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The Hidden Superpowers Of Your Mind

The mind is an infinite wonder. It has the fantastic ability to transmute your desires into their physical counterparts. You can do anything that your mind can conceive, as long as you have the belief and will power to back it up. 495 palabras más

Conspiracy theorists make the best lovers claims report

According to a report out yesterday, men who subscribe to wild and wholly unsubstantiated lunatic theories are really good in bed.

The report also claims, that the more swivel-eyed the theorist, the greater their staying power and performance in the sack. 281 palabras más


Out Of The Matrix (Special Blog Post)

The material presented herein is to be read very slowly. Most of it originates from very deep levels of Mind. Pause when you feel the need to do so when something seems a bit obscure, and meditate on it. 3.679 palabras más

David Icke, The Perception Deception, Hillary Raimo Show Transcripts

Originally recorded live in 2010 on The Hillary Raimo Show hosted by Achieve Radio. This transcript is dedicated to Susan Maguire, a long time friend and sister who traveled through David’s work with me in the early 2000’s who passed away this year (2017) from breast cancer. 8.316 palabras más

Hillary Raimo

Ex-Employees of Infowars Expose Alex Jones as a Dangerous Fraud (Video)

A video has emerged on youtube of ex-employees of Alex Jones, all exposing Jones as a manipulative, underhand fraud who has become even more unhinged since Donald Trump was elected president.  159 palabras más

Alex Jones

6th October 2017: Howlin’ at the moon. News & Features…

Operation Conifer…..
Sir Edward Heath would have faced police action for child sex offences…..
Wiltshire Police Chief Constable statement on Ted Heath…..
David Icke Reacts To News That Ted Heath Would’ve Faced Child Abuse Questions If He Was Alive…… 881 palabras más

Howlin' At The Moon

A Description of the Shape-Shifting Reptilian Beings Written About In Ancient India- “The NAGA”

Who knows. You can’t prove they do exist and you can’t prove they don’t…~TS

By Arjun Walia | Collective Evolution

Extraterrestrials and UFOs are a very hot topic right now, and have been for quite some time, especially within the past few years. 1.983 palabras más

Alternative Theories