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The Blind Republicans and the Elephant: A Parody

A number of blind Republicans met for lunch to discuss quid pro quos and whether or not they could identify the elephant in the room. They’d often heard of an elephant in the room, and on occasion used the expression themselves, even though they’d never seen an elephant in the room. 936 palabras más

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Culpable: The Podcast


I just started listening to Culpable recently and am hooked. I love mysteries because I have a drive to try to solve them and be correct about the possible outcome. 180 palabras más


3 True-Crime Podcasts I'm Obsessed With

I’ve shared before that I am obsessed with true crime. I always have been, and I joke with my family that I should have been a private eye (it’s never too late right?) I’ve always watched true crime shows, but for some reason, I didn’t know that true crime podcasts were a thing! 574 palabras más

Worse Than Evil

You pretty poppy
In absence of evidence
Sentient and culpable

Gouged mine eyes
Conquered my brain
Euphoric rush

My soul, my skin
Rotted from without… 18 palabras más

Seeking Redemption

Denying culpability for our own demise,

We commit harakiri a thousand times.

Writing our self obituaries, we

Hitch our sails to winds of wants.

Surrendering the wheels of our lives… 51 palabras más