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Bandas norteñas stepping up the rhythm

I got into this band from Culiacán Grupo 360 about three years ago. I think they’re great for a few reasons. First, they use more tone-leading –on both bajo sexto and accordion –and minor chords, which makes the music more emotional and interesting than that produced by older groups relying on the tonic and seventh (except in the case of great singers like Cadetes de Linares). 229 palabras más

Liberacion Norteña - El Columpio

Here’s a video of my nephew’s band in Cotati. More to come soon!

Music Video

RAFAGAS DE ALTO CALIBRE: Atentan Contra Javier Rosas

Este fin de semana el cantante Javier Rosas fue agredido a plena luz del dia en su ciudad natal, Culiacan Sinaloa mientras manejaba por las calles de dicha ciudad. 23 palabras más


This Mexican Mayor Lifted a Woman's Skirt in Public at a $1-Million Party, Because Mexico

Awwww Mexico…

The land of the collective smooch and the “coold cocnuts” is also the Global Headquarters of mustachioed, sombrero-clad disgusting politicians.

In the latest Kafkaesque episode of our never boring political telenovela, Mexican Mayor… 127 palabras más


El Sonecito

Just found out about this dude, he makes excellent corridos! Sonecito, or Sergio Campos, evokes the music style prohibited by the church and authorities in the 18th century because it, and its cousin the copla, was a folk style that criticized the powerful in its time. 9 palabras más

Trágico accidente Ariel Camacho

El cantante de corridos y regional mexicano Ariel Camacho murió en un accidente automovilístico este miércoles por la madruga, según reportes mexicanos en el automóvil iban 5 personas a bordo, en el lugar de los hechos se reportaron 2 muertos Ariel, una mujer de 22 años y más tarde en un hospital  un joven aún no identificado. 102 palabras más


Slaver Empire poems now on Wattpad

The poems that comprise Negro’s zine Imperio esclavista / Slaver Empire are now available to read online at Wattpad. The poems mock the prison industry, real estate agents and other oppressors, and are intended for YOU to adapt them to your music! 8 palabras más