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Dissertation thoughts

Producing a dissertation within the final year is something I have looked forward to as writing is a large interest of mine, I enjoyed the research process and formulating ideas and comments within my essay. 295 palabras más

Third Year

Maternity Leave in your CV

Be or not to be… a mother in my papers? Maternity Leave in the CV has become a big question for mothers who plan to rejoin the workforce in a new job. 970 palabras más

Curriculum Vitae

Kutipan Akhir Pekan

Kepura-puraanlah yang menyebabkan semua alasan menjadi rumit.

Curriculum Vitae, Benny Arnas


7 steps to help you to get a job in wildlife conservation

A lot of people ask me how they too can get paid for doing wildlife conservation work. While there is obviously no single answer to this, there are several things that you can do to greatly help your chances. 2.555 palabras más

Field Work

Employment Portfolio

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Here is my Curriculum Vitae:

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Hard work is for those who are willing to commit to take the next level – Philip Oppong…

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Curriculum Vitae

Why you need that professional CV

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1. First impression always counts
Vincent D’Onoforio once observed, “It’s pretty simple, pretty obvious: that people’s first impressions of people are really a big mistake.” In this case I would like to give you some basic free advice, this is not usually the case in a recruitment context. 649 palabras más

Career Coaching

My Life on Paper

Curriculum Vitae, or CV, loosely translates into “the course of my life.”  It serves as the equivalent of a resume in the medicine world. It feels like an answer to the question, “Who are you, and why should we hire you?” In this season of change, I am provoked to consider the story of my life.  572 palabras más

Day To Day