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A bio-based packaging revolution: Danone and Nestlé Waters form the NaturalALL Bottle Alliance

A packaging revolution: Danone and Nestlé Waters, the world’s two largest bottled water companies, have joined forces with Origin Materials, a startup based in Sacramento, California, to form the NaturALL Bottle Alliance. 670 palabras más


GOING GREEN: Nestlé and Danone team up to produce green plastic

By Pilita Clark and Environment Correspondent

MAR 2, 2017 

A Ghanaian cattle herder leads his cattle across the polluted Korle Gono beach, covered in plastic bottles and other rubbish washed ashore in June 2016… 311 palabras más

The Muslim Times

Your plastic bottle of water could soon be made from wood

Let’s be clear: The only reason you should drink bottled water is if you are somewhere without access to clean drinking water. The source of most plastic is fossil fuels, a limited and non-renewable resource. 557 palabras más

The Coyote and Road Runner: Big Food and Start-Ups Friends or Foes?

Dairy giant Danone has announced this week that it’s cutting €1 billion in costs over the next 3 years as business conditions are tough. Where?    875 palabras más


Danone unveils new cost cuts amid dairy pressures

French food group Danone has today unveiled a new €1 billion cost cutting plan.

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Stonyfield Gives Its Yogurt a Makeover

Stonyfield, looking to further bolster yogurt’s healthy image, said today that it is slashing sugar from its products—targeting a goal to purchase 25% less of the ingredient as a company this year. 414 palabras más


Y por eso, no nos quieren a los publicistas ni a los diseñadores.

De verdad, ¿Cuándo vamos a dejar de engañarnos? a nosotros mismos.

Les cuento una anécdota totalmente ordinaria, pero que me llena de rabia. Resulta que estamos tratando de hacer licuados para las hijas en la mañana que van con tanta prisa a la escuela y buscamos un yogurt SIN AZUCAR –que por cierto es una hazaña para encontrar en el supermercado hoy en día, a excepción del de Alpura. 665 palabras más