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Galapagos Islands, the world within the world and the birthplace of Darwin's theory of evolution

What makes the Galapagos Islands so unique?

If you’re not new to science, you certainly have heard of the Galapagos Islands. It is a tiny area of patched islands located in the eastern Pacific Ocean. 387 palabras más


Five reasons why I do not believe in Darwin's Theory of Evolution

  1. There is no evidence – there are no transitional fossil forms – apart from a handful of dubious claims.
  2. Genetic Entropy: The human race is degenerating, not advancing.
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What Darwin Got Wrong, Jerry Fodor, Massimo Piattelli-Palmarini 

The appearance of atheist critics of Darwin and darwinism, such as Jerry Fodor, despite a lot of counterattacks, signaled the end of the reign of dogmatic darwinism…or did it? 14 palabras más

How cold is winter in Australia?

Generally speaking, Australia is a hot place. However, like most places in the world, it can be quite cold in the wintertime. Due to the large size of Australia, it is impossible to give a distinct answer about the winter temperatures, as they drastically change considering which region you are referring to. 504 palabras más


The meaning of life is not 42!

IMAGINE you are on your smart ‘phone (assuming you have one) and someone comes up to you and asks whether you believe in electricity. You might be forgiven for looking askance at this person and assuming that they were mad. 908 palabras más


Northern Territory, Australia 2020

This trip has changed so many times because of all the chaos around COVID-19. Whenever a new hotspot turns up flights are cancelled and new flights booked. 8.034 palabras más


Top 5 Reasons to Migrate to Australia — Delusional Bubble (Reblog)

Australia has always been among the best countries to live, for countless reasons. This country has a lot of treasures in it that make it worth moving there.

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