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Björn by LAT a creative company

Located in Monterrey, Mexico

Originally founded in an old tortilla factory building, La Tortillería is a creative company with a passion for images and words with the exceptional ability of turning them into an exquisite reflection of an idea. 264 palabras más


Love so dear

She’s the reason I’m still here,

For with her, I’m rid of all fear.

To me she’s so dear,

And I want to make it clear, 7 palabras más


"But he was never seen practicing" by Julia at her desk

Sunday August 18, 2019
5 minutes
Cato The Younger

He says he sets his alarm for 8:08am and that’s the earliest he ever gets out of bed on the weekdays. 234 palabras más


Art and Science

I’m always fascinated by the merger between art and science. That’s one area I hope to spend more time creating myself. Here’s an article describing Ernst Haeckel’s beautiful late 19th and early 20th century renders.

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Walking Robin in the early morning in the country, I had a unusual experience. The morning was cool, I needed a jacket. I felt like I had stepped back in time to a morning when our children were small. 371 palabras más

PD#008 I Called the Witch Doctor

Basilio was not always the confidence man he is now. Years ago he was the son of a humble farmer whose Don treated him like a son and allowed Basilio to explore the books of the mansion, and this is where he learned his medical skills. 187 palabras más

Project Of The Day

The Thumbprint Thief (multi-source combo)

The Thumbprint Thief

He was known thereabouts as The Thumbprint Thief, one to watch out for when your gloves were lost.  He had half a dozen… 693 palabras más