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6 momentos imperdíveis no Rio de Janeiro!

E o Rio de Janeiro continua lindo…

 1-  O amanhecer no Rio

Jamais me esquecerei da imagem do Rio amanhecendo e eu no avião levantando vôo há muitos anos atrás.  308 palabras más


Queuing in Rio de Janeiro 

Tearing myself away from the beaches of Rio was tough but I needed to see more of the city than just the beaches. So Courtney and I planned out a whole day of tourist activities. 535 palabras más


Dia 1 e 2 - Rio de Janeiro

After travelling around 22 hours from house to hostel, walking in 35 degree heat and lugging our overfilled rucksacks up a number of steep steps to the hostel, I have found myself with a serious case of fat fingers and feet. 451 palabras más


Christo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer) - like in Hollywood movies

Undoubtedly one of the most magnificent monuments in the world, it stands stupendously on the Corcovado mountain and is visible pretty much from most areas in Rio de Janeiro. 271 palabras más



Quiet nights of quiet stars
Quiet chords from my guitar
Floating on the silence that surrounds us

Quiet thoughts and quiet dreams
Quiet walks by quiet streams… 69 palabras más


Corcovado Ticket


SIDE 1: Parque Nacional da Tijuca Corcovado. Rio de Janeiro Brasil.


Paineiras – Corcovado

Alta Temporada

R $35,00 Dinheiro

Ingresso Valido para 29/07/2015… 43 palabras más