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Kalenji Kiprun LD review

I’ve had these running shoes from Decathlon for a month, I have run a few miles in them for testing and can now share my view on them so far, with a quick review. 225 palabras más

Long Distance

Full steam ahead

The power of a positive environment. My competitive sporting career literally withered away over the past 3 years, not being surrounded by the right people, to put it nicely. 185 palabras más

Training Updates

Ready for gym.

      Hey! How is your weekend going?! In Portugal, the weekend is bigger than usual because tomorrow is an important holiday – 25th of April, which means one more day at home studying for my psychiatric exam. 266 palabras más


Florida Man Changes His Name To "Bruce Jenner" To Preserve The Names Heterosexual Roots

I get that Bruce Jenner (Caitlyn Jenner) was a great athlete, but does Bruce Jenner (Mark Behar) really need to go out there and name him self “Bruce Jenner” in the name of heterosexuality? 448 palabras más

Abdullah aims for 'World's Greatest Athlete' title

Many of Bilal Abdullah‘s days are broken down into a series of numbers.

The 18 steps he takes in his approach to the long jump pit. 1.801 palabras más


Runners body

Deze week heb ik maar tijd gemaakt voor 2 trainingen. Ik zou kunnen zeggen dat ik maar tijd had voor 2, maar dat zou gelogen zijn. 238 palabras más