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Revenge Prevails - False Hope Cruelty (Black/Death Metal)

In Sweden there is a thriving underground black metal scene so there is no surprise Revenge Prevails is another promising act from the country. The band formed in 2008, it took it’s time to find a stable lineup and the debut album Dark Trembling Solace had to wait to see the light of the world until 2015. 395 palabras más

Blood of Serpents - Sulphur Sovereign (Black Metal)

Blood of Serpents have been a rather unknown Swedish force but have slowly gained a following after some great live performances following their debut album Black Dawn. 517 palabras más


Ennui: Interagendo con il player che segue è disponibile The Withering Part II – Of Long-Dead Stars, nuovo estratto dal nuovo disco della band georgiana… 562 palabras más


Heljarmadr (Dark Funeral/Grá): " if you're not 100% focused it becomes very difficult".

Being the bringer of blasphemy made voice and continuing the vocal legacy of his antecessor in Dark Funeral hasn’t been a problem for him. He has brought the band to another level, to another dimension. 2.177 palabras más

On Front

Dark Funeral is Racist!

Dark Funeral is yet another racist and white supremacist band, in other words a NSBM band that uses “satanism” as a cover for their racist, bigoted and xenophobic views. 722 palabras más

Black Metal

Avslut - Deceptis (Black Metal)

Alright this review has taken me a really long time to get out, I try to stay on two maybe three months old top but I kinda of had a writer block when this initially came out. 270 palabras más

The Nine Circles Playlist Vol. 39 (4.30.2018)

Death, black, sludge, grind, doom, powerviolence, post, punk, hardcore, d-beat, noise — it’s all extreme and it’s all metal, in one form or another. I’ve never gotten the hullabaloo over who’s more kvlt or extreme or METAL. 93 palabras más

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