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Costa Rica

Parque Nacional Corcovado

Lucky country number 13; Costa Rica. One third of Costa Rica is protected land, making it just the animal wonderland we were looking for. 4.715 palabras más

What's the deal with Corcovado?

If I look a bit over it in this photo, I was.

So way back in Flores, the first place we went to in Guatemala, we asked a dreadlocked Dutchie who’d been living for some time in Costa Rica, where the most animals could be spotted. 751 palabras más

Gigantic Sculptures for the WPC 'Scale'.

For the WPC  ‘Scale’, I couldn’t think of a better photo than this one of the colossal 60 foot high carvings of the four American Presidents  at Mount Rushmore. 69 palabras más

Pão de Açúcar e Cristo no meio das nuvens

Faz um ano que fiz essa viagem para o Rio de Janeiro e até agora não havia mexido nas fotos nem postado elas. Ficamos uma semana por lá num apartamento alugado em Copacabana, perto do hotel Copacabana Palace e da “Ai que badalo” da Narcisa Tamborindeguy haha. 117 palabras más


Sea, Surf and Sun...

As 2014 comes to its end, it’s time now to find a place to celebrate it. Ideally on a beach. 1.755 palabras más


Rio de Janeiro: Cristo Rendedor

It is up in a hill, with wonderful landscape views, and it is gigantic… when you see it, it is more impressing that you would have ever imagined in the first place… it is… 233 palabras más