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"Yo tengo el Jesús más grande del mundo"

En Świebodzin, un diminuto pueblo de Polonia con una población de unas veinte mil personas -más o menos como la localidad de La Candelaria, en Bogotá-, hace ocho años construyeron la estatua del “Jesús más grande del mundo”. 683 palabras más


Rio de Janeiro a janeiro

Our time in Rio is coming to an end. Tomorrow we will catch a three-hour bus from Rio de Janeiro to Angra dos Reis, a small town in Rio State which has great connections to the state’s islands, such as Ilha Grande. 723 palabras más


The trek

This morning we woke early to get ready for the big trek that started at six. We met our guide by the car and drove to the river parked the car and started the journey. 280 palabras más

Trek part 2

The ‘sloth’ was very very high up and was, as far as we could tell indistinguishable from a fuzzy yellow ball. Even with the zoom on the camera it was hard to tell what it was. 846 palabras más

Rio vibrante et Gigi se sent bien vivante

Rio de Janeiro
17 – 23 septembre 2017

Terre de champions

Ouverture sur le monde

Santa Teresa Bohême

Cristo paternel

Carioca Bahianaise for ever

Contrastes apparents… 533 palabras más


Leaf-cutter Ant

The famous leaf-cutter ant, Atta, is endemic to Central and South America. They can carry leaves up to 3x their body weight and use the gathered leaves for growing a special fungus that they use as food. 70 palabras más


Cristo Redentor

Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer)

I started writing an article on Rio. After looking through the photos, I thought I’d break it down a bit. Too much to put in one article. 177 palabras más