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Rio de Janeiro - Parks and Landscapes

The Olympics Games are in progress and I am sure that the whole world is impressed with the beauty of Rio de Janeiro. Who never ever visited this beautiful city now is planning the next trip to meet it. 6.822 palabras más


In the shade

The Christ Redeemer statue is absolutely huge. When in Rio you can see it from most places but it doesn’t seem gigantic.

Once at the top of the Corcovado you just realise not only how big it is but how huge the city is for it to seem that tiny from far away.

Rio de Janeiro – 2013


My week in Rio: part 1

I arrived in Rio 6 days before the start of the Olympic games and the place was humming with expectation. And when I say expectation, what I really mean is last-minute preparation. 706 palabras más



If you take the train to the top of the Corcovado to see the Cristo Redentor you may get lucky and that band may join you. 22 palabras más


Get Your Head Out of the Clouds

You might be wondering exactly what I’m doing in Rio. As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I’m the friends and family coordinator for the men’s team, which includes performing a variety of tasks. 425 palabras más