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BULL FIGHTING – What happens before a corrida? The bull has wet newspapers stuffed into his ears; vaseline is rubbed into his eyes to blur his vision; cotton is stuffed up his nostrils to cut off his respiration and a needle is stuck into his genitals. 85 palabras más

Recycled Salvage Design

Vila Nova e seus segredos - corrida/canyonig

O inverno começa a dar sinais de que vai ser rendido pela primavera. As manhãs já não são tão frias. Atividades que envolvam exposição à água estão liberadas. 750 palabras más


One Last Thing

One Last Thing

I have to tell you the story of the night you didn’t want to see me
& I was alone. Muhammad Ali died & all I wanted was to tell you… 800 palabras más

Rama Yade demonstrates against bullfighting in Mont-de-Marsan

Some hundreds of anti-bullfighting activists, including former Secretary of State and presidential candidate Rama Yade, demonstrated Saturday afternoon, June 23 on the sidelines of a bullfight feast of the Madeleine in Mont-de-Marsan, denouncing animal suffering and calling for the abolition of bullfights. 49 palabras más


Urbana Santa Maria Feira + Costa Nova



A luz ilumina o caminho!

Dia 09/07/2016: Corrida Urbana Santa Maria da Feira, 21h30, 10km

Dia 16/07/2016: Corrida Costa Nova, 19h, 10km

Duas corridas, dois desafios diferentes! 881 palabras más


Corrida São João Braga

Corrida de São de Braga, animação à moda do Minho!


Data: 19/06/2016

Hora: 10h

12 km de muito calor e animação!



Ontem foi dia da corrida de S. 878 palabras más