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First coming into light to the general public in 1710, the first copyright law called ‘The Statue of Anne’ came into place which prevented the unlawful coping of books, however, nowadays it is a much bigger area of law and has expanded to cover works of art, films, photos, building, jewellery and many other aspects of design. 330 palabras más


Outsourcing or Open-Sourcing? Digital Labour and Television's New "Programmers"

In my second post for CST Online, I explore the labour dynamics of the largely overlooked workforce of coders who are integral to the form and experience of television today. 156 palabras más

JP Kelly

Of writing, copyright, and social venues - a poet's candid remarks

It feels like many writers and content providers have lost it.

What is the purpose of writing? 

Writing is about communicating knowledge by means of the…

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reporte para la clase del 20 de octubre


la mayoría somos expertos en el manejo de la tecnología más no en ella. Qué es la Web 2.0, definirla es algo difícil. pero el libro parece interesante.

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Open Source Software GPL Compliance – Should Organisations Care?

Open Source Licence Licensing Principles

There are numerous Open Source Software (OSS) licences available today. These licences generally fall into one of two categories, Permissive… 1.569 palabras más

Open Source Software