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Las Aventuras de Dino, cuento interactivo de Android e iOS

Las Aventuras de Dino, cuento interactivo Android e iOS, destinada a niños de edades desde los 2 años hasta los 6 años, pensando en que los pequeños usan tantos los smartphones y tablets de sus padres para entretenerse y jugar. 276 palabras más


Global brands that we identify with - Part 2

By Somali K Chakrabarti

Continuing from my last post on Global brands that we identify with‘, here I write the stories of three great brands from their humble beginning to what they are today. 476 palabras más

Strategy And Innovation

Starbucks Finally Gets Around To Selling Yogurt-Based Cups, Smoothies, Parfaits After Two Years

The unlikely partnership between Starbucks and Dannon parent company Danone that Consumerist first reported on back in 2013 is finally coming to fruition with the launch of an exclusive line of yogurt-based smoothies, parfaits and fruit cups at 4,300 of the company’s coffee shops. 159 palabras más

Brunch Boost your positivity

Avec ce février gris et glacial s’est clôturée la campagne #Boostyourpositivity de Danone.

Pendant un mois, les blogueuses participantes se sont retroussé les bracelets afin de partager leurs astuces ou tout simplement réfléchir positivement à la gestion de leur vie de femme débordée, selon le thème suggéré chaque semaine par… 365 palabras más


Who talks to our regulators? Conflicts of interest in the world of infant feeding.

I have been writing statements this past week to provide some sensible evidence based information on machines for making up formula, granola and cereal bar supplements for pregnant and breastfeeding women and a new formula launched, under the radar, by Aptamil. 568 palabras más

Department Of Health