five different spreadsheet apps on this computer, including one that runs from a terminal emulator command line… 373 palabras más


The Spanda Cycle #1 - Closed end & open source

The first peer-reviewed article of The Spanda Cycle is a comprehensive research on digital dissidence to Copyright laws. Originally published on the 16th of April 2015, it investigates the latest development of different open source initiatives, trying to individuate the most alternative and inclusive way of “protecting” knowledge. 1.651 palabras más

The Spanda Cycle

Some Rights Reserved

I have switched the copyright license for most of my published work, on my blog and website. It will be a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International… 152 palabras más


Things I dislike about Linux

1. Has a strong copyleft license – GNU General Public License (GPL). So there can be no proprietary derivatives. Also, proprietary kernel modules cannot be linked to the Linux kernel. 209 palabras más

Operating Systems

Intellectual Property

Nowadays, a increasing number of  people pay attention to the value of cultures. Intellectual property is on of the forms of it and even some countries start to take actions to protect the rights of authors. 162 palabras más