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Session With Dancoustik

Well this is of course a special moment because maybe in the last 2015 we just performance in stage one time, so in this year the dancoustik prepare again for the event MT graduation and of course im a bass player be participate to be a part of the event, well i just documentation the reherseal and then you can see my video in youtube how we so happy , this moment im join with some other people who they playing the table tennis or called “pingpong” this also make the condition after office hour really really great to release strees and pressure of works, in this video me and my friend ready with 4 song, but my boss tell me that its so small time with 4 song, so we decided to take around 6 song, and i hope it will be ok but they are still under discussion, but its reaally nice to acoustic again yeaaahh


Logo creation with Dino Mascot, client: Danone.

  • Project: creation of Logo with mascot Dino Danoninho for internal communication Danone factory.
  • Software: Adobe Photoshop CC / Grafic vector / SketchBook Pro for iPad and Mac.
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Interview with Danone AQUA President Director, Charlie Capetti

Bottled water company AQUA was founded in 1973 by the late Tirto Utomo. When Utomo passed away unexpectedly in 1993, his family was faced with a difficult decision regarding the business. 1.325 palabras más


#myvitabreak - blogger brunch at Les Filles

last weekend we had the #myvitabreak blogger brunch
as the closing event of our November-challenge.
We were invited to Les Filles at the Oude Graanmarkt in Brussels. 205 palabras más


#myvitabreak - the final week

Hi everyone! I’ve been so sick these past 2 weeks I couldn’t get myself to start writing.
But as I’m finally getting better, it’s time to look back on how the last week of the #myvitabreak Challenge went! 373 palabras más


Danone Invests €240m in Baby Milk Factory

Danone, a multinational food-products corporation has invested €240m in a baby milk plant in the Netherlands. This investment is Danone’s biggest pouring money in a European production facility. 89 palabras más

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#myvitabreak - week three report

Hi everyone! :) Glad you came to check back to read how week 3 of the #myvitabreak challenge went.

Turn your FOMO* into JOMO*!
Everybody who is honest with themselves will probably admit they suffer from *Fear Of Missing Out from time to time. 531 palabras más