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‘The Sound of my Voice’: Faith, Belief and Rationality

Recently, following the recommendation of a friend, I watched the movie, ‘The Sound of my Voice’. The low budget (only $135,000) movie was a hit at the Sundance Independent Film Festival in 2011. 1.117 palabras más

Madre Ayahuasca

David Icke - The Vibrational Change

An oldie and a goodie.  It’s kinda fun to revisit this from time-to-time and gauge how far along things have come.

Side note- I first listened to this back in 2014.   30 palabras más

General Commentary

Child Abuse: The Telling Silence of Edward Heath

Try to imagine waking up one morning to find out through a newly published book that you have been accused of child molestation and the murder of children. 1.020 palabras más


The Holographic Universe.

Everything is energy. It’s all vibrating at different rates. It’s all being decoded by our DNA and RNA. We’re living in an illusion. The universe is a Hologram! 86 palabras más

The Shift