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Abstraction in the service of expression?

There’s a lot of stuff going through my head, right now.

First off, I found a post over at D.Katie Powell Art related to copyleft.  I did click through some of the links and found… 908 palabras más


Artist Influences and Copyleft

As I am ahead in this crazy World Watercolor challenge, I am spending two days posting about other issues.

One is Copyleft or Creative Commons, or Un-copyright ( 478 palabras más


The GPLv3 Paranoia

What is it, exactly, that makes the companies feel weak in their knees when it comes to GPLv3? Every legal team in an incorporated has second thoughts while reviewing the adoption of a GPLv3 licensed software or the licensing of their own source code under GPLv3. 511 palabras más

Software Engineering

Copyfails: Time to #fixcopyright!

(Originally published at the EDRi website as part of our campaign to reform EU copyright)

By Diego Naranjo

We believe that new technologies bring new ways to access culture – they are not a threat for creators. 195 palabras más

Politics And Human Rights

Copyright, Chagall Card, Riffs, WTH?

 I am breaking with my normal posts to say this timely bit regarding copyright, and
the lawsuit against Led Zep over the riff.  I don’t give a toss about any of it, but the topic is under my skin.  660 palabras más


Apa itu CopyRight dan CopyLeft ?

Wicak Amadeo

Hak cipta/Copyright (lambang internasional: ©) adalah hak eksklusif Pencipta atau Pemegang Hak Cipta untuk mengatur penggunaan hasil penuangan gagasan atau informasi tertentu. Pada dasarnya, hak cipta merupakan “hak untuk menyalin suatu ciptaan”. 713 palabras más