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Celebrate Open Access Week 2016

Open Access Week takes place during the last full week of October. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there who don’t know about Open Access Week, what it’s all about, or why it should matter to them. 869 palabras más

Open Access Week

The Disney Monopoly

Astra Taylor’s, The People’s Platform, discusses the concept of the double anchor. The double anchor is the belief that “sometimes we need to remind ourselves that the relationship between those who make creative work and those who receive it should be one of mutual support” (p.167). 438 palabras más


Copyright & Copyleft


Copyright is a form of intellectual property and covers an exclusive set of property rights.  This is given to owners who create original work and in New Zealand is covered under the Copyright Act 1994. 360 palabras más


Public intervention at "Copyright Reform Unlocking copyright for users"

In Copyright Reform: Unlocking copyright for users COMMUNIA asks several civil society groups, EDRi among them, for their view on the current copyright reform: what are the biggest hopes, the biggest fears and the concrete plans to… 72 palabras más

Politics And Human Rights

Abstraction in the service of expression?

There’s a lot of stuff going through my head, right now.

First off, I found a post over at D.Katie Powell Art related to copyleft.  I did click through some of the links and found… 908 palabras más


Artist Influences and Copyleft

As I am ahead in this crazy World Watercolor challenge, I am spending two days posting about other issues.

One is Copyleft or Creative Commons, or Un-copyright ( 478 palabras más