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Lying To Get Elected So They Can Serve The Hidden Hand


Everybody keeps talking about how both parties are controlled by Zionists, Jesuits, whoever, but I never hear anybody talk about a valid solution to anything. 418 palabras más

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2016, Summer of Infinite Love?

I recall David Icke say 5-6 years ago that the summer of 2016 will be known as the summer of love or something to that extent. 394 palabras más


Message from Montague Keene 7/17/16 - "The Cabal sinks to such depths to gain a little time"

Brian’s message: Let’s share some love and comfort to Veronica.  Every uplifting thought helps.


Message from Montague – Sunday, 17th July 2016

The awakening is gathering speed and strength. 705 palabras más


Epoch Blog Video Series, # 1 - David Wilcock and AI

In this installment, I speak David Wilcock and AI as I heard him on the Fade to Black show with Jimmy Church, ep. 487.

Here is the clip of the interview that blew my mind: