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Kevin O’Leary is Eugene Levy and the Queen is Lucille Ball: Inside the internet’s most insane conspiracy theory

As part of a busy week dominated by the North American Leaders Summit, on Monday Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be hosting a Toronto dinner for president of Mexico before jetting back to Ottawa to welcome President Barack Obama on his last official visit to Canada. 1.078 palabras más


Windows Updates and svchost.exe the CPU hogger

There was a turning point back with Windows XP, when, if you did a fresh install of the Operating System, and then when you started checking for Windows Updates, your processor (the CPU) would be hogged for hours; it/one of its cores would be at 100% thanks to svchost.exe. 619 palabras más


David Icke on the BREXIT 6-24-16 (and what it really means)… VIDEO | Kauilapele's Blog

David rather sums up about the BREXIT vote and what they (we) have been up against, and how this represents a step in a grand “Break Out”! 43 palabras más

The Journey

Friday Philosophy...Deja Vu

There are days when it all just flows together, like a stream rolling along with no impediment. There are other days when that flow is crashing into rocks and roaring past them. 250 palabras más

New Normal

David Icke - Truth About Consciousness and Spirituality

David icke talks about higher consciousness and what it means to become more spiritual. Thanks to david for his great work in raising people’s awareness.