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A Tourist in Cali - Day 82

Tue 24th Apr

I sleep quite well and wake about half 8 which is a bit gutting as I wanted to trek up to the 3 crosses but as I was told u need to start the ascent at around 7am, I’m a bit late for this! 455 palabras más


Mexico 6: Touching souls

“(south of) Aguascalientes to Guanajuato”

Fully rested, we headed out of town, passing through several smaller towns along the way. We were looking for a place to stop for lunch when we see a nice little shady spot just inside a gate. 2.859 palabras más


Leadership Voices: A Lenten Message

This blog post was originally published by Holy Family Cristo Rey Catholic High School on February 14, 2018.

Dear Friends,

Today, as the western Christian world celebrates Ash Wednesday and the beginning of the season of Lent, we are confronted with one of simplest signs left in our common life: that dark smudge of ash on our forehead. 296 palabras más

The Poor King

Have you seen Jesus Christ in your daily lives? If I am to answer that question, yes, I saw Him on my daily commute to work- homeless people, street childrens, the lost, the hungry, all of them, I saw Jesus Christ. 588 palabras más


Rocking the Cradle of Independence

The old bus lumbered up the winding cobblestone road to Cristo Rey, one of the world’s tallest statues of Jesus Christ. Marking the geographic center of Mexico, this rocky mountaintop location affords a panoramic view of the Bajio, a fertile plain considered the cradle of Mexican Independence. 600 palabras más

Slow Travel

The highs and lows of Cali

Another bank holiday meant another spontaneous trip. I don’t know why we don’t plan for these weekends away, I think we are becoming too ‘Colombian’ in our disorganisation. 596 palabras más