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PCD Aula 5

Olá, pessoal!

Dando continuidade aos estudos, vamos começar a trabalhar a relação do judiciário com a política criminal de drogas.

Envio a pesquisa da Luciana Boiteux com a Ela Wiecko. 52 palabras más

Política Criminal

Two pending things

One is for Cristina R, and it seems other people might be interested. I bought the Bedtime stories here. It’s got a 50% discount now. With shipping it’d be about 15 euros, without it’s 9 pounds, about 10 euros. 221 palabras más


How to save copyleft

In an article published in the International Free and Open Source Software Law Review (Vol. 9, Issue 1), Professor Eben Moglen describes some significant issues he has with the current state of Free Software and copyleft (the article is an edited version of Professor Moglen’s speech at the SFLC Fall Conference 2016). 175 palabras más


Blogging paranoia and other related concerns

It is my first time to publicize a blog, and for the last few weeks it has been a little difficult for me. I like to pretend that I am a very private person (as much as possible, I’d like to be unsearchable on Facebook and stop getting message requests, why can people you don’t even know message you anyway?), and so I have been on a quest these past few years to erase as much traces of me as I can on Google. 789 palabras más


Dialética do Esclarecimento PDF

Como alguns alunos mostraram interesse nessa obra maravilhosa e tiveram dificuldade de encontrar, disponibilizo aqui.

Adorno dialética do esclarecimento


Monochrome Breach - An Exhibition of Drawings - Bank Street Arts - June 16th/17th

On the evening of Friday 16th June – after a symposium an Art + Copyright/Copyleft – there will be an opening for a one-day show of my drawings at… 232 palabras más

Permissive and Copyleft Are Not Antonyms

Using the term “permissive” as an antonym to “copyleft” – or “restrictive” as its synonym – are unhelpful framing. Describe license reciprocity instead.

Some open source licenses implement a clever hack invented by Richard Stallman where, as a condition of the copyright license, anyone creating derived versions has to agree they will license the new version the same way as the original. 955 palabras más

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