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Photo Editing

One of the best ninja skills you can acquire if you want to work in the world of eCommerce is learning how to edit a photo. 173 palabras más


Witches Brew : Water Witches Return To Fort Wayne September 29th

by EA Poorman

Cover Photo by Michelle Waters

So what are you supposed to do after something like Middle Waves? How can you go back to a normal existence when all of your senses have been electrified and your heart and mind filled with so much musical goodness? 907 palabras más

Band Features

How to create a rain effect on Photoshop

You might someday be working on a poster design or probably anything and you really need it to rain, and hey you really do not know what or how to go about it. 560 palabras más

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Adobe Photoshop Cs3

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Photoshop CS3 gives you the ability to work more productively, edit with unrivalled power, and composite with breakthrough tools.

New features for productivity include: 102 palabras más