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CRM tools for translators: Podio

Hi there dear readers!

As you might know, during the Q&A session of my presentation on Translation Day,  fellow translator Robin Humphrey asked if I had tried some CRM tools and suggested me to check this (really helpful!) … 325 palabras más

8 Astounding Benefits of Linguee ERP

best enterprise resource planning software defined as integrated systems that oversee all aspects of a business; aligning financial management, human resources, supply chain management, and manufacturing with the core function of accounting. 533 palabras más


A Collaboration Between Artificial Intelligence and Customer Relationship Management

Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning – these terms have been on everyone’s lips for a few years now. But what exactly is AI, how can these technologies support the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) area and what must be considered when introducing them? 602 palabras más


How can a CRM for Insurance Companies Enhance Customer Experience ?

The competition inside the insurance industry has transcended desire in every one of these years. While each area is encountering an earnest requirement for upgrading their business model around their clients’ inclinations, the protection area is additionally not immaculate by this insurgency. 43 palabras más

Customer Personalization

Hey there pals, I hope that this week hasn’t been too rough on you! This fine Sunday we will be discussing Customer Personalization. Customers love to know that they are being heard by businesses, and personalization delivers that message fairly easily. 292 palabras más


Custom ERP Software Development: Is It Worth It?

“Failing to plan is planning to fail.” These wise words of Alan Lake in reflect the significance of planning in life. When it comes to business organizations with certain aims to achieve as well as maximize their profits, proper planning becomes indispensable. 404 palabras más


Encouraging Words for the Conflict Averse

Contrary to the decline we have seen in public discourse in recent years, not every uncomfortable interaction has to devolve into a torrent of insults and vitriol. 519 palabras más