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There seems to be a rule in Costa Rica that the rougher the road the bigger the honeypot. And there are a lot of rough dirt tracks in this country. 473 palabras más

Costa Rica

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Brazil 93 My best trip ever of my childhood


One of the destinations that I didn’t travel solo or with friends is Brazil.
I was lucky as a 12 year old to travel with my parents to Brazil. 791 palabras más


corcovado adventure tent camp

I just spent the weekend being incredibly uncomfortable and consistently wet, yet somehow I kind of fell in love with the Costa Rican rain forest. The class and I went down to Corcovado national park for a weekend of adventure, and it started the minute we got on the boat. 577 palabras más

Day 1: On the Road in Rio

We arrived in Rio after much drama with our flight.  Our first stop was Corcovado to visit the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue. It sits atop a lofty hill, overlooking all of Rio where you can see the outlying islands in the distance, giving the picture a surreal touch.  9 palabras más


5 Things We Loved About ... Rio de Janeiro

How many times have you bought postcards on your holidays and then forgot to either write or send them? To be honest, Rio de Janeiro would have been the most obvious place to buy too many, as few skylines in the world are more iconic, or more controversial: the iconic shape of the sugarloaf, rainforest-covered hills topped with a glow-in-the-dark Christ, non-descript highrises against a backdrop of seemingly picturesque slums – Rio has it all. 1.936 palabras más