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#32 Immortal Package ft Realmz & Adal

Today we are the presence of Realms and Adal two very close friends of The OP Show. Era is missing from today’s episode for good reason! 234 palabras más


The Robots’ Rebellion Part 3

Chapter 3 is titled A Brotherhood of Clans.

This chapter begins with Egypt, Ancient Egypt land of intrigue and mystery but the chapter doesn’t concentrate on Egypt it throws a vast amount of information at a reader and is finally a chapter I found enjoyable. 185 palabras más


Disinformation Techniques used in the Alternative Media

The Alternative Media Circus

Note on Disinformation

The elite doesn’t want people to learn the truth. They don’t want the masses to wake up. But they also know that they can’t stop researchers from exposing them in this digital age. 786 palabras más

Disinfo Agents

David Icke Discusses the Political Awakening In the Wake of Trump

In this video, Vin Armani interview of David Icke about Trump, Brexit, the UK election and other current events. Icke explains how you can determine the truth from fake news, why some alternative news figures got fooled by Trump, and how the great political awakening will continue to manifest.


The Robots' Rebellion Part 2

Chapter 2 is titled Collective Amnesia.

It begins with more waffle about Atlantis and about the Luciferic Consciousness that came to infect planet Earth in times so ancient it’s hard for us, simple humans, to comprehend the timeframe involved. 802 palabras más


The Robots' Rebellion Part 1

And so begins my long, and somewhat joyful, reading and blogging about the wonderful books of Mr David Icke. The Robots’ Rebellion begins with a chapter titled The Takeover Bid under a part one section of the book titled The Darkness. 767 palabras más