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James Hetfield, Metallica

I got to meet the Metallica-frontman in Copenhagen when they released Death Magnetic back in 2008. Here James Hetfield talks about how it is to unleash a new album. 19 palabras más


Kirk Hammett, Metallica

Kirk Hammett, the friendliest nerd in metal. I got to interview him before Metallicas concert in Oslo in 2007.

He talked to me about what their upcoming album Death Magnetic was shaping up to be.


James Hetfield, Metallica

This interview with Metallica frontman James Hetfield was done in Bergen, Norway, 2008, for Norway’s largest news media, VG.

This was the first time I got to interview Mr. 48 palabras más


i drop money down

for the first times since 2007 when i bought type o negative’s ‘dead again,’ i have paid for recorded music.

i was contemplating this a few weeks ago after digging author & punisher’s latest record, melk en honing. 228 palabras más

Album Rank: Metallica

The past few days I’ve been on a huge Metallica kick. So I thought it would only be fitting that I do an album rank of Metallica’s albums. 38 palabras más

Album Rank

Metallica Biographers Claim Band Is in Financial Trouble

By Annie Reuter

Metallica could be in some dire times financially, at least according to their biographers.

Metallica biographers Paul Brannigan and Ian Winwood talk the band’s financial standings in a new interview with literary website… 427 palabras más

The Route 103

Metallica - Death Magnetic

Since their inception in 1981, Metallica have gone from an underground heavy-metal band to one of the most successful acts in the world, with an intensely loyal if not rabid fanbase. 152 palabras más