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Rip! A Remix Manifesto

On one of the lecture class, we were shown a documentary called RiP! A Remix Manifesto. The documentary is available in here.

This documentary is very interesting. 339 palabras más



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Monday, July 02, 2007


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—>learnedly and single-handedly transforming the map
of Anglo-American poetry… 3.515 palabras más


What is Copyleft?

From the class presentation I learned that the world’s first copyright act (The Statute of Anne) was introduced in 1710 to prevent unauthorized copying of books. 411 palabras más

Contextual Theoretical Studies

#FlashFictionFriday: Irene (and Robert Hooke)

Artist: Rita Greer, 2008

Title:    The Coffee House,  copyleft

About this painting (quoted from Wikimedia Commons)

English: Coffee Houses played an important part in the social life of Robert Hooke. 295 palabras más


Piracy against Designers

Copyright is the creative world is something that is indispensable, especially in a society where information has an easy acess worldwide. In the digital world, it is something that most cannot control, when the design is online, no one knows what could happen, who is seeing and if they are using it or not. 247 palabras más

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Copyright &Copyleft

First coming into light to the general public in 1710, the first copyright law called ‘The Statue of Anne’ came into place which prevented the unlawful coping of books, however, nowadays it is a much bigger area of law and has expanded to cover works of art, films, photos, building, jewellery and many other aspects of design. 330 palabras más


Outsourcing or Open-Sourcing? Digital Labour and Television's New "Programmers"

In my second post for CST Online, I explore the labour dynamics of the largely overlooked workforce of coders who are integral to the form and experience of television today. 156 palabras más

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