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How to create a cheat-proof relationship

“Monogamy is a practice…  It’s a choice…  You don’t FIND your partner, you CHOOSE your partner…  If you think you’re going to find somebody who is the person who will make you stop looking… No, it doesn’t work that way.  685 palabras más

The Person You Want to Attract

The people who you are attracted to are those who possess are great qualities— whether that is intelligence, ambition, generosity, kindness or a loving, affectionate, romantic nature — the list is endless. 237 palabras más


All Aboard The Pity Train - First Stop Chocolateville

I know we all make jokes about having a work wife and or work husband but I kinda actually do. Let me explain…

There’s this guy I work(I actually work with nothing but men) with and don’t get me wrong there are some cute guys. 296 palabras más


Is Harold really God's gift to women?

Whether it is bluff or bravado, Bachelor (again) and bon vivant, Harold H. quickly dismisses his three divorces, and announces he’s looking for a  woman who understands him.   314 palabras más

Even When You're Strong And Independent, Getting Over Him Will Hurt

Getting over him is going to suck. You are going to spend nights scrolling through old pictures, debating whether you should delete them or move them into a folder so you can save them forever. 572 palabras más

Getting Through the Week: When You Have No Friends

After open bars and oral sex, friends are the best thing in the world. Just to be clear, because I know the title may be confusing- yes I have friends. 1.706 palabras más


Friend or Foe? Can women truly be friends with a past hookup?

Last weekend I went out with a casual friend I met on Tinder at least five years ago. When we initially met, we tried dating.  397 palabras más