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Work in Progress 'Athanasia' (2017)

Athanasia (2017)
Film by Fred L’Epee
Music Composer Rey Eisen
Helicon Films
Soon released in the upcoming weeks.

Helicon Films is an independent film production company based out of Switzerland and the United States that produces short films. 76 palabras más

Make it all Free

Copyright, patents, trademarks. These are all ways that corporations, or individuals protect their work or their intellectual property. And while this does encourage people to create new inventions or works so that they can then profit off of their work it also slows down the progress for humanity. 344 palabras más





  1. 不要安全,也要安心。沒有辦法接受的,就算是符合標準,大家也不敢吃。
  2. 島國每年進口六百多億缺乏和協與疝液的食品,但是有什麼回饋嗎?
  3. 和協家園,怎麼能夠進口,有可能不和協的物品。

Copyright/Copyleft/Copy Center?

Hello web designers (and anyone else interested in the fun, FUN world of copyright)

For your clicking pleasure, I’ve assembled this handy dandy post o’ information and resources related to copyright for artists and designers. 317 palabras más

Web Design Blog

The Disney Monopoly

Astra Taylor’s, The People’s Platform, discusses the concept of the double anchor. The double anchor is the belief that “sometimes we need to remind ourselves that the relationship between those who make creative work and those who receive it should be one of mutual support” (p.167). 438 palabras más


Copyright & Copyleft


Copyright is a form of intellectual property and covers an exclusive set of property rights.  This is given to owners who create original work and in New Zealand is covered under the Copyright Act 1994. 360 palabras más