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Creative Commons

Creative Commons

Re-Using text under the Creative Commens Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

A big portion of disseminating knowledge in the fields of research, science and education online, is using OSS, OSH, Creative Commons and GPL. 1.079 palabras más


Open Source

Open Source Software (OSS) ist nicht deckungsglich mit freier Software

Die Open Source Initiative wendet den Begriff Open Source auf all die Software an, deren Lizenzverträge den folgenden drei charakteristischen Merkmalen entsprechen und die zehn Punkte der Open Source Definition erfüllen: 223 palabras más


Image Rights

Attribute and Share-Alike: Re-use of Images under GNU and Creative Commons

To the rigth you can see an image of an mri scan.

Author of the scan is according to Wikipedia: ( 1.463 palabras más


A non-coercive copyleft licence

In the world of free culture licences, copyleft describes licences that require derivative works to be distributed under the same licence (or, sometimes, a similar one that guarantees the same freedoms to the public). 977 palabras más

Free Culture

Digital Media and the need of Society

Today I got an opportunity to participate in a live television show in a local cable network organized by Pondicherry Science Forum as a part of celebrating ‘World Book Reading Week’. 209 palabras más

Intro To Debian

Ubiquiti Networks нарушает GPL сразу четырьмя замысловатыми способами

Статья Riley Baird о (пока) неудавшихся попытках призвать компанию Ubiquiti Networks следовать условиям лицензии GPL.

Four ways Ubiquiti Networks is creatively violating the GPL


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Security Issues

Copyright and Copyleft

A documentary I used to enjoy showing my classes was RIP: A Remix Manifesto. Brett Gaylor’s film about remix culture and the music industry argues—and I agree—that large media companies are trying to have it both ways. 665 palabras más