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27ª Disputa 2013 (Decathlon)

Período de 12/08 até 23:59.59 de 18/08


Escolhido por: Gustavo

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1º Carlos Jr. – 11.872 (5 Ataripoints)
2º Gustavo – 11.702 (4 Ataripoints)
3º Anderson – 11.534 (3 Ataripoints)
4º Claudio – 9.574 (2 Ataripoints)



Yah, Singapura terkenal banget sebagai surganya belanja. Tak lupa ketika hendak pergi ke Singapura udah nginceng duluan nih apa aja yang bakal dibeli, store apa aja yang pengen didatengin, list blanjaan yang panjang udah siap diburu, sampe mall-mall terdekat yang menawarkan diskonan pasti udah dikepoin jauh-jauh hari. 474 palabras más


Formulating Blue Ocean - Reconstruct Market Boundaries

Humans show inertia towards change. On similar lines, our thoughts refrain from thinking over and above of what has been the norm of the industry. Sub-Consciously we accept the way industries are shaped and have been operating. 1.258 palabras más

Blue Ocean Strategy

India Day 1: Chennai

Okay so I’m guessing it’s because I was flying Spice Jet from Sri Lanka, but for some reason I landed at the domestic arrivals hall of Chennai airport, which I’ve discovered since is far more basic than the international terminal – so basic in fact that it has no ATM’s whatsoever! 576 palabras más


Never again...

Isn’t that something we’ve all said once or twice before… bet you went back you dirty minx. I mean it this time.

I ran again today. 252 palabras más


Riding Away Into the Sunset!

During my growing up years, we used to live in the staff accommodation of the college where my mother was a lecturer. There were quite a few families there, and all of us were a closely-knit unit. 714 palabras más

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