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I Want To Run; and Keep Running

I have a thing for people who run. Just the idea that somebody is taking care of their body and working hard matters a lot to me. 535 palabras más

1 - The quest begins

It’s been my life’s ambition since two weeks ago to travel the entirety of each London bus route in numerical order.

It’s like travelling the world without the massive cost (or incentive) 363 palabras más


Choosing a bike, parkrunning and some exciting post

Following the theft of our bikes in August, we’ve been busy improving our home’s security (along with 1001 other home improvements). We’ve had a burglar alarm installed, locks changed, additional locks installed, secure lock points fitted and various other improvements, so we’re moving in the direction of being able to get new bikes, which means it’s shopping time. 1.305 palabras más


The Difference Between a Champion and a Mere Competitor

“He (Ashton Eaton) loves the limelight when it means seeing his name on record boards,” Metcalf said. “But he doesn’t like to beat other people… 104 palabras más



You’ve been there, you know the drill. You think you don’t need them but then, 4 hours into your long haul flight you find yourself fidgeting and getting the mother of all neck aches and suddenly your fussy neighbour (who is sporting a ridiculously huge neck pillow) beside you seems the most smartest person on the planet. 461 palabras más

Travel Products

Yoga Meets Kettlebell

There are two kinds of travellers one sees on flights. Those that haul their own baggage up into the cabin and those that cannot. With my relatively small frame I’m often presumed to be the latter, until I swing my 8 kg bag into the cabin and settle into my seat. 771 palabras más


Sunday Travel Links!

Every Sunday, we post a quick little extra for those of you who, like me, love to peruse the blogosphere on a Sunday afternoon.

You might be interested in… 96 palabras más