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Ecolinguistics view from The Stories We Live By

This free online course in ecolinguistics provides such an interesting and necessary material. It is focused to highlight that stories are the secret reservoir of values: change the stories that individuals or nations live by and you change the individuals and nations themselves (Ben Okri). 381 palabras más


Arte, Teatro, and Poetry: Taking The Mind Where History Books Do Not

There is history, the ultimate way to understand the self and current state of living. Documents upon documents talking about us, raza. But what if our history was destroyed and prohibited at different points? 406 palabras más


Mi Primera Semana

Hello from San Juan Comalapa, Chimaltenango!

I have been in Guatemala for a whole week now!

When I arrived last Friday in Guatemala City, I was driven to Comalapa straight away. 1.053 palabras más

Central America

Kill the Time: Aspettate il Prossimo Articolo e tremate, è possibile Veramente tornare indietro nel Tempo.

Se DelPiero e Conte vogliono tornare qui, informateli che si può fare, se il mondo entra in un buco nero vero non si distrugge, torna indietro nel tempo. 135 palabras más


Un proyecto llamado

twitter: @eugenio_fouz

Gracias a la cuenta de @ProfedonPardino en Twitter que compartía ayer la idea de (@archiletras) descubrí el proyecto de un medio dirigido por el periodista y filólogo… 151 palabras más

Lengua Española

Raul With It

One of the chapters in Reaccionário Com Dois Cês is an obituary for Raul Solnado, who I’d never heard of. He died in 2009 and was recognised as one of the greats of portuguese comedy. 24 palabras más