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Overcoming the curriculum vitae coefficient of static friction

I recently completed an exercise in listing all of the courses I participated in during my eight years working as an industry geoscientist. I knew I had participated in a lot of learning events, but had never meticulously catalogued and categorized them. 456 palabras más

Curriculum Vitae


A custom, professional profile/bio about you that you can upload to various websites or use in promotional/marketing materials. Fill out a questionnaire that I will send you, and within 48 hours of receiving your information, I will return a draft document in Word and PDF format.



Curriculum Vitae


Personal Profile

  • Published journalist and BJTC Accredited.
  • Completed NCTJ media law and understood the rules and regulations of publishing and broadcasting.
  • Happy to work unsupervised or as part of a team, I enjoy having responsibility…
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Curriculum vitae

Warn the employer, my one caveat be:
I am a human not a machine
If you like what’s on paper then hire me whole
But remember you play with an undying soul


CURRICULUM VITAE: John Ratite's Interplanetary Palooza


Players form teams of two and participate in an “Amazing Race”-styled competition that takes place in various fictional planetary systems. Teams pilot spaceships and visit planets where they are given trivia questions. 470 palabras más

Curriculum Vitae

Awe of Birth - Manchester 1st April

Rights of Midwives will be presented and discussed with audience involvement at this conference.  We will have time to answer questions and aim to include some role play.   47 palabras más

Curriculum Vitae