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Corcovado: El Cristo Redentor

Corcovado is famous due to the Cristo Rendentor, sculpted between 1921 and 1931 by the french artist Paul Landowski (except the face, which was done by Gheorghe Leonida, romanian sculptor). 41 palabras más


Untamed: Costa Rica. Part 1

In September 2014, Zach’s parents booked a trip to Costa Rica for the four of us. We met in the Fort Lauderdale airport and from there headed out on a red-eye flight. 1.392 palabras más


When in Rio

I have just left the amazing city after spending ten glorious days there. On the first couple of days I just needed to chill, having been on a truck with twenty other people and very early starts for the past six weeks. 938 palabras más


South America- Day 14/15 Rio de Janeiro 

Rio de Janeiro or River of January. Named when the Portuguese arrive on 1 January 1500 (not sure on the year, so this could be wrong)We are true tourists today in the huge Greyline bus which could easily be a small mini bus. 708 palabras más


He, In Turn

I give my books away to a lot of people.

I’ve given them to nurses or doctors for caring for me or someone I love. 305 palabras más

Life Chatter

Week 13 - Visiting Rio, Tips and Views

Here is the list of the main spots in Rio and some Quick Tips on how to move in the city. 485 palabras más