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This Ad Campaign Features 'El Trumpo' under the Threat of Dangerous Latinos

Miami-based Zubi advertising — which works for clients including Ford, Chase and American Airlines — has been making sure to operate under one simple motto: … 105 palabras más

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Video: Primer Corrido del "Chapo" A 4 Horas de Su Fuga

Como pólvora se soltó la noticia de que “El Chapo” se escapó de la cárcel de máxima seguridad del Altiplano.

Lo curioso de esto es que a 4 horas de la fuga apareció este corrido pal “Chapo”. 16 palabras más


It's the Bittersweet Symphony, That's Life...

HELLO Gentle Reader!!

These last three months seem to have flown by in the blink of an eye!! I just turned around and whoosh…

Evita… 819 palabras más

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El Corrido de Donald Trump by Los Tres Tristes Tigres

Hilarious Mexican trio Los Tres Tristes Tigres have done it again.

Here’s their Donald Trump corrido –in Spanish and sans musical arrangements, because, really, he doesn’t deserve it. 35 palabras más

Latin America

Yes, America's Got [Mariachi] Talent

Meet Alondra Santos, the adorable 13-year-old Mexican singer, who claims to have inherited her love of music from — who else? — her abuela.

Watch little Alondra as she dazzles the judges, as her entire… 6 palabras más


Bandas norteñas stepping up the rhythm

I got into this band from Culiacán Grupo 360 about three years ago. I think they’re great for a few reasons. First, they use more tone-leading –on both bajo sexto and accordion –and minor chords, which makes the music more emotional and interesting than that produced by older groups relying on the tonic and fifth (except in the case of great singers like Cadetes de Linares). 229 palabras más