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youtube-dl Update

A couple of months ago, I created a script to install youtube-dl from and, if necessary, removing the version installed from the distribution’s repository. Yesterday, I took another look at the script and made a few modifications. 276 palabras más


Debian 10 (buster) a quick look on a simple workstation

I use debian (my blog) and with version ten out called buster i offered the monkey houses stretch* pc to upgrade it via apt dist-upgrade   Three hours later i am typing this on itin debian ten. 203 palabras más

Linux Distros

Debian 10 | Review from an openSUSE User

I have used Debian for years on and off… probably more off than on… but when I had some odd hardware to install Linux, Debian is always the go to distribution. 1.571 palabras más

KDE Plasma

Debian 10 ‘Buster the Bust’ - How Many Partition Options?

This Debian 10 Gnome version is a pain to work with – for a Gnome DE. Can’t take a screenshot of the Dock because of the ‘Hidden’ way in which it works – sorta like the Applications window opens in Ubuntu Gnome DE, but you can see the Dock in Ubuntu…you can’t see it in Debian until you click Activities in the upper left corner, and if you try a screenshot of it when opened – it goes away or the camera won’t work. 334 palabras más


Updating your WSL Debian Image to "Buster"

While Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) isn’t perfect, it’s coming along nicely as a replacement for many of the Unix-y things I used to do with… 607 palabras más

Command Line Tools for PulseAudio Sound Server

PulseAudio, previously known as Polypaudio, is a sound server for POSIX and WIN32 systems. It is a drop in replacement for the ESD sound server with much better latency, mixing/re-sampling quality and overall architecture. 89 palabras más


Alluring SUSE markets

In essence, upon #openSUSE update & upgrade it was somehow indifferent to #OS to resolve #DNS correctly, not connnnecting to public library wifi and public Telia local free wifi in the city. 178 palabras más