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Slow exploration and rethinking things

Mia and I have had several more delightful trips to the Botanical Gardens; I photographed one of these outings. As much as possible, she is allowed to explore and play on her own time frame with as few rules or interventions from me as possible. 1.149 palabras más


Mensajeros alados de Satán

No soy un hombre ordenado, lo acepto.

Hace ocho meses me cambié de apartamento dentro del mismo edificio. Buscaba más privacidad y no estar totalmente frente a la calle. 541 palabras más


Almost Dorothy Interviews Almost Dorothy About Fried Chicken and Other Things

Almost Dorothy: What makes you most vulnerable? List at least 5 things that make you feel vulnerable in English and one in Spanish (or any other language other than English or Inglish). 654 palabras más

Almost Dorothy

7 Things Only People Who Live Alone Understand

1. Everything is your doing.

The only thing stopping you from painting the walls is a security deposit and free time. Those dirty dishes in the sink? 555 palabras más

The Color of Dried Chipotle

SIMAPAG is the name of the water system in my colonial city. It means Sistema de Agua Potable y Alcantarillado de Guanajuato—the system for the distribution of water and the re-distribution of sewage. 713 palabras más

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