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Competitive Mastering - Killing the music

Being a soundy, recordy type person (technical term) part of my job is to master songs in order to tweak and bring some sheen to the mix. 1.255 palabras más

'Moth Into Flame'! De Nieuwe Videoclip van Metallica

‘Moth Into Flame’ – zo heet de nieuwe videoclip van Metallica. Het is het tweede nummer van ‘Hardwire … To Self-Destruct’ (release : 18/11/2016) dat de band uitbrengt op korte tijd. 259 palabras más


Single Review – Moth Into Flame – Metallica

You may have heard that Metallica are due to release their new album, Hardwired to Self-Destruct, very soon. They were big in the news a few weeks back when their first new song in many years was released. 709 palabras más


Crowbar Announce New LP, Song Teaser Available

CLICK HERE FOR THE TEASER August 29, 2016 – New Orleans sludge masters Crowbar have announced their eleventh new LP titledThe Serpent Only Lies… 720 palabras más

Old Is New Review: "Death Magnetic" by Metallica

This November, Metallica will release Hardwired…to Self-Destruct, their tenth LP and first release in eight years. “Hardwire”, the first track from the album, has kicked the hype machine into high gear as… 1.271 palabras más

Old Is New Review


Boom! Metallica is back, baby! Their brand new song Hardwired is arguably their best work in over 20 years. The song is also the shortest Metallica-song since Motorbreath ( 54 palabras más


Old Vs New - Metallica - Death Magnetic or Kill 'Em All?

Metallica. One of “The Big Four” of thrash metal. Their name and music is synonymous with the genre of metal. They released their first album, entitled “Kill ‘Em All”, in July of 1983, and have been going strong ever since. 396 palabras más