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The David Icke Videocast: Hey, Teacher, Leave Them Kids Alone!

Published on Feb 27, 2015

**David Icke’s Acclaimed 2014 All-Day AWAKEN!! Wembley Presentation Now Available To See On Demand**

** Limited Edition Wembley 2014 poster available: … 24 palabras más

David Icke|Conspiracy Documentary 2015 - Engineered Economic Collapse Explained

David Icke Explains in Detail why we are approaching an Economic Collapse

P.S. You are literally the Illuminati’s slave if you put in time for money since they create money out of nothing. 32 palabras más

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Good Question! Why Doesn't ISIS Fire A Single Round at Israel?

This image and the accompanying video were featured on David Icke headlines on February 24, 2015. We seem to have something of a mystery here. Why doesn’t ISIS shoot at Israelis?


David Icke on the Real Talk Debate Show - Part 1

Published on Feb 22, 2015

David Icke on the OH TV debate show, Real Talk – what you would get on the BBC’s Question Time if he wasn’t banned out of fear that he would tell the truth (he would).

The David Icke Videocast: Wag The Dog Re-make

Published on Feb 20, 2015

Full Title: The David Icke Videocast: Wag The Dog Re-make Called ‘War Against ISIS’ and ‘Russia Is A Threat To The World’ 48 palabras más

David Icke's "The Lion Sleeps No More" speech.

Regardless of what you think of David Icke, this presentation of his is pretty awesome and informative.
This presentation is in sections below, as it is seven hours long.. 18 palabras más

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