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Packers rookie CB Jaire Alexander prepares to be great

Preparation is often what separates a good player from a great player in the NFL.

Green Bay Packers rookie cornerback Jaire Alexander is doing everything in his power to be great. 165 palabras más

Green Bay Packers

Daily Reads of September 2018

  1. Paper : An Empirical Evaluation of doc2vec with Practical Insights into Document Embedding Generation [Paper][doc2vec paper].
  2. A good exploration might be to vist DeepDive…
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Machine Learning

Daily Reads of August 2018

  1. CommonCrawl archive contains 3.4 billion web pages and 270+ TiB of uncompressed content, crawled between February 17th and Feb 26th.
  2. CORE ranking of Computer Science conferences…
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Machine Learning

Daily Reads of July 2018

  1. You can go through my answers given on Quora
  2. If you are starting to write your first research paper and are seriously struggling, you can follow this self-help 
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Machine Learning

I'm putting my pride aside and living my best life

In the Gospel Luke 18:9-14 we are reminded that it is not the quantity or style of our prayer. It is not the position we hold or all the things we can point to that we do. 294 palabras más

College + 20 Something

Secondary Market Packers Tickets Remain Some Of The Most Expensive In The NFL

Aaron Rodgers is back! If you’re a Green Bay Packers fan, that’s all the information you need entering the 2018 season. After spending the second half of last season with the franchise’s star quarterback on the sideline due to a busted collarbone, Packers fans still appear to need a little convincing. 367 palabras más

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Saturday, 11th August

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome


Today’s devotional teaches that being born again, you’re the temple of the Holy Spirit; you carry, and can transmit or transfer the power of God. 118 palabras más