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First Stop- Corcovado!

We arrived the day before my birthday, May 24th, during midnight. As the plane landed on the soil of Rio De Janeiro I got chills just thinking about the fact that this life long goal was finally coming to fruition. 283 palabras más

Documentary: 180 (degrees) South

I’ll be totally honest: I skipped through a lot of the film. It just wasn’t as focused on rock climbing as I thought it would be. 852 palabras más


Costa Rica- Jungle Monkeys and Sandflies

We made our way down South to Jaco and Dominical for some surfing, but got eaten alive by the sandflies in the heat of the night. 1.046 palabras más

Central America

A Tour of Rio's Top Attractions

On our second visit to Rio we stayed in Zona Sul, home to Copacabana and Ipanema beach. We immediately preferred it to Lapa. Our hostel was located just 4 blocks from Copacabana beach and the atmosphere was immensely different. 1.141 palabras más

South America

48 hours flirting with biodiversity on the Osa Peninsula

Snakes, spiders, dolphin etc…

So we’re running a bit late as we have been in Panama for a week now but we had to write something on the Osa Peninsula as it is the time when we got to discover the big jungle my friends! 819 palabras más

The Trip

Carraterra Austral Via The Back Door

Whilst everyone seems to have their own idea of where Patagonia actually starts, I think it’s now safe to say we’re definitely in it. With a name almost synonymous with adventure, this chunk of Southern Chile and Argentina has always held a certain allure for me; a distant, almost whimsical goal when I set off from Alaska, that’s now unfolding before me in full rain swept, HD reality. 990 palabras más


The Carretera Austral, part 1.

There’s a road through southern Chile, northern Patagonia. It winds down past lakes and glaciers, cliffside bordered valleys, through historically small communities cut off by wilderness from the rest of the country, and the world. 289 palabras más