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Goodbye Mister Tom

The short-lived career of Mister Tom the teacher has come to a glorious end. As I hop on the plane to meet up with my brother and parents in Salta, I am caught in two minds about how I feel on my departure from Corrientes. 794 palabras más

Ridin' Solo

Apologies for using a Jason Derulo reference for this post but, despite your preconceptions on the R&B singer, in comparison to the music heard around Argentina he is at a similar level to Mick Jagger. 2.158 palabras más

Walk on the Wild Side

Being deported to a random family anywhere in the world is a risk. Whether you’re in India, Canada, Somalia or England you can get good or bad apples (with a little faith in humanity you have to think that the large majority of families will be normal people who are fun to live with). 1.561 palabras más

Empanada Lunch @ Corrientes Pizzeria

It’s my birthday today and since I had the afternoon off, I took my Ma out to lunch.  It’s my belated Mother’s Day treat for her. 442 palabras más


There's a car stuck in your window

As the heat is getting to me I decided to get rid of some of my loft insulation, my usual hairdresser was closed so I risked the one Philippe uses. 335 palabras más


Our First Holiday Season in Argentina

Although this is our second season in Argentina, this was our first Christmas here since we arrived just after the holidays last year. While I am a warm weather lover for sure, spending the holidays in 100 degree heat is a bit surreal. 545 palabras más