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A spring time canal walk

We love to take gentle strolls along canal towpaths once stepped on by the large feet of horses pulling barges. At this time of year leaves are coming out from their buds, wildflowers are beginning to flower and birds are becoming more active. 160 palabras más


May Garden Update

This year has been difficult on the seed-growing front. Last year, I had more seedlings that I knew what to do with, this year I’m struggling to even grow lettuce! 379 palabras más


Noe (のえ)

Sources Pronunciation guide

(Main) gender: Female
Pronunciation: no-e
Archaic writing: のゑ (Nowe), のへ (Nohe)

Etymology and/or ways to write:
For the first element, it can be used as 野/埜 meaning “field,” 乃/之, referring to the genitive particle but otherwise, phonetic kanji, 望 meaning “desire, wish, hope” or 能 meaning “talent, gift.” As for the second element: 254 palabras más


The remains of the Seneca Stone-Cutting Mill

Should you find yourself hiking the Seneca Creek Greenway Trail, you’ll find the remains of a red stone building somewhere near Riley’s Lock, between the C&O Canal and the Potomac River. 1.098 palabras más

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Upton upon Severn

This past weekend I was in Upton upon Severn for a hen party I organised for my sister.

18 of us stayed in the most beautiful… 114 palabras más