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Decathlon: Here comes a new challenger

Previously I shared part of my year-end Singapore jaunt as I checked out Ikea’s Sladda commuter bike. Today we’re moving from Queenstown to Bedok as I take the bus across the island to visit the local branch of the French sporting goods mega-store, … 1.236 palabras más


Day 6 -  Goodies! 

Today I cycled to our local Decathlon store to buy a whole pile of goodies – walking shoes (intended for work), thermal undies (intended for loafing around the house), several cold weather running items, and cycle lights and overshoes. 13 palabras más

Canada's heptathlete Brianne Theisen-Eaton retiring from track

Canadian Olympic heptathlon medallist Brianne Theisen-Eaton and her American husband Ashton Eaton are retiring.

The decision comes five months after Theisen-Eaton won bronze at the Rio Olympics, and Ashton captured gold in the decathlon. 420 palabras más


Calçados para trilha

Hoje fui andar pela cidade enquanto esperava a biblioteca abrir, minha atual única fonte de internet! E fiquei toda feliz olhando para minha bota nova de neve, surpresa de não estar sentindo nenhum frio, embora estivesse de legging e com apenas uma blusa em baixo do casacão. 1.762 palabras más


H&M - Global superstar and former decathlon athlete @caitlynjenner... #ItConfusesMeWhen

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Nope not the event, just the store!

I was a bit late to catch on to this, which shows just how sporty I am.
For a couple of years when driving to the city from Bengaluru airport I noticed the huge… 391 palabras más


Se remuer les miches.

Honnêtement, quelle personne en surpoids/obésité n’a pas entendu ça ? “Tu sais, si tu faisais un peu plus de sport…”. Je suis toujours partie du principe que les gens ne pouvaient pas/ne voulaient pas comprendre que non, quand je pesais 133 kilos, c’était vraiment pas facile d’envisager un sport. 669 palabras más