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How to choose the best backpack for your trip!

Are you tired of borrowing hiking equipment from your friends all the time? Or maybe you are planning out the trip of the year and need to choose your backpack for the first time? 262 palabras más


Kalenji Calf Sleeves review

Here are some reasons why we do or should wear Calf Sleeves:

Protection:  They protect your legs from small scratches, abrasions and nasty things on the trail. 268 palabras más

Choosing your first wakeboarding equipment

So where do you start when you plan to choose your first wakeboarding equipment? That is a usual question which has across in the mind of lot of persons willing to start wakeboarding activities. 301 palabras más


CrossFit - an effective way to get fit

While having my workouts at the gym I have heard this word – CrossFit. They say it’s awesome, popular, great, trending… People speak about it like it was something sacred and aimed to the chosen ones. 228 palabras más


How to become an Iron(wo)man!

Last week we invited you to participate in “Riga Triathlon 2016” as a Decathlon team member. Triathlon sounds interesting, sounds fun, sounds…challenging. What to do… 357 palabras más


Become a "Riga Triathlon 2016" Decathlon team member!

On the 23 and 24 of July 2016 Riga will be host for the “Riga Triathlon 2016”. The competition is happening in combination with  the European Cup, this time for the juniors – ETU Triathlon Junior European Cup. 227 palabras más