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World's most athletic couple takes the next leap

Ashton Eaton‘s longtime coach wasn’t looking when the Olympic decathlon champion jumped into and over the top of a padded crash wall after the Millrose Games 60m hurdles on Valentine’s Day. 1.672 palabras más


Shopping addiction ... the other kind

We all know, girls like shopping. It’s like a social event, going with your best girlfriend, trying about 100 items, going into 50 shops before you actually buy something and afterwards unpack everything and show it to your best girlfriend again. 281 palabras más


A welcomed "favor" at Decathlon

Those annoying, itchy, long white tags that can be found inside a new item of clothing and that drive you crazy if you forget to take them off —  437 palabras más

Customer Experience

Academic Decathlon Team At Franklin High School Gets Ready For Challenging Competition

HIGHLAND PARK (  —  Like a coach getting his or her team ready to take the field, Samuel Kullens gives his charges a pep talk. 422 palabras más



Bruce Jenner is in the news again; this time for a fatal traffic accident while being pursued by Paparazzi in Malibu.

Dramatic changes in his physical appearance have suggested the possibility of gender transformation. 168 palabras más

Shopping for backpack in Sao Paulo

To prepare my trip to the mysterious land Bolivia, I decided to leave my suitcase businessman life behind and bring back my backpacker life. Too bad I did not predict that I am going to Bolivia, I have to find one here in Sao Paulo. 386 palabras más


Keep Fit

Hola queridos oyentes, continuamos con el programa Aire Fresco.

Otra de las cosas que más me puede gustar, que más hago y con las que más disfruto, es el deporte. 1.187 palabras más