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My voice has found its own fountain of youth

I’m keeping it all short and simple today. My mind is a bit tired. My bones a bit achy. My wit a bit used up. I could certainly try to go on and on as some people tend to do in order to seem smart or just because they like hearing their own voice. 197 palabras más


The church of baseball

Kenny Herzog:

The skies are partly cloudy and temperatures comfortably in the 70s as the sun sets on Gallatin, Tennessee, on a Monday evening in late April.

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Facebook’s ‘GlobalCoin’ cryptocurrency to launch in 2020, report claims

Facebook plans to launch its cryptocurrency by the first quarter of next year, reports BBC News. The company is expected to reveal more details about the currency this summer, before testing begins later in 2019. 96 palabras más


Alle cinque della sera di Cesare Lanza: Una indiscrezione al giorno... Delzio a Confindustria?


Ilaria Alpi, Eric Cantona, Eduardo De Filippo, Bob Dylan, Daniel Fahrenheit, la Regina Vittoria. Morti il 24 maggio: Niccolò Copernico, Duke Ellington. 727 palabras más


Andreas Emberikos Greek poet 1901-1975

Now he is an interesting fellow for not only was he a Greek surrealist and this is not something you would usually associate with Greece; he was also the first Greek psychoanalyst. 642 palabras más


Microsoft patent hints at Surface Pro 7 with USB-C and new Type Cover

Microsoft is working on a new design of its Surface Pro, expected to debut later this year. While the Surface Pro design hasn’t largely changed since the Surface Pro 4, Microsoft is expected to trim the display bezels, add a USB-C port, and make the next Surface Pro design a little more rounded like the Surface Go. 92 palabras más