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DOJ disputes report on Bolton conversation with Barr about foreign leaders

In a statement Monday, the DOJ said  that a report based on John Bolton’s new book about a conversation the former national security adviser had last year with Attorney General William Barr about President Trump’s relationship with foreign leaders “grossly” mischaracterized the exchange. 482 palabras más

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Sanders supporters fume as Clinton allies named to key Dem convention committees

Supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders‘ White House bid and some Democratic National Committee members are frustrated with some initial appointments made by DNC Chairman Tom Perez to the crucial committees that will oversee the rules and party platform at this summer’s  401 palabras más

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Schiff: Bolton Would Be 'Captivating' Trump Trial Witness

Tuesday Adam Schitt said that former national security adviser John Bolton would be a “captivating” witness in the Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, adding that it’s “pretty clear” that his upcoming book “had a lot to do” with his willingness to testify now when he wouldn’t appear before the House. 346 palabras más

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one of the most momentous decisions of his career

Asset Denial/Denial, in military affairs, a defensive strategy used to make it prohibitively difficult for an opponent to achieve a military objective.

On July 3, 1940, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill had to make one of the most momentous decisions of his career. 104 palabras más


Mitch McConnell: Trump's Impeachment Trial Should Follow Clinton Model

Friday Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the structure of President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial should track with that of former President Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial two decades ago, with “midtrial” questions such as witnesses only addressed after other relevant motions. 88 palabras más

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Scammers And Spammers

I watched a news segment on CBS this morning regarding a Social Security Scam where the victims were called on their phones and directed to send money to an offshore bank account (and also to use gift cards). 496 palabras más

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