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choosing a license

In addition to my last post about the copyheart “licence” I am sharing a link to a homepage which helps to choose a licence for your project. 13 palabras más

Debian | Computer Stuff


Copying art is an act of love.

People copy stuff they like. They don’t copy stuff they don’t like. The more a work is copied, the more valuable it becomes.

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The White Widow (2015)

The White Widow (2015)
Film by Fred L’Epee and Kenneth Gentry

“The White Widow” is a psychotropic visual arts film representing the themes of mythology, mysticism, and the existential struggle. 92 palabras más


Creation and Dissemination

If I wrote a great academic book I would licence it with the attribution 4.0 international licence.  This is so that it could be read, remixed, built upon, copied and disseminated freely.   439 palabras más

Wikimedia Projects


This is a great project because I love quotes!!  It is often hard to find the source of a quote and although Wikiquote is not 100% on this it does go a long way towards identifying the source material. 306 palabras más

Copyright or Copyleft

The copyright debate is very interesting I have followed it for years in the context of hip hop and sampling.  Great works like Dj Shadow’s Endroducing could not be made today due to their use of small samples of copyrighted material.   113 palabras más

RIP: A Remix Manifesto

Copyright: the legal rights given to a producer to prevent their works being used without permission

Copyleft: the opposite to copyright- making creative work accessible to everyone and that the original can be… 232 palabras más