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David Icke Exposes Agenda-21 Link to Geoengineering Weather Warfare

 The United Nations Depopulation Plan


This is an excerpt from David Icke’s 95 minute video called “Agenda-21 The plan to kill you” 215 palabras más

Global Warming

David Icke - Saturn isn’t what you think it is either.

Another excellent piece of work by the amazing David Icke. Explaining after in deapth research, how the planet saturn is a part of the moon matrix system used to keep humanity in this assylum. 31 palabras más

Is it the Lizard Illuminati Controlling my Head Who Make it Spin So Much?

UPDATE: I wrote the blog post below a few hours before driving to ABC’s Q&A with Brian Cox. In the build up to his debate with Malcolm Roberts, I had been thinking about the conspiracy mind set and how it may be different to healthy scepticism. 1.191 palabras más

Newshub - conspiracies as entertainment

Newshub have made a story out of the non-appearance of conspiracy crank David Icke on the ‘Paul Henry Show’ yesterday. Apparently Icke turned up for an interview but left the studio before it started. 115 palabras más