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These Pitchers should Throw these Pitches more in 2020

As a person who has worked in an industry where my position has depended on development of my employees, I can say with a certain amount of conviction that there are a lot of ways to help make someone better at something. 1.680 palabras más

Sick Of It All

I feel
so small
my skin
with the
itch of a
from the
all the
time you
laugh… 12 palabras más

Cracking Up

On Bieber, Breaking Balls, and Brilliance

If you love a good underdog story, you love Shane Bieber. He walked onto his college ball club. He was a mere afterthought as a prospect until bursting onto the scene last year to patch a hole in a dynamite Cleveland Indians rotation. 623 palabras más


Day 75 - Curve Ball

When life throws you a curve ball…. #meme #comic #comicartists #comicsofinstragram #benthebunny #Cutlet #life #curveball #webcomics #webcomic

** I finished my first sketch book doing this comic today. 12 palabras más

Drawing Comic

Happy Birthday In Heaven, Tyler Skaggs

Tyler Skaggs, the late Los Angeles Angels pitcher, would’ve turned 28-years-old today. The southpaw from California passed away earlier this month, on July 2 at the all-too-young age of 27. 115 palabras más


Life always throws a curve ball !!

“You can not change how others treat you.( sometimes they won’t be so loving ).But you can change how you react to it all.( Be sure how you respond in a way which shows love for yourself-and don’t beat yourself upover how they are beating upon you ). 212 palabras más